330 Mritya Marble

"Meet me at 5:30 PM tomorrow, I'll implant the Unranked Skill, Regen in you, Cadet Jyorta Bone." Madam Mary said as she proceeded to heal the next student in line. Jyorta bowed and strode out of the tent; his body was now fully healed, no longer feeling any pricking pain when he moved.

He walked on the ground, immersed in thought, noticing the tall pile of Frenzy Beast carcasses, 'They too have fought a tough battle, especially since everyone except those eight had zero practical experience.'

He soon noticed Ashten, looking at the pile of carcasses in silence, his head bowed. Jyorta neared, watching a stream of tears slide down his friend's face, "Ashten…"

"I'm a scum…" Ashten muttered, turning around to face Jyorta, "The father of the girl we had saved was a staff here. He thanked me, expressing that he would repay this gratitude in the future. But, all the while, I was just glad that my family was safe."


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