PVZ system by the multiverse.

Douglas died in an accident, knew God and ended up winning a system (plants vs zombies).

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60 Chs


Since the tomato of the future came, I have been planting plants in several countries and ordering them to look for people with names on the list.

Today's first target will be the Japanese Vice Minister, who is about to give a television interview.

- Agent pea, are you in position?

(radio noise sounds)

- Hmmmm.

- Great run the target when he starts the speech and get out of there, I wish you good luck Agent 009.

I turned off my banana radio and turned my head to the television that was about to start the vice minister's speech.

- I as deputy minister would like to talk about .....

His speech started.

The seconds passed slowly as he continued his speech, the moment the two security guards had turned their faces, a small pew noise was heard.

The deputy minister stopped his speech and this caught the attention of the entire population.

He looked up before falling on the floor and blood started to come out, several people screamed right away and the transmission was cut off.

A noise came from my Radio banana confirming the death of the target.

I gave a small smile and went to my garden.


Today I am taking class with class 1-B so I headed towards the class.

Once there I can see Allmight taking a deep breath and saying a few words of encouragement.

- Hi.

Allmight jumped and turned to look at me.

- Ah, young Douglas as you have been.

- I'm fine let's go in?

- Yes Yes.

He opened the door and made the scene of entering like a normal person.

The class was very excited that they didn't even notice me entering soon after.

- Well, you know one of the most important things for a hero.

- Hero costume. All the students shouted.

-Correct, so put on your hero costumes and meet me on the court.


Some time later the whole class is ready to go after Allmight.

The only student who noticed me was Ibara, because I started stroking her hair and watering it a little bit, as well as trimming the vines.

- Excuse.

- Say.

- Could you please stop stroking my hair.

I controlled my instincts and stepped back a little, but my hand was still shaking to move her hair.

-I'm sorry it's the strength of the abito.

- Okay, not too much trouble.

We arrived at a building that Allmight signaled to follow.

- Okay, today's class will be a friendly match between villains and heroes.

- The villains will have to protect the bomb inside the building and the heroes will have to take it, the teams will be drawn by lot, but as young Douglas is too strong for you in double battles he will do 1v3.

The draws were drawn one by one.

My opponents are Ibara, Kinoko and Itsuka.

For some reason everyone is a woman and two have the ability to control plants, was this done to weaken me?

- In addition young Douglas you cannot use your Quik you will have to fight only with your weapons.

- What wouldn't that be unfair?

- That would not even be a great match.

Allmight smiled a long smile.

- You shouldn't underestimate him because he defeated the Muscular S Rank guy in 3 moves with his weapons.

The students swallowed a second when they turned to face me and wished the girls good luck.


- Well did you hear how we are going to defeat him?

Itsuka said.

- Well it seems that he has problems with plants or organic things.

- like what?

- When we were coming here he started to take care of my hair, watering, pruning and even singing a tired.

- If that's the case, I have a plan.

After a few minutes it was time to start the test and I would be the Hero.

I slowly entered the building while following their position using my enhanced hearing, I could feel that they were in the next room.

I entered slowly.

- Yes, you are playing dirty.

- We are villains hahahaha.

Itsuka laughed, but I didn't care in front of me there was an Ibara wrapped around the vines with several mushrooms sprouting on them.

I was using all my willpower to resist the temptation by telling myself that it is not a plant and I don't need to take care of it.

Itsuka, who saw that I was paralyzed and sweating to hold on, started to approach me while showing the tape and giving an evil smile.

With each step she took my conscience faltered, not supporting the pressure that was coming at me.

At that moment when the darkness was clouding my will a voice came to my head.

- Do not give up.

I focused again and removed some of the darkness that clouded me and saw a small carrot in front of me.

- Do not give up creator I know that you are capable beyond that.

I hardened my heart and looked at the bomb.

The girls who saw that I successfully broke my desires tried to attack me but at that moment I used all the forces on my legs and passed at a speed that they could not see and touched the bomb.

(Ending noise)


However I ignored all the sounds and focused on Ibara, moving at my maximum speed I grabbed it and put it on my shoulders and took it to my garden leaving the class 1-B with frozen faces.

- Did I overdo it?

Itsuka thought while her friend was carried by me.

I checked in a part of the vegetable garden that was cleaned recently and started working.

Ibara for some reason just stayed there and didn't even try to escape while I worked.

After digging the hole, I buried Ibara in it and started taking care of her hair and mushrooms.

Ibara Thoughts--- This is strange because I feel so comfortable here, besides my hair is also getting stronger and more colorful, I think this is not so bad.

A few minutes later Allmight arrived and saw me taking care of Ibara while she smiled a relaxing smile.

He decided to leave them there and continue the lesson.

(Possible alert romantic candidate)