336 Godly Beating (1)

To be honest, Ja Sun was both excited and disappointed that Qian Xunji directly went for killing moves. Yes, being an overall 'Demi God' had nothing over an actual god-like Qian Xunji, especially in terms of physical attributes since he did not perceive the attack but this also meant that they could skip foreplay. Now Qian Xunji may be an uncultured swine to not understand the joy of it but... Ja Sun was somewhat looking forward to it. Oh well.

"There is a limit to how much a physical body can bear," Qian Xunji narrowed his eyes and Ja Sun suddenly felt his own bloodstream revolting against his body and tearing out... only for everything to be contained as a purplish slime-like cover kept everything in while Ja Sun 'hated' every moment of the new realms of pleasu— pain this brought him. But it wouldn't do to moan in pleasure, especially in front of an enemy that was eyeing his woman, nay, his wife.

"Are you done?" Ja Sun smiled. His ninth spirit ring somewhat activated once again and if Qian Xunji felt he was mistaken before then he was sure now that one of Ja Sun's ninth spirit skills granted him the ability to... 'copy' anything he saw or something similar, at least, because the next second, Ja Sun somehow regained control over his bloodstream which should have still been in Qian Xunji's godly grip.

Slowing down for a second, Qian Xunji inquired, "How did you attain... million-year-old spirit rings? Your body shouldn't be able to attain such durability to endure such a ring because you need this type of ring to have a body to endure it in the first place."

"Ah, should have been a little bit careful before insulting my wife if you really sought knowledge," Ja Sun's pleased smile vanished in a second as his gaze narrowed and his lips thinned with a cold expression prevalent on his face, "You cunt."

The next second, Qian Xunji felt all his 'control' over his surroundings disappear as a kaleidoscopic domain emerged from Ja Sun's body and overlapped with a gargantuan domain that had been covering this coast and beyond since the very beginning. Ja Sun cracked his neck while speaking, "Did you really assume that I wouldn't notice your divine domain? Unlike mortal domains, Divine Domains grant the user a rather frightful control over their intended law AND every other aspect of reality to some extent. You can't be a god if you cannot create miracles... to a certain extent. And the only reason you could even induce that virus on Master was that this is your domain and there isn't a god to challenge you."

With all three of his eyes gaining a fiery red hue, Ja Sun began to cackle somewhat madly, "Some god you are. Did only this TINY bit of power really get to your head? I've had such a domain for months. Nifty skills, sure. Good tricks, damn right—"

Before Ja Sun could finish speaking, Xunji attacked with twelve of his wings yet the next second he felt his world topple for his wings entered a portal that reopened behind Xunji that promptly dug into his flesh as Ja Sun snickered, "A God can injure himself... but without THAT control which would have made you a god, you'll only ever be a stronger creature at best..."

He perfectly demonstrated that God could... no longer be 'Godly' in front of him.

Ja Sun's innate domain from his Silver Sage Martial Soul— The Sage's Seven Burst Domain, took away the control of elements from the opponent unless they had a higher comprehension of the said element than him. Should Ja Sun have a higher comprehension of the Law of Blood then Qian Xunji would be a sitting duck.

Again, Ja Sun did NOT want to bust such an awesome move right from the beginning. But Xunji was the one intent on killing him with each move. As if spreading salt on Xunji's newly towering but bruised ego, Ja Sun closed the portal and cut off his blood wings as they squirmed on the ground before flying back to Xunji and integrating into his body.

With a somewhat cold expression, Xunji realized that most of his attacks could be displaced in a similar manner and be used against him, thus, he recovered a strange, palm-sized token made out of a strange metal that had been carved with a mark that said Blood while a crown decorated his head as Ja Sun mused while looking at the new items, "Your God Tablet which marks your divine right over law and that's your... Divine Weapon. Interesting..."

Ja Sun narrowed his eyes. Since he couldn't form a mission to 'gain' something, he was already considering plundering Qian Xunji directly. Sure... what Ja Sun planned to plunder would effectively 'ruin' his master's son... but Ja Sun actually had experience in fucking up his master's children so that was alright.

"You know too much," Qian Xunji asserted, "With my God Tablet, I can induce tribulations as I see fit based on the law of blood, I assume you know it but still are calm—"

"A cheat, hmm... you were right," Ja Sun, who hadn't moved since the beginning of the confrontation took a step forward as a very... strange breath of energy flowed out of him. A breath of energy Xunji was 'physically' aware of yet instead of seeing any portals that summoned 'evil'-based creatures, a domain expanded out, and the next second, the God Tablet in Xunji's arm dimmed and he... no longer had any access to his 'divine' strength. His own Divine Domain of Blood that had persisted against the very enigmatic Sage's Seven Burst finally crumbled down as the 'evil' domain seemed to have created a world that existed OUTSIDE the laws and regulations of heaven.

Outside the laws and regulations of those who wield Heaven's authority— Gods.


Bibi Dong returned to Heaven Dou City and out of the elders that had fleed out of instinct, including Firebird Douluo, many had returned to Heaven Dou City themselves and were now kowtowing in front of the Bibi Dong the moment they were notified by her furious spirit energy.

Bibi Dong was surely furious but everyone around her misunderstood her intentions completely. Sure, in their eyes, Bibi Dong stood 'loyally' as her master became a full-fledged god but most of them were brought a sense of dread out of instinct and they bolted, not only leaving their previous Supreme Pontiff but also their current one AND their new 'ruler.'

Not giving them a moment's attention since she felt she was low on time given her husband was facing a true god, Bibi Dong simply called Feng Liu (Firebird) into her office and let others keep kowtowing and giving them a sense of punishment to keep status quo since Bibi Dong realized that even if, with some damning MIRACLE, her husband did come out on top of the first battle, things could be hard and she needed to make 'efficient' preparation.

Before Feng Liu could get into her 'usual' character and 'beg' for punishment, Bibi Dong had Feng Liu prepare two things the 'Disciple' wished to achieve before 'letting' things return to her master's benevolent hold. First, of course, was the royal treasury and the Treasury of the Spirit Hall. While the Heaven Dou Empire was certainly richer, most of it was due to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan yet it certainly had many... 'things' that a spirit master would drool over. The Spirit Hall was the same and given that the Grand Master was out of 'commission' for a while, Bibi Dong held not an ounce of pity for whomever she needed to get through to gain the control of the Treasury in the hands of the Elders.

Where SHE is, there WILL be a Spirit Hall. It was as simple as that.

She was no fool and even if her reaction may seem exaggerated, Bibi Dong had grown to learn about who she associated with and 'This' Qian Xunji seemed... truly unlikable. In a way, he had become SOMEWHAT similar to Ja Sun but Bibi Dong hadn't expected how such a thing would be incredibly bad... and sad when on someone other than her man. Besides... if she would have only needed some token comfort about the man killing her family that she never met then the thought of losing everything she had built— her marriage, her kingdom, and her spirit hall— to the man that had the AUDACITY to even eye what is hers... roused her killing intent greatly. Most of it was due to the divine artifact stored within her, but it could not have multiplied what wasn't within her. She was pissed!

So, even if she couldn't bite off a pound of meat just for that directly, she would do so in other manners.

After clearing the treasury of the Heaven Dou Empire discreetly so as to not arouse suspicion in case she eventually returned all the while planting some evidence by forming a poison compound similar to Porcupinefish Douluo of the Spirit Hall. Both were poison masters but while Bibi Dong had access to many mixed compounds, Porcupinefish Douluo had dozen at best and this would keep the 'public' busy for a while and give Bibi Dong a reason to deal with the Titled Douluo for he was the most obstinate wall to reject her taking over the seat of Supreme Pontiff.

Next, Feng Liu brought in two Generals of the Kingdom. Each of them had a skull bone which was one of the major reasons why the 'mortal' armies are to be feared as such.

Two Wisdom Swan Skull Bones.

Both the skull bones allowed any number of spirit masters under the rank of 50 to fuse their spirit skills in a given manner to produce a terrifying attack and this was one of the reasons why the two generals were well-protected and a key factor to the Empire's military strength. After all, there wasn't a limit to the number of people that it could be used on and this was the reason why the Star Luo Empire didn't risk a war with Heaven Dou Empire yet.

However, much to Feng Liu's horror, the moment these two generals stepped into the office, Bibi Dong coldly slaughtered them and retrieved their skull bones, effectively castrating the support of an Empire's army. Sure, the two men had families. They were 'good' people... but when did virtues and sins become a measure for man in this world? It was always strength or weakness.

Bibi Dong had no doubt if she wasn't strong herself, she wouldn't be the current Supreme Pontiff. And if her husband wasn't THIS strong, she would have been taken by her master who seemed set in his own ways. But this... only motivated her. If she'd been waiting for an opportunity to form another core before breaking through then she seemed intent on finding an opportunity actively now. Unlike others, even Erlong, Bibi Dong only had one spirit core and needed to form cores for her physique and mental sea respectively.

Just like that, after plundering everything that this Empire had to offer down to its last monetary value including the hordes of coins collected as tax over the years and rations, Bibi Dong silently looked at Feng Liu who had recovered and had started to calmly clean up the bodies of the two generals.

"You're coming with me," Bibi Dong narrowed her eyes at the Firebird Douluo who blinked in surprise and shrugged, "As you command, Supreme Pontiff."

Out of all the Titled Douluos... Feng Liu was certainly 'quirky' and loved getting 'punished.' It was almost too good to be true that Bibi Dong knew how to 'punish' since her husband liked it, too. But, more than that, Feng Liu was loyal to her alone, unlike Ghost and Chrysanthemum Douluo who would surely shift their loyalty back to Qian Xunji in a blink of an eye.

After cleaning things up, Bibi Dong and Firebird Douluo silently departed the capital for the Spirit Hall.

That's where a level of wealth even Ja Sun would have wet dreams for back in the day resided.

And unlike Ja Sun, Bibi Dong planned to make the best use of these bones to reward those with potential and trust.


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