QT: To Break An Oath (BL) (PAUSED) Book

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QT: To Break An Oath (BL) (PAUSED)


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Lie Yuan — a law abiding rich second generation young master with a first class looks and a gentle and nice temper. And also a wanted criminal. Thus, he suddenly face his retribution. System: "Host. I am System 678! The most efficient system of all time. Your mission is to fill the hate value of each protagonist in every world! After that, you will obtain a certain death in order to leave at that current world. No need to worry host, our company will provide no pain experience." Lie Yuan: "Okay." System: "Host no need to worry! You can do anything to fill the hate value of each protagonist but always remember that you cannot OOC." Lie Yuan: "Right." System: "Does host wants to ask questions?" Lie Yuan: "No need, now shut up." System: "....." But the plot doesn't seems quite right. The college student that he dumped: "You said that I don't deserve you before? Now, you will become mine." His ex-fiance CEO: "Marry me or I will lock you forever." The Alpha Fiance that he betrayed: "I know you did not want to betray me darling. I know all your pain and misery." The Prince he tried to kill: "You want to leave? Dream on!" Lie Yuan: "What the hell is wrong with you people!" Warnings: 1. Angst 2. Tragedy 3. Psychological 4. Mature Content -covert art belongs to the rightful owner.


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