Queen Midknight: The Wolf's Bride Book

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Queen Midknight: The Wolf's Bride


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Due to an ancient curse, anyone that wears the crown of Aradale becomes a cursed wolf. To live the rest of their lives separated from the other half of themselves. To be both human and a wolf but separated forever. In a world where werewolves are almost extinct, King Alexander of Aradale, must find a way to unite his wolf side with his human side. And at the same time stop his Queen from escaping or killing him. Will this wolf king achieve the impossible or will he die trying? This is a story of love, lost, curse and betrayal but most of all it is a wolf story like never before. Excerpt from the book. "Do you think Sir Judd and Queen Eileen are alright?" Jamie asked him. "Judd won't let anything happen to his wife. Western men are protective of their brides, Monisha" Alexander reassured her. "I know that but are they alright? Did I destroy two lives today, Alexander? I can't believe I did that to Eileen. I can't believe I trapped her with a man that doesn't feel anything for her" Talking about the marriage binding that took place that morning made Jamie sad. "Or maybe, you did them a favor. Maybe he will wake up to realize his imposed bride was the best thing that could ever happen to him. Maybe he will be willing to spend the rest of his life convincing his bride the same. Maybe it was meant to be" Alexander spoke in whispers to her. His voice was smooth and hopeful. But Jamie couldn't shake the feeling that he might be talking about himself not Judd. She decided to answer him. "What if his wife wants to feel the same for Judd but she can't. Because admitting she felt anything other than hatred and resentment for the man that stole her first life from her, might be too hard for her to imagine. Maybe she wants to relax in his arms every night and allow herself to feel something and she wants to feel it but she can't. Not without betraying everything she stands for. Not without knowing that everyone she left behind to start a new forced life was okay. Maybe she wants to feel it too but...maybe not. She has no choice in the matter" Alexander knew Jamie was talking about herself too. He felt the little happiness that always seemed to originate from the abdomen and slowly to the rest of the body. She wanted to feel! Alexander kissed her hair. It was the best news he has heard all day. "What if everyone she left behind was okay? What if they gave their blessings to our union?" Alexander was done trying to pretend they weren't talking about themselves. Jamie sat upright and turned to look at him. Her eyes glittering with unshed tears. "Don't you get it! My father would never give you his blessing! You are the reason he lost two of his daughters and you are the reason I lost my kingdom, my sister and my inheritance. Even if I wanted to feel something, I couldn't. Because that would be too painful, Alexander. Hating you is just easier" Jamie felt the tears run down her cheeks. Alexander sat upright. Using the back of his palm, he wiped the tears from her face. Then he kissed her lips. "I understand, Jamie" He whispered to her. Credit for the cover goes to its rightful owner. P.s if you are the owner and wants me to take it down, contact me on discord