Puppeteer: I Use Human Puppets to Create Perfect Accidents Book

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Puppeteer: I Use Human Puppets to Create Perfect Accidents

I Want To Beat Up a Tiger

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After being reincarnated, Hughes obtained a puppet manufacturing system. The puppets he created could be bestowed with abilities. As long as he could successfully harvest the souls of evil-doers, Hughes could create human puppets with different powers - evil human puppets, resentful spirit puppets and vampire puppets. In order to save his own sister, Hughes decided to use his ability to become a hired killer. Hughes logged into the Dark Web and a bounty appeared. [Name: Jerry Mac] [Reward: USD$1 million] [Request: Kill Jerry Mac with whatever means necessary] [Requirements: None] When he saw this, Hughes immediately accepted this mission. Using the puppets he created, the evil-doers that he killed had all been murdered perfectly without any exceptions. From then on, the name of Puppeteer began to circulate on the Dark Web. Perfect murders? No exceptions? Killers were terrified of his reputation. The FBI reported, “After investigation, Jerry Mac died of accidental causes.” Netizens, “Hahaha. A well-executed death! It is practically the most perfect murder!”