Queen Of Slaves

Joseon reigned from 1797 to 1801. After an extremely horrendous mishap, Kim So Hyun lost her desire to live, Yet, life needs more from her, She lost her memory and experienced passionate feelings for her stepbrother Yong chal without knowing the significance of love. She is unaware of how Prince Shi Hwang became hopelessly enamored with her from the beginning. He'd never been close to another lady before, so he'd gone out of his way to get close to her. She was lucky to be loved by a mysterious man who came into her life unaware of her true identity. So Hyun discovers fragments of her memory in which she has an enigmatic lover, a perplexing man who has generally protected her in difficult situations. She doesn't see him, but he's nearby like a shadow. ----------- This is My Original Story :D I Upload Chapters Daily. Send Your Support by Power stone, Comments, Reviews and Add To Collection. ************** Disclaimer This is a fictional original work. Unless otherwise specified, all names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either fictitious or the author's creation. Please don't copy my work or repost it anywhere else.

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Battle With The Criminals 1

Chapter 2

Flashback: A couple of hours prior, Yesterday Night before the funeral.

At the Army camp during the night.

Kim Shik was plotting strategies on the massive map to attack the specific area held by Bandits.

Soldiers were preparing for battle in this tense situation. They were dressed in armor and wielded swords.

Kim Shik was a military commandant, had the intimidating personality of a required officer,

He won endless battles and was the worst enemy of his opponents. He was notorious for his brutal treatment of those who dared to oppose him. They all perished in the end.

He had dark skin, long hair, a tall stature, and broad shoulders. His manner of walking. His opponent was uneasy because of his confident demeanor

Kim tried to calm down before approaching his superiors.

His superior told Kim to take a break before he spoke.

"How could I possibly stay? They've got my wife!" Kim Shik said

"That's why you need to stay back; they all want you there," the superior explained.

Kim was well aware that he was the true target of his adversaries, yet his wife was the only bait to trap him. His opponents were unstoppable in their efforts to bring him down. They had a strong web to trap Kim, so that was their chance.

Kim has no other option but to go there, even after knowing that his death is waiting for him there. 

His pride wasn't allowing him to sit back or hide away, but simultaneously he was going on a mission, even in a risky manner.

When Lord Shin Jung approached, the entire army kneeled, and the higher Official commanders bowed to the current King Shi Jung.

King Shi Jung was dressed in red silk robes. The embroidered dragon royal insignia was sewn onto the robe's shoulders, chest, and back.

Kim wielded lordly power, and King Shi Jung wielded the most authority. That makes a mutually beneficial arrangement for them. King Shi Jung had the most powerful army and Kingdom. They were famous for their audacity.

king Shi Jung showed up from one more city as the matter was gigantic and had been happening for a really long time.

King Shi Jung was worried about Kim's security, not because he was powerless but because he had gotten numerous adversaries consistently.

"They need their vengeance, that's what you know," King Jung said.

"I would rather not regret it later. I don't care if I die trying." Kim Shik said.

King Shi Jung And Kim Shik briefly looked at each other. King Shi Jung would have rather not sent Kim away, yet he wasn't preventing him from going, confiding in his solidarity.

"You are my best man and I trust you. Don't die," King Shi Jung said.

"I will return, your highness." Kim Shik said.

Around 100 criminals were controlling the region, with no one else present. They all were in their positions, keeping an eye out for enemies.

unkempt hair in a topknot bun, long nails, yellow teeth, dirt on the face, and a filthy way of life. At the gathering, there were numerous lawbreakers included.

They had been capturing individuals to offer them as slaves to bring in more cash. 

This pattern was on the edge these days Beneficial organizations for people who had power or enormous help in support of themselves had been doing business fearlessly as they had reinforcement from upper power.

People weren't protected in their town, and they couldn't do their usual business as they knew the risk ahead. People were extremely unglued about this gathering of desperados. They were all legends and thoroughly prepared and skilled cheats and crooks.

Kim Shik caught their chief and balanced him to death a long time back, and after that, their competition had been happening for quite a long time.

 They couldn't get their profits effectively as they needed to confront Kim Shik. They had lost the business because Kim Shik was pursuing them.

Yet again, that day was the day of judgment. They would win or Kim Shik would overwhelm them. They knew that Kim Shik would come to rescue his wife at any cost. They set the heavy snare, thinking they were ready for battle.

In the meantime, Kim and his military with weapons sneaked into the region around midnight.

He was quietly making his rivals oblivious as they were the most incredible in covertness. Kim and his military were thoroughly prepared.

They started the battle with swords in full action as one of the members spread the news of their arrival. 

Kim safeguarded his colleagues during the fight. He had killed numerous people decisively.

He circumvented the town to find his wife, but there was no indication of hers. He went further while looking through the area.

Simultaneously, he got severely harmed when a gathering of criminals went after him, Alone Kim, yet he battled like he wouldn't surrender until his final gasp.

After Knocking them all down, Kim went into the house. It appeared no one has entered for a long time. The spider web was everywhere. The moonlight came inside through the window.

He was analyzing cautiously as there were a couple of houses left for a hunt. He was going to lose hope with that house, yet he saw in the corner no spider web around. It was spotless. Why? He pondered. 

At the point when the entire house was loaded with the spider web yet not that specific region, that made him inquisitive and he strolled over. The entryway was already locked.

He broke the lock and kicked the entryway, trusting that he would find his wife behind that. However, no, he found the room loaded with gold. Various diamonds. Extremely unique silver.

Without a doubt, those crooks weren't carrying on with the business for money but for gold. What's more, how do they get that much property? 

How neighborhood criminals got ownership of a tremendous amount of property? They couldn't be the only masterminds, but someone else was behind many of them.

Who were they? A question popped up in his mind. He found the treasure.