Pursuing My Rejected Alpha

The romance between young Ronan Silverback and his fated mate Lucien Clearwater ended before it had the chance to bloom. Since they were both in line to become Alphas of their packs and neither of them was willing to step back to be with each other, Ronan ended up rejecting Lucien and ending their fated mate connection. Seven years later, Alpha Ronan Silverback happened to meet Lucien Clearwater again. The latter not only was not the Alpha of his pack, but he also ended up accepting the affection of the Alpha of Ronan's rival pack. "We have broken up," Lucien reminded Ronan. "Seven years ago, if you recall." "You are mine, Lucien Clearwater," Ronan declared with a husky voice. "In this life or any life, you can only be mine. I will not let anyone else touch you." Warning : Mature content, genre-typical violence and sexual content. There is a mention of miscarriage. A lot of drama. Naturally it will end in a Happy Ending ;) Book cover is my own creation. This book is part of a series : 1. Pursuing My Rejected Alpha (Werewolf BL) 2. The Bloodstained Affair (Vampire BL)

Lu_Shui · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
380 Chs

A Rendezvous In Florentine

Nicky did not remember his biological father. The man who he saw again and again as he grew up was Ronan, who came by often to help out with their little family.

In Nicky's mind, Ronan was his "Papa".

He would always be his "Papa" although Marie explained to him many times that he was not.

When Marie took Nicky to move away from Great Lake City to the small Florentine town, Nicky was initially very unhappy.

The school was new, the friends were new, the neighbors were new, and even the sweet vendors were new!

And "Papa" also didn't come to visit anymore.

A year passed, and they happened to meet again.

"Papa" had changed a lot.

He looked dispirited. The adult man sat at the wooden table with two cups of coffee and the half-eaten rhubarb and blackcurrant pie in front of him. He was lost in his own thoughts.

"Papa, I want ice cream," the little boy demanded.

"Mm... Okay, let's get some ice cream."