1 chapter -1


"Stella get ready fast .we should be there by 7pm"i burst into her room ,in a hurry.

Stella is my best friend who i tag with most of the time.

"Where" say in dull tone as she so involved in her studies.she a too goode girl.she a girl who doesn't break the rule but she want to , too afraid to  break the rules.

" We are going to university of wechi!"  i said in exciting .i was planning to do this for a long time.

" But...we are not allow to go only the student of that university are. Didn't you hear the rumours  that the outsider would die  when they enter into university"

" Exactly they are just rumours. Don't you think something odd about the university and it is not identified in any where.when i searched about it in Google .it shows nothing, like it doesn't exist and the main reason is  my dad won't allow me near the university .as my  sister is in  the university  I also wanted to join in it but my dad strictly prohibited it. When ever the university name pop-ups they three stare at eachother like they are talking in mind to eachother."

" So, doesn't mean that we have go there see  what going on there"

" It not the only thing I have so many thing to suspicious about it.my curiosity is killing me if I don't do it my drain will blast any minute and for you it gonna be a little adventure, which is in your bucket list"

With a sign " ok, i am coming"

It took us  three hours to drive near the hill .tree are covered all over here.i can see  two mens covering the path which go to up , to the university.

" We are going from the back, " i said to her as I guards out there.

" Are you serious, going from the back mean going into the wood.at this night time we can't see anything and going up by the walk will take hole night .did you see the wall of the university , it is impossible to climb."

" But we can't pass the guards, they look like bulk. If they see us they gonna kill us with one snap"

" So , what we gonna do"

" Ok, may be we should wait till all students come so we can escape in the crowd"

I see students started to come  in huge. "Stella are you ready"


We made though the crowd .we are in the middle so they don't get clear view of us.

Luckily the guard didn't see us. We are at the gates of the university.it look beautiful from outside at the enterence there are two lion statue's which so big and scary as they are like really  staring at us . All the students went inside with in five minutes , not a single sole is out .this student so punctual than other colleges.

As I entered I felt something like I was penetrating into something .I felt somewhat weak than before.as I turn around I  see Stella staring at the statue horrified .

"Stella what are you staring at.come on we need go in"

" Emma the statue is staring intensely at me and when I took step forward to the gate it started growling at me "

" Growling? I did hear any thing.stop imagining things and come on before they find us"

" No Emma you don't understand I couldn't take a step forward like something stoping  me .Emma  something wrong with this place we need to get out of here." I can hear the fear in her voice.

" Stella you said the statue is growing and now you can't take a step.are you not interested to go in"

" No"

" Ok , you stay here I will go and come as soon as possible"

" Emma I don't want you to go"

" Why"

" Because I don't feel right"

" Of course it don't feel right because I am going in with out a permission"

" no, i feel really odd. Emma let get out from here."

" Stella ,you know I am really  curious about this university.we almost made it .now, why to drop .just let me see inside and come ." With that I run into university to what do different about it.

" Emma.Nooo"