QT: The Rescue Of The Miserable Bigshots

In the novel, there are always characters who are strong, powerful, and on top of that have stunning appearances, but because of the plot arrangement and influence of the protagonist's halo, their endings are embarrassing and miserable. Jiang Jiamian’s mission is to save them. Jiang Jiamian: “It's actually very simple, just seduce and hook them up so that they no longer have time to follow the plot.” If the mission targets don't follow the plot, they can break free from the storyline and even avoid contact with the protagonist. But why do all those miserable bigshots seem to have gone crazy and turned dark all of a sudden?

latteectrie · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
120 Chs


"Do you think I can get up?" Jiang Jiamian's face was gloomy.

Qi Yan slowly walked to the bedside and tilted his head slightly, "Then it seems that I can only feed you."

Jiang Jiamian: "..." I always felt that the other party's expression was a bit malicious.

But there seems to be no other choice at the moment. "Then why are you still standing there? Hurry up! I'm starving!"

Qi Yan's eyes darkened slightly, and he suddenly bent down and brought the impactful face closer. Jiang Jiamian whispered, "The school bully is really hungry..."

"You, what do you want to do?" At this time, Jiang Jiamian was sure that the other party had evil intentions.

Qi Yan stretched out his hand and gently hooked Jiang Jiamian's chin, his face getting closer and closer, almost touching Jiang Jiamian's nose, "I have already asked for leave for you, if you don't spend the whole day in bed it will be in vain."

Jiang Jiamian probably guessed his intention and couldn't help but sarcastically said, "It turns out that top students can also lie and skip classes, just for this kind of thing. It's really shameless."

Qi Yan didn't care about his sarcasm at all, then he kissed Jiang Jiamian's mouth.

"Ugh!" Jiang Jiamian only struggled a little, and a burst of pain instantly came from behind him.

When he thought that if it happened again early in the morning, he would be paralyzed, he suddenly became a little scared. He raised his hand and pushed Qi Yan away. "No, I haven't eaten and I have no strength at all. Do you want my life?"

Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, "I don't need you to exert any strength, just lie down."

Jiang Jiamian: "..." Did the dog eat your conscience?

"Well, that's fine." Qi Yan's eyes flashed with an unknown emotion, "I'll feed you breakfast first to build up your strength..."

Since Jiang Jiamian wants to exert strength, this is not bad either.

"Feed the soup." Jiang Jiamian, who knew that he might not get much benefit today, had just taken a mouthful of egg custard fed by Qi Yan, and then raised his finger to point to the soup on the table.

That posture is no different from commanding a slave.

Since he couldn't gain the upper hand, he could only take advantage of Qi Yan this way. He had to serve him well, huh!

However, no matter how he directed, Qi Yan was not as busy as he wanted to see. He was still feeding soup, vegetables and egg custard in an orderly manner, and even the expression on his face was still as calm as pool water.

Then he glanced at Jiang Jiamian's lips, which were moist and covered with a thin layer of oil from eating. His eyes became bottomless, and it was difficult to distinguish the true emotions.

The more Qi Yan was considerate in the silence, the more Jiang Jiamian felt that this guy must be brewing something, when he opened his mouth to swallow the soup, his consciousness quickly poked the communication group.

[Lone commander: Is anyone here? When you have back pain and can't take care of yourself, how can you effectively avoid being attacked by malicious people?]

[The sword master: I can only fight. If you really can't beat it, just spend mission points to buy skills from the system.]

[Can't think of a name: Pfft! Sword Master, old straight man, didn't you see that he said his back hurts? Didn't you think that he could meet a warrior with a big weapon?]

[The sword master: Isn't it true? If not, is there a need to avoid it?]

[Lone commander: Well, he does have a big weapon, and his weapon is a bit fierce.]

[Can't think of a name: Wow! Well, no matter how you want it, I can't help you. After all, I can't even protect myself. But I have a good thing, I developed it myself, and I will give it to you as a gift soon! Guaranteed that not only can it relieve pain, but you can also cough, cough, cough, make you feel good!]

Jiang Jiamian was about to ask what it was when a message quickly entered the sea of consciousness.

['Can't think of a name' sends you a gift: a bottle of secret lubricant.]

Unfortunately, Jiang Jiamian's habitual act made him subconsciously click on it. When Jiang Jiamian saw the words clearly, he felt that there was something extra in his palm!

Fuck fuck fuck!

Qi Yan is still here!

Jiang Jiamian's hands shook and he almost threw out the secret small bottle.

Fortunately, his hand was still stretched out under the quilt. Jiang Jiamian calmed down and secretly moved the small bottle under the pillow.

[Can't think of a name: After you use it, please come back to me with a review.]

[Lone commander:...]

No matter how Jiang Jiamian looks at it, it's a weird group, and he couldn't help but fall into deep thought.

It is said that those two people have been in the group for more than a year. The group leader has never bubbled up, which means that there were only two of them before.

But the two of them really don't seem to be able to chat together. So what was the original purpose of the group owner in establishing this group?

What criteria does he use to attract people to join the group?

Is it just pulling people in casually?

If that were the case, how could it be possible that there were still only four people?

"It seems you still have the energy to distract yourself." Qi Yan suddenly put the spoon back into the soup bowl, reached out, and pinched Jiang Jiamian's chin, forcing him to raise his head and look at him. "Is it because I was too light last night?"

Jiang Jiamian shrank back. "Qi Yan, what are you thinking about in broad daylight?"

I don't know how effective the gift from 'Can't think of a name' would be, if it is not, as a result, his waist will really be broken if he does it again.

"What do you think?" The desire in Qi Yan's eyes has been completely released, and there is no trace of the calmness that he had deliberately suppressed just now.

He stretched out his hand and pushed Jiang Jiamian onto the bed.

Unable to escape anyway, Jiang Jiamian subconsciously put his hand under the pillow.

But the moment he grabbed the bottle, Jiang Jiamian became worried. He couldn't take the initiative to take out such a thing, could he?

How can Qi Yan take the initiative to discover and use this?

However, Jiang Jiamian did not hesitate for too long. Qi Yan, who was pressing on him, had already grasped his wrist that was under the pillow, pressed it on the bed, lowered his head, and kissed him.

During the frenzied kiss, when the love was intense, Qi Yan's hand pressing Jiang Jiamian's arm couldn't help but slide up as if he intended to touch his hand and interlock with his fingers.

Inevitably, while touching Jiang Jiamian's palm, he also touched the cold bottle that Jiang Jiamian had let go of at some point and was lying next to his hand.

Qi Yan almost subconsciously grabbed it and took it out for a look. Because he was immersed in the passionate kiss, he was about to throw it away at first glance.

When he saw the bright black characters printed on the bottle, the whole person was frozen in place.

The next moment, Jiang Jiamian saw Qi Yan's hand holding the bottle trembling, and a bone-chilling voice sounded directly on the top of his head, "Jiang Jiamian, what is this!?"