200 Little Mandron Soldier 23

Without wasting a single second, He Yuan moved next to the unconscious Ding Weimin and took off the man's shirt. Next, he began rearranging the inserted needles and placing them at different acupoints on Ding Weimin's body. The original six that he'd used to increase Ding Weimin's sensory organs were rearranged alongside the additional four he'd used a while ago.

The purpose of the acupuncture was to maximize the effects of the condensed magnetic energy and, most importantly, make it look like Ding Weimin's sudden magnetic energy fluctuation was as a result of a relapse and nothing else.

Next, He Yuan unbuttoned his own trouser pocket and took out the syringe he'd drawn the condensed energy into. After removing the cap, he slowly injected it into the vein in Ding Weimin's right wrist.


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