47 Perfect Day not to Bring an Umbrella

A critical blunder!

Iesa just wanted to flaunt and hit Lina's vulnerable spots.

Not just blunder but the consequences of her own actions!

Seeing her set off, Iesa immediately chased but seeing the incoming students, she could only walk in her usual graceful manner.

Although Iesa didn't like these plastic people, she has an image to protect!

Gritting her teeth, she walked in fast strides and did not run like a weirdo. Entering the room, she already saw Lina taking up her phone and bugging Teren.

"Can I get your number?"


"As class president."

"That didn't answer my question but okay."

'I knew it! Teren doesn't really care!' Iesa hurried and loudly sat beside them, gaining Teren's attention.

Once they met eye to eye, Iesa transmitted a message through her eyes.

[Don't give her your phone number!]

But how could Teren understand it?

[I love lasagna too.]

Teren replied with his eyes, at least that's what Iesa saw. She clenched her fists.

'I do love lasagna!'


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