257 Convergence

Di Tian appeared in front of a considerably wide crater with the interior having grass uprooted, leaving a gigantic Dark-golden bear haggard with dirt and grass visible within his fur.

"A trap," sensing the presence of the overlord of the region, the bear issued a glowering mumble as Di Tian responded calmly, "I can see that. A trap laid using arrays."

There was a strange brilliance in Di Tian's dark golden eyes as his gaze could be felt penetrative. Stepping forward, the man felt like a creeping shadow who instantly appeared in front of the giant bear. Only after a moment's observation did Di Tian furrow his brows, "There isn't a single mark of array left on you."

If Bi Ji's assessment was correct then the human has already stepped to the spatial arrays that are the foundation for spiritual tools such as storage rings but not limited to the rings themselves. If it were upto him, Di Tian would have set up a chain of traps that would start from an explosion which would also link the affected individuals with a mark that allows the opponent to keep track of them.

Understanding that this trap was in fact a pat in the back from Di Tian's tone and expression, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear growled menacingly and left the region to find the perpetrator and tear him to shreds. At this moment, it was easy to assume that Ja Sun was thoroughly infamous within the King's Lair due to him being the major reason for Bi Ji's exile, who happened to be one of the most beloved being in the forest.

While the bear left, Di Tian stayed with a pondering look on his face. Flicking his wrist, a wisp of concentrated Ultimate Darkness element escaped his palms and snuck into the ground. Waiting for a few seconds patiently, Di Tian soon retrieved the wisp of darkness as a few differently colored particles could be seen attached to it, the most prominent of them being silverish ones.

Di Tian's eyes lit up as he viewed the silver particles.

"Bi Ji was right... the human seems accustomed to using the spatial attribute but not as much from the martial soul. Instead, it's a more diverse skill set."

Clenching his fist, the darkness and other congealed particles disappeared out of nowhere and the man began to move about once again.


"Man... all of them are really looking hard for me," Ja Sun mumbled under his breath with an amused expression as he *perched* atop a thick branch.

The entirety of King's Lair was mobilized to find him with most of his explosive traps already utilized.

Meanwhile, aside from his Fiery Golden Pupils that cannot be hidden, Ja Sun used the Yin-Yang True Illusion to hide himself for the time being covered his eyes with leaves. The fact that his mental energy loomed over most of the beasts in quality, he didn't even need to use the enhancement effect of the Fiery Golden Pupils.

"Hmm... they expected strong visitors... I wonder when they would appear," Ja Sun sighed and leaned back. He was getting bored at this point. After all, it had been four days now since his act of releasing the true aura of the Three-eyed Silver Lion but nothing of note had infiltrated. Well, aside from the million-year-old spirit beast that had its value entirely extracted by Ja Sun down to its flesh and eyes.

Ja Sun fully understood that his hunger for million-year-old spirit beasts, like many other aspects of his growth, would come to a conclusion when his spirit souls reach the same level. As for his spirit bones? Divine energy was needed instead of spirit energy so he couldn't count on every million-year-old spirit beast. After all, the worm didn't have any divine quality to itself which was understandable since it never struggled in battles for survival but rather digested things and moved on.

Since Ja Sun already had a skull, two arms, and a leg bone, the only spirit bone the worm could drop was either a torso bone or a left leg bone. If it had been the former, Ja Sun would have actually used this spirit bone for his torso, unfortunately, Ja Sun gained a left leg bone with an unknown set of skills. Aside from the million-year-old ring, Ja Sun pushed one of his spirit souls to the same level and there was also the miscellaneous reward item from his trait that was stored promptly.

It was reasonable to assume that to Ja Sun, the devouring of the worm was more than just a 'small' fortune. He felt full of spirit energy which was quickly transferred to his Immortal Buddha King core that could store a nigh unlimited amount of energy just waiting to be released after his breakthrough. Heck, Ja Sun was sure that once he refine his third spirit soul, he would jump to Spirit Douluo and some more directly, even the realm of Titled Douluo wasn't far given his foundation in spirit energy.

As much of a fan as Ja Sun was of resonance of energy, he couldn't wait to push one of his spirit souls to the peak partly because of his curiosity and partly because of shedding quite a bit of his carefree nature regarding strength due to Ah Yin's closed call of a date with death for a few days.

So he may hold back in battles but having enough strength when it was needed all that mattered to Ja Sun.

To reach the peak...

What after then?

A long, nice vacation.

As Ja Sun drifted to the daydream of spending days and 'nights' with Ah Yin and Bibi Dong, in various forms, too... after all, his spirit transformation can be very 'convincing', he, alongside a few astute spirit beasts stopped whatever they did and looked up high.

Nothing had happened but they could sense a powerful entity even by their standards approaching at a quick pace—

No, it was already here.




The soft sound of a glass cracking echoed through the entirety of the King's Lair as the sky seemed to have formed small yet ghastly cracks that spread slowly and gradually.

A rather disgusting and eldritch pressure seeped through the giant cracks that caused the vegetation of the forest to rustle while the sky of the King's Lair darkened considerably.

As others adopted a grim expression, non-sentient Spirit beasts going as far as roaring aggressively to mask their fears instinctively, Ja Sun couldn't help but find his grin almost splitting his face.

"This is good... the more the merrier!" What others failed to perceive excluding Ja Sun was the fact that another humongous entity slipped into the King's Lair from some other point and Ja Sun felt the arrival of a few more. It was as if all these entities waited for the particular monster that was defiant enough to simply break through the spatial shackles of the King's Lair.

Feeling goosebumps rising all over his furry body at the moment, Ja Sun finally contemplated the most effective quest he could think of with this much adrenaline coursing through him. He was sane enough to know that he must not slaughter all the 100000 or stronger year-old spirit beasts since they were a sure fire method of gaining spirit bones and to be honest, their death wouldn't bring him too great of a benefit.

Instead, a rather nostalgic quest was formed.

[Objective: Humiliate 100000-year-old and older spirit beasts in terms of cultivation and find an enclosed location privately to pump your fist in.

Mission Rank: Based on the quality of achievement.

Rewards: Based on the quality of achievement.

Time Limit: 7 days]

"Oh... I'm getting nervous. I better not have stage fright," Ja Sun cackled, his illusion wavering slightly at his own command as he viewed a ball of multi-colored tentacles slipping into the King's Lair from the giant cracks that were beginning to fix. This part of the array had been particularly inspiring to Ja Sun, the act of self-repairing if provided with enough resources.

But at this moment, his attention and countless others' attention was on that ball of tentacles that exuded a chilling aura.

"God of Beast," an especially cold and vindictive echo covered the entirety of the region as the speaker was none other than the floating mass, "I am here for my Auspicious Emperor!"

"Aw... that's going to make me blush," fully aware of whom the spirit beast was talking about, Ja Sun chuckled. By now, his illusion had been revoked as he viewed everything with gradually expanding divine intent.


A growl suddenly entered Ja Sun's senses and he looked back to find a Dog Spider not far from him. Already anxious, the beast almost attacked when it fell down as if a puppet detached from its string.

"Dude, be a 100000-year-old spirit beast or sleep... no point in humiliating weaker opponents. I'm not that kind of a bully," Ja Sun rolled his eyes and scoffed.

The White Tiger Imperial Clan would, meanwhile, roll over and vomit should they hear Ja Sun's words for they were the first organization to be targeted with this particular quest.


Far from the ball of tentacles, a rather ravishing couple stood over a small hill with a solemn expression.

"Although his cultivation is weaker than mine... that beast is too talented," a buff, blue-haired man garbed in a purple battle armor commented with a hint of envy within. The woman next to him refrained from commenting anything about the situation but the look of hunger and desire in her eyes only seemed to have grown further.

"Di Tian will have his hand full with that Eyeball. Let's find the Auspicious Emperor and get the hell out." The man snorted softly.

"As you command," The woman whispered and the two moved at an unimaginably quick pace, almost blinking through various locations.


"This place is so unsightly! Hmph, everything is so... green!" A young woman wearing an entirely green dress with her dark green hair tied into twintails pouted. Her thin arms now crossed over non-existent breasts while the beautiful, snow-white woman next to her regarded the girl with a strange but calming and gentle smile.

"You're green."

"I'm 'Jade' Green!" The girl pouted, "There's a difference! I'm a jewel of the snow!"

"I never called you that," The Heavenly Snow Maiden responded with her an impassive tone but her lips remained curved in amusement nonetheless, "Why did you turn into a human form if you don't like it?"

"Eh?" As if caught exclaiming a lie, the girl in green grew silent and began walking at a pace quicker than the Heavenly Snow Maiden.

However, the two women left a trail of snow and ice in their wake with each step they took into the King's Lair. Despite their pleasing shapes and sizes, the dangerous chill around them caused frost to cover the trees and leaves but the two beings remained restrained enough to not cause them any harm.


"Not going in?"

"Xunji still hasn't returned and my two disciples are on a track to break worldy records... I think I want to live a little longer and enjoy life..."

Golden Crocodile and Qian Daoliu stood outside the entrance of the King's Lair they had marked which happened to be a small tunnel in the vegetation of the Star Dou Great Forest.

Scoffing at Qian Daoliu's remark about his disciples, Golden Crocodile couldn't help but question, "Why don't we expand ourselves to the other continents? We know they exist, why pretend that they don't?"

"Hah," Qian Daoliu smirked, "I don't have such ambitions anymore. I wouldn't mind supporting a few courageous youths but even then, I must fulfill my role as the Grand Priest before anything else."

"I don't see your son marrying anytime soon," Golden Crocodile shrugged.

"When did marriage warrant childbirth? I just need to look after the child that has Xunji's blood running through its vein and then have them blessed," chuckling, Daoliu continued, "Not to mention the fact that a few events have made me realize that just because my martial soul limits my talents to take the final step doesn't mean there aren't any solutions out there."

"For that, you will have to enter into a lengthy conversation with a human that has similar strength... who isn't a threat," Golden Crocodile sighed softly and shook his head in disappointment since he himself wasn't as strong as Daoliu.

"Isn't that something?" The grey-haired man smiled calmly, "I just might find someone. Come, let's go back. It's a great event that beasts are fighting amongst one another. We should celebrate!"

"No centipedes."

"Then it's not a celebration..."


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