498 Your Personal Celestial Maiden

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was a fragile soul, a soul that had lost its intelligence and had been floating about in the land for many years, lost…

She floated about without any focus in her eyes, and no one knew just where she was headed.

Her body could not be seen with a naked eye, she could only be detected through divine senses. Only then would her beautiful face be seen clearly. Only then would her befuddled eyes be seen clearly…

She wore a white satin dress that was formed from her soul. She drifted about, with many other similar souls by her side. It was as if they could see each other and were just floating about in a group.

She originally did not have any memories and had already forgotten how she died. She forgot how she became this way, only remembering vaguely that she seemed to be searching for something…

Yet she could not remember exactly what she was looking for.


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