PYROSITES: My Heroines were truly Villainous

[SPIRITY WSA ENTRY - VILLAIN] When I was in middle school, my favorite genres were always Sci-fi and Reincarnation. So, when I heard that I was going to be reborn into a world of advanced AI and high tech, my excitement went through the roof, knowing that I would be reborn into my dream world. But that's not the only reason why I'm excited, because I knew to myself that in this life I would finally have a chance to find my cute heroine!! that's right... My ideal heroine... However, Little did I know that my heroines were all originally villainous villains?!!, whose fates are to destroy the world?! "Ahh shit...." ======== [Benefits of adding this to your collection] -Characters and worldview Illustrations for y'll! [Exclusive illustrations] -2.2k words per chapter for the first 10 chapters of the story. -Consistent weekly updates for you all! -It's free and accessible to read. -Writing development. -Update every 6:55 P.M / 18:55 (UTC+08) ======= Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pZHbXYjz

NightGLE_WN · Fantasy
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The twisted Family

"Good... good," Ashley said with a smile that can only be described as someone who had finally obtained her obsession.


Ha... Why do I suddenly feel some yandere vibes coming from Ashley's eyes?

{Kai: You lucky bastard}

"So... what happened to Granny? Why is her head gone, and why is there blood on all the walls?" Ashley bombarded me with questions while her gaze was fixed on the deceased Granny's body.

Following Ashley's gaze, I saw the decapitated granny lying on the ground.

'Ahh, that... How am I going to explain that I did it? ' I thought worriedly.


However, my concern was quickly resolved as a holographic screen appeared.

{KAI: Idiot, just say that the old lady's head exploded, and don't say anything else.}

That's a nice idea bruh...

"Ahh... that, hahah..." I was about to explain this but stopped momentarily as I was unsure of how to put it into words.