Purely Utility System

Leon Axford had just been going about his day when the world decide to... was it a curse or a blessing? A bit irky sure but Leon didn't quite do anything to deserve...this. He'd pretty much been yeeted out of where he was and into a dense forest the moment he actually came to... Unceremoniously blanking out mid-walk was a rather strange way to go about...was he high? Armed with a system that only offered basic utility, what path would the young man choose? ---------- A bit of an expansion on the title. The Utility System is fairly simple, it's not overpowered at all and overall, doesn't exactly help him gain power like a power fantasy one does. Check it out, see if you like it and, share some thoughts.

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Stupid Shit

Undisclosed Location,

Leon POV,

In a dense forest, a young man could be seen walking at a somewhat hurried pace, looking over his shoulder from time to time as if expecting something to jump out at any moment. Grass squished under his feet and apart from that, the noise of animals and birds he could see was the only thing keeping Leon company at the moment.

Tapping his fingers on the bark of a nearby tree, Leon slightly hummed, "Man-eating plants..." These things fit into a number of categories and could be related to a number of worlds he knew well as well those he didn't. Such creatures were a relatively common occurrence after all.

"Could be anything,... Maybe I'm in a doujin.." That was a certainly... peculiar, guess.

Nonetheless, as he was, there was nothing to be really done other than seek out some type of human company. Leon could only hope that something didn't tear him to shreds before that came to pass.

With a small sigh, he once again started making his way through the forest.


Leon, was currently hiding behind a tree, as best he could, while at the same time peeking at a village just ahead. Earlier he'd heard shouting and rushed over, however, maintaining a fair level of caution had paid off quite a bit.

Beyond where he stood lay a village, a thing to be glad about...only, the place was filled with screams and shouts, bodies had been piled up in certain places and some of these 'piles' were alight, the stench of burning flesh was present throughout the area.

The few that were alive were being relentlessly gunned down or stabbed, all in all, they were being killed.

Strangely enough, despite seeing all of this from where he stood, the only thing Leon suffered from was a slightly faster heart beat, no sense of vomiting or something...

But then again,

Leon pursed his lips, breathing in a slow and long manner to reduce the noise as much as possible. He wasn't trained in combat much nor did he ever kill someone, those people out there could have reasons for killing the villagers but for all he knew, they were doing it because they enjoyed it.

The young man was a little bit too concerned with his own survival to worry about others or what he'd seen.

Though, Leon found his earlier notion somewhat doubtful, they were wearing matching uniforms and armour, moving with unity and order, they definitely weren't doing this for some small time goal.

At that moment, Leon's instincts warned him of impending danger and he reacted quickly, managing to tilt his head completely to the right just as the wood was blown apart, splinters flying in different directions.

"You must feel good about yourself." Leon sneered, running a gaze over the man that had shot at him, holding a hand over his chest.

"Identify yourself." The man that had 'shot at Leon' spoke seriously, still holding his rather 'bulky' rifle. He wore a grey coat that reached his knees, matching somewhat baggy pants and black boots. A metal mask covered the face so Leon had no way of knowing who he was.

"Well you see me don't you? Do it yourself." Leon shrugged, dusting off his clothes as he stood up. Showing fear here would just work to his detriment.. so, why not just be himself? He stared down the barrel of the gun with a harmless face.

"Very well." The soldier closed his eyes for a moment, he didn't enjoy killing but.. orders were orders.

Though, that simple pause was enough.

Opening his eyes, he saw something he couldn't quite describe, "What?" It was.... a distortion?

Leon was already at side though, kicking him in the knees as hard as he could, Leon wrestled the gun from his arms just as he lost balance and smashed the rather.. heavy, metal object into his head, "One for the element of surprise."

Leon praised with a small smile, the guy was alive.... maybe.

Here he was, not a few hours in and he'd already bashed in someone's head. But then again, that someone would have killed him were he not estranged by the literal rip in space in front of him.

Still, it wasn't the time for musings.

Leon peeked over the tree and sighed in relief seeing that the other soldiers were a bit away... Maybe these people weren't as organised as he'd thought they were.

For sure the man he was now undressing was trained but... No one expects portals.

Finding the uniform he'd looted, obeying the rule all RPG players knew and obeyed, to be a loose fit. Leon huffed but nodded nonetheless, it was, "Better than nothing."

Hiding his face under the mask, he opened a rift near the body and.... threw it in.

Inventories were more convenient than people gave them credit for.

Leon's plan was thrown together in seconds and had many holes in it... but, it was the best he could come up with. Trying to run away right now, with or without the uniform would just end with him getting gunned down.. so it was better to try and use the opportunity.

Clearing his throat, Leon picked up the gun, resting it over his shoulder with a small grin on his face. This was the classic fantasy experience eh?

With all that was to be done here, he strolled out of the woods at a leisurely pace, showing no signs of fear or anything of that.

"Yo John, we're almost done here! Hurry it up!" A soldier shouted at him from nearby, waving his hand.

Leon paused momentarily, looking around for anyone else standing near him that the shout was directed at before holding a hand over his mouth with a pensive smile.

"No wonder he got decked." Well he looked like a John too, generic cunt.

Stifling his laughter, Leon walked around observing the now ruined village. There were people setting flame to the dead bodies and one thing that stood out, was that no one was pillaging or anything.

They looked as if they simply planned to abandon all this loot.

.....A disgrace to all RPG players.

Leon then started walking into each house that still stood, shoving everything, from cups to clothes, in his inventory and then leaving.

Rinse and repeat.

Soon enough, Leon got the feeling that he had a mountain of useless shit in his inventory....

"Worth it."

He slightly smiled, strolling around the village, greeting and making small talk with other soldiers.

Those people had died and their corpses had been set on fire, the stuff here was going to be abandoned to rot, by looting it Leon was making sure that even in death they were helping someone... That someone was him.

That day, a whole village was looted and no one would know. The houses were set alight as well right after the bodies.

Some minutes later, Leon did start feeling a bit uneasy at the notion of so many people dying...though, he guessed it was something par for the course. From the conversations he'd had with a few soldiers, it was obvious that this was a relatively common thing here.

Leon knew that there was nothing he could really do, wallowing in pity for them was pretty much useless...and, he didn't know them anyway. A bit pathetic but he truly couldn't bring himself to care.

An hour passed and now, all the soldiers were lined up in neat rows, some held spears, others swords, and a handful (including Leon) carried bulky grey guns, standing at the very back of the row. Their uniforms were far finer and neater than the others leading John to believe that those with guns had a somewhat higher ranking.

Leon was brought out of his thoughts by a taller man walking to the head of the lined up soldiers, "John, get over here!" He shouted strictly, his hands behind his back. The hat on his head and his longer coat gave away that the man was of a higher rank, possibly the commanding officer.

"Yes, sir." Leon took a deep breath, walking up to the man in 'formal' manner, something he was used to from his previous 'lifestyle'.

Stomping one foot on the ground, he saluted, having seen the same thing a good few times by now, "Sir!"

Only now did he notice a young girl with cuffs around her hands, standing near the commander. It was a bit harder to make out the front from the back of the row after all. She certainly looked afraid and the dried tears near her eyes did nothing to alleviate the growing suspicion in the man's mind.

"Fine one isn't she?"

"I'm a retard, sir." Leon sighed, raising the gun with a difficult smile on his masked face. Maybe he didn't care when it was all dead people but.. not if they were living... kids at that.

"What the hell are you doing, John?!"


A bang and a corpse fell to the ground.

Moments passed in silence, moments during which Leon picked the girl up in his arms and ran off into the woods, "W-What?"

"John shot the fucking commander!"

Pandemonium ensued.


I was gonna make the girl a boy but then I realised most of the nobles wouldn't want a boy for a *ehem* you know what I mean.

Anyway, share thoughts.