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Teren Hark - Quiet and ordinary at school. Passive and nothing noteworthy about him. However, one of his classmates thinks otherwise. Iesa Hun - Quiet but extraordinary. Aggressive when provoked. On top of the school's hierarchy because of her brains and beauty. Recently, she learned the secret about Teren Hark. He's a psychopath who had a rich history of murder, massacre, and other atrocities. But she has her fair share of secrets as well - she's a psychic who can read other people's thoughts, except, of course, the psychopath himself. Welcome to Mershen High where these two superhumans collide as they slowly learn each other's pasts and meet the world's hidden supernatural together while still trying to be proper students.

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SSDA Branch

"Another anonymous reporting."

"Data confirmed, not a troll."

"What does the report says?"

"... I'm a bit skeptical about this. It says that this one is a high-school kid..."

"What's wrong about that?"

A teenage girl asked. She wasn't out of the ordinary as she also wears the same uniform as the others.

The older people who were talking to each other looked at her. However, they didn't look at her with any disrespect or belittlement.

The middle-aged man, who received the report, explained.

"Usually, reports are only from Aberrants who are paranoid or desperate. It is either they truly hate or they're scared of the subject of their report. However, a young person like a high-schooler usually isn't that strong. A normal Aberrant wouldn't be scared of the weak and young. Or if they do hate this young fellow Aberrant, they wouldn't risk their name and report it to us. They will kill this young Aberrant themselves."

The teenage girl nodded.

"So these Aberrants have their own pattern of behavior..."

"Yes, and we, the SSDA have knowledge of such behaviors since we are always studying them." it was another worker who answered.

"Okay, thank you for explaining it to me, Mister Zack and Miss Fey." the teenage girl respectfully bowed down.

Zack and Fey laughed at her politeness.

"No need to act so polite to us. Although you're younger, you're still our superior." Zack said while Fey followed.

"We are just ordinary people while you are a part of the Condigns."

The teenage girl smiled but this smile was not something out of happiness or joy.

"I'm not really that proud of not being a part of ordinary people."

Hearing this, Zack glared at Fey who spoke so insensitively.

"No, that's what I meant, Lady Seres. You are a part of this team since you arrived here last week!"

The teenage girl only nodded with a melancholic smile.

Fey felt so much guilt after remembering this teenage girl's sad past. So, she tried to lighten up the mood.

"How about I show you the records now? We only kept it from you as per orders from the higher-up. Although you're basically our superior, you're still new so the higher-ups are still skeptical. But they also said that as long as you got our trust, we can show it to you anytime."

Hearing this made the teenage girl's eyes shine.

"Yes, please. I would like to see if my brother is there."

Fet smiled and silently clapped.

"Okay, but that will be for later! Right now, we should see if we can consider the report reliable, a troll, or inaccurate. Zack, can you read the report out loud."

Zack just nodded and turned to his screen.

"This is from the Heren City. As I said earlier, the Aberrant is First-Year Senior High Schooler at Mershen High... and he has been haunted by three Spirits at once?! HAHAHA, okay, this is too much of a troll."

"Spirit?" the teenage girl frowned.

"Yes, that's where the Aberrants get their special abilities. Spirit is a person who just died but still has a strong desire to live. They retain some of their conscience seeking to possess a body. In short, they're just ghosts that are partially in the afterlife but still not. These Spirits are able to get some mysterious power mankind don't because they are in what some experts call - the Spirit Plane."

"But how does the Aberrants get them?"

"Well, these Spirits are rare and they only try to haunt those who are vulnerable. These people are usually those who live in the underworld and have seen some bloodshed. They don't have a life or desires. In other words, they may seem strong on the outside, they're what we call 'Soulless' - an easy target for Spirits. These Spirits will try to take over the body. If successful only the Spirit will know as they will replace the person but if the Spirit is exorcised, they failed. However, if the target overcame them and partnered with these Spirits instead of anything else, they can form a contract which the Spirit will have to agree."

Fey paused for the teenage girl to digest some of the information. That was when the teenage girl asked.

"Why are people who live in the underworld the most vulnerable? Aren't there are a lot of depressed people out there?"

"Good question" Fey pointed out, "It's really simple. These people, who are in the underworld, don't have anyone in their life. Furthermore, they are usually criminals so they can't see an expert about it. Really, there are a lot of factors. They're too prideful to show weakness, it is necessary to keep moving or they'll die, and so on. Unlike these people, normal people can easily get help. Or if they truly become depressed without help, they are not tough enough to keep moving and... they take their own lives."

"So... the most vulnerable are those in the gray area." the teenage girl responded, "Weak enough to be lonely and vulnerable but tough enough to endure and keep moving until a Spirit find them."

"..." Fey was stunned for a second before clasping her hand, "Correct! That's why they are rare but since there are almost eight billion people, there's still a lot of them out there."

"They're... kind of pitiful..." the teenage girl frowned.

"Yes, they are. But don't forget, they are Aberrants, the stain of humanity. They have committed the most atrocities. Do not pity them that much."

"Okay..." the teenage girl nodded.

"I'll tell you later about the contracts that Spirits and Aberrants form. They are a bit more complicated. So, Zack, if you please." Fey said.

Zack nodded as he thought.

'This woman just said something heavy to a teenage girl... but well, she's a Condign so she needs to learn this sooner or later.'

He then continued.

"Hm, he has brownish hair. Normal height, thin but is actually muscular upon closer look."

Zack read through the normal data until he reached the interesting part.

"Specific Spirits unknown. He is called... the Devil Himself? Heyheyheyhey!" he shouted and caught the attention of others not just Fay and the teenage girl.

"Look at this obvious troll! This person dared to report Aberrant Devil Himself!"

Others laughed while some shuddered.

"If it's the Devil Himself, that person shouldn't be making the report right now."

"Fake! How can the Devil Himself let anyone live?"

"If Aberrants like the Devil Himself is that easy to find, the SSDA wouldn't be so in a difficult position."

While the teenage girl was confused, Zack then continued with humor.

"It seemed like the one who reported has a creative mind. There's some information about the Devil Himself taking care of a whole by himself. Also, this is the first time the name Teren Hark is listed in a report so there's no denying this is a tro-"

"Teren Hark?!" the teenage girl suddenly shouted, surprising everyone. She went towards the screen, pushing Zack aside.

"Brownish hair, Teren Hark..." the teenage girl muttered.

Zack frowned in concern. Even though he was pushed away by a younger girl, he wasn't offended. When the teenage girl suddenly acted strangely, Zack called her name out of respect and worry.

"Lady Seres? Is something the matter?"

The teenage girl, Lady Seres, clenched her fist and trembled in anger. Obvious hatred could be seen in her eyes.

"He... he didn't even change his name..."

"Lady Seres?" Fay sweated.

"Tsk! I'm going there." Lady Seres said with a serious expression.

The people there looked at each other.

"But, Lady Seres, this may be a troll messag-"

"No! I know the man named Teren Hark! Even if this is a troll, the one who filed the report still knows that name!"

"... we have no choice, Lady Seres. You are our superior, after all." but even though Fay said that, inwardly, she thought.

'This Condign is finally making her own move. Her actions from now on will determine whether we can trust her or not. If she kills an Aberrant, then she will be labeled as a true Condign. However, if she's swayed and betrayed us, she's part of the Aberrants.'