1 01: If she survived, she'll be dead

The soil felt moist beneath her heels. The air was mixed with the fragrance of damp earth as the mild night breezes slightly chilled her bones. There were cold swooshes by her ears as she walked opposite the directions of the wind and began to climb the wet stairs up the hill.

Mei Xing looked around. It was extremely quiet in the cemetery as a gust of wind blew and the rushed dripping of raindrops on the leaves could be heard.

At the peak, she saw a faint silhouette of a man standing with his shoulder towards stairs as he stood there gazing at the distant city lights on a far horizon, Mei Xing's eyes shone with delight and her legs took pace as she hastened on the stairs eager to meet her lover.

It's been more than a decade, Mei Xing was sent abroad for studies by her parents and she returned to her hometown just a few months ago. Since then Mei Xing's life turned to be a tale of a princess with her prince Zhang Han, who met there happily ever after.


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