Queen Of Slaves

Author: SoniiNaaz
Historical Romance
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What is Queen Of Slaves

Read ‘Queen Of Slaves’ Online for Free, written by the author SoniiNaaz, This book is a Historical Romance Novel, covering REVENGE Fiction, HISTORICAL Light Novel, LOVEATFIRSTSIGHT Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Joseon reigned from 1797 to 1801.After an extremely horrendous mishap, Kim So Hyun lost her desire to live, Yet, life ne...


Joseon reigned from 1797 to 1801. After an extremely horrendous mishap, Kim So Hyun lost her desire to live, Yet, life needs more from her, She lost her memory and experienced passionate feelings for her stepbrother Yong chal without knowing the significance of love. She is unaware of how Prince Shi Hwang became hopelessly enamored with her from the beginning. He'd never been close to another lady before, so he'd gone out of his way to get close to her. She was lucky to be loved by a mysterious man who came into her life unaware of her true identity. So Hyun discovers fragments of her memory in which she has an enigmatic lover, a perplexing man who has generally protected her in difficult situations. She doesn't see him, but he's nearby like a shadow. ----------- This is My Original Story :D I Upload Chapters Daily. Send Your Support by Power stone, Comments, Reviews and Add To Collection. ************** Disclaimer This is a fictional original work. Unless otherwise specified, all names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either fictitious or the author's creation. Please don't copy my work or repost it anywhere else.

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I really love this book... The characters design is wonderful and I can't just stop reading it 😊😊.. P.S I totally love the eye catching title Great job 👍👍


The cover and title is catchy and hooking. Though I want to be frank, the chapter was pretty long and I suffered a bit. Make it 1.5k words per chap. You need to improve your grammar and pacing too. All in all, a good read. Though it needs improvement. Details and narration were jumpy too and skips sometimes. Well, best of luck. Sorry for being blunt. 😩


This is a truly interesting read. The iidea behind the story plot is a concept that feels so original. The storyline in general is quite a pick. Add the book!!!!!!!!!!


Reveal spoiler


Great start, great story line so far and very creative. The characters are well structured but you need to work on your English so it will be much earlier to understand the story.


I picked this online story with the intention of reading a chapter here and there when I needed a break from something else, maybe stretch it out over a couple of weeks, no hurry whatsoever. Yeah, OK. It completely ruled my day.


For those who are a fan of Korean history fusion, you can pick this book and add it to your library as it has elements that might tingle your inner unnies, oppas, or chingus vibe. The writing still needs improvement from the character introduction and to the story flow because I find it still messy. In my understanding shouldn't a Korean name come with a dash (for a given name) for eg. Kim Yong-Shik? For non-Korean readers, this might help them a lot. Overall, this is a good read and keep up with the good work author 😊.


The story is great with lots of drama in it. The personality of characters are well explained through their actions. There are a few mistakes things which I did find worth mentioning and I hope the author will work on it soon. since this novel seems to be author's first book, the beginner's errors are to be expected but even so I would say it is a good read because the good storyline covers it all. best of luck author


Long chapters with quite of an unstable text structure, you tend to start a new line after a coma, add random capital letters, sometimes the grammar is incorrect. Nonetheless I enjoyed this novel, the start is filled with sorrowful ambience, the overall mood was neat and I did get some empathy for the poor MC and his children


A great storyline. I recommend this book for readers. The story development is really good. The flashback scenes were on par with my expectations. Thumbs up to the author


Good quality of writing. As soon as I saw Joseon, it gave me period kdrama vibes and I love those. I can't wait to follow the story some more.


This is such a unique take on periodic stories and i absolutely love it. The book is going a good pace with everything. And it seems all realistic with the way its going. I really recommend it.


This is really an amazing book. Thank u for your book. I wish you do your best.[img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Nice start, the story seems to be solid, I love the writing and how the world is being built, keep up the good work I'll be following. Just don't drop and keep on writing.


Great story. I mean it feels very real according to the tone it was set. The story twists are unexpected but you will still like to read them. The characters are realistic and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. The plot is really set with a good premise I feel like reading more to know what happens next. Author, you did a really good job.


Nice story 👌 very well written and the background story just wow amazing keep updating this I'm going to add it to my library because I'm expecting more


I love the story and the reality behind it. It got me into pace to go on and on. Its simplicity is astonishing. Keep writing!! I love it already.


Oh wow, this novel has some interesting things inside of it… at this point I may add it to my reading list, its great to read and I definitely hope you continue more.


Nice and fresh story it is....Also loved the this how there are so many characters... Some times it was heart touching......Nicely written.... Like those characters mostly Ma jun and So hyun.... Keep it up with ur work author.... Hope u gonna have a very successful life with this awesome story of urs....


Nice work , the story is well thought out and words are used well. I hope to read more of this when the chapters pile up. Kudos to the author[img=recommend]


May I say that the synopsis is very intriguing and same as the first chapter. It got me hooked instantly. Wishing to read more excellent works, kudos author!


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