PYROSITES: My Heroines were truly Villainous

[SPIRITY WSA ENTRY - VILLAIN] When I was in middle school, my favorite genres were always Sci-fi and Reincarnation. So, when I heard that I was going to be reborn into a world of advanced AI and high tech, my excitement went through the roof, knowing that I would be reborn into my dream world. But that's not the only reason why I'm excited, because I knew to myself that in this life I would finally have a chance to find my cute heroine!! that's right... My ideal heroine... However, Little did I know that my heroines were all originally villainous villains?!!, whose fates are to destroy the world?! "Ahh shit...." ======== [Benefits of adding this to your collection] -Characters and worldview Illustrations for y'll! [Exclusive illustrations] -2.2k words per chapter for the first 10 chapters of the story. -Consistent weekly updates for you all! -It's free and accessible to read. -Writing development. -Update every 6:55 P.M / 18:55 (UTC+08) ======= Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pZHbXYjz

NightGLE_WN · Fantasy
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Class Selection Exam [1]

After that conversation, the two military guys threw something. That looks like a white ball. 

which keeps releasing an intense amount of white gas.

It seems the gas they were talking about is the same as a smoke grenade. 


As the gas continues to spread, one by one, the kids lying on the ground begin to wake up.

"Huh, where am I?" one of the kids who woke up first asked himself in a confused tone. 


Seeing that kid who just woke up, one of the military guys walks up to him and says, "Heh, welcome to the Shadow Arcane, kiddo."

"Shadow Arcane, my ass! Do you even know where I am? I'm from the reni-" However, before the kid could speak any further, the military guy kicked the hell out of him.


"Ugh. How dare you..." the purple-haired kid mumbled before he collapsed to the ground. 

"Tsk, trash..." the military guy cursed before leaving.