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Hello, readers. This is an entry for WPC #194 themed Superhumans. I hope you can support it. There are some dark tones but not too dark - also, no NTR... just saying. Thanks!

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Very interesting storyline! Love the inner thoughts of both characters. It's amazing how both characters are acting as the lead instead of only one. Very excited to see what happens next, I couldn't put it down!


Reveal spoiler


The story had an interesting premise that I was drawn to but after the first 40 chapters, it delved into utter boredom. The female Mc is so annoying gosh. The mc for all the hype of how bad he is I never really get to see him be ruthless and kill. He leaves ppl alive. I kind of understand sparing the female Mc but why the guy who reported him. I tried to continue after those chapters but I can't subject myself to that torture. All in all, it was an ok read up to 40.


Plot 4/5 Character Development 5/5 Romance 4/5 (Hated the point where he changed her memories) Comedy 5/5 (It's perfect, not too much) Action Scenes 3/5 (Need more improvement) It's a soild 4. There are a few things that author should work one but still I'm really loving it so far. Author did said it's a HAREM and as a fan of decent harem novels. I think it'll be a good one since author is very skilled in explaining characters.. sigh idk why It's so underrated smh.


This book is awesome the mc teren is a Psychopath andis havIng character development witch is difficult to do without it making sense hes is one anf furthere more he is op but not to the points hes god yet for noe


It begins as it is told in the synopsis, the MC is an average normal type half psychopath and the heroin? She is involved in the whole mess because she is curious and thus they are related until a rare romance is created, like the stockholm syndrome, if you continue reading the novel you will understand what I say, I thought it was going to develop differently when I read the synopsis, but as far as I've read I think it's fine, it's not one of the best novels I've read but it's good and leaves me with intrigue since I don't have the fast pass


Writing quality 5/5 story development 4/5 character design 5/5 updating stability 1/5 (1y and still no update) world background 4/5 UPDATE PLSSSSSSSSSSSS


its been 6 month since the last update. Did you quit or are you taking a break but i been waiting for you to get back to work but of well its well make and i like it at the end just please after your done with your break come back to the novel


Amazing story.It really is quite relatable I.I kinda like the mc.After you finish reading one chapter,you hold yourself to read another.The narration style is also satisfying,you don't have to fry your brain cells.


It’s definitely a very unique and interesting story! The characters are all very diverse and contributes in some way, and there’s also a good balance of many elements - the only thing, in my own complete opinion, is that I think the tempo of the story gets a bit uneven in later chapters. It’s definitely worth reading though, and I’m excited for future chapter!


Great book.


personally i feel that this novel has its own uniqueness to it. there are few books with this genre and the layout of the plot is well done. the characters are fleshed out and have personalities. the interactions between characters are smooth and have no feelings of rigidness of a script or forced convos to continue the plot. its a bit slow in terms of plot progression but it keeps itself paced. i would reccomend the novel for good leisure read. would i say its great?....maybe.....maybe. it has potential but I'll have to wait till ch.100 to decide that. (author, when you reach 100, do remind me to edit this review) all in all its solid with no plot holes or overly used cliches.


I found this when I searched up phyco to see if their were any good evil character stories. Here I find this gem, great for me. So far I am loving it and expect even more even if I am ou on the first 30 chapters.


Great novel! I love the charcters development, especially Terek, and the world background and power system is fantastic also. though I still dont fully understand how spirits work I like the concept a lot. the only downside is that from time to time grammer and writing is a bit confusing, but its only occasionally, so its not a big deal.[img=recommend]


well it's pretty good and the character development is quite smooth if you're a fan of romance that doesn't get too much in the way of the story the this is for you buh tbh I don't like romance themed books so am off but I have to say this was a good read


I truly hope that you, Author, finish this story or else... 😊πŸ”ͺ. Also, i really like the complexiy of the characters like Teren, Iesa and Trisha.


This is one of the best Storys i have ever read on this app. The characters feel so genuine and refreshing its honestly amazing. The balance between the 2 protagonists characters and there romance is written to absolute perfection My only point of criticism would be this story would really profit from a bit of proove reading. Dont get me wrong it is by no means badly written, its just that sometimes there is a word too much or a Word missing etc. doesnt really effect the reading in any dramatic way tho.


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