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[Sequel Released] (Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity) At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was shrouded in mystery. In order to return to his timeline, an era where he had left his footsteps behind, he had to unravel the secrets of the world. The only problem being, this was an era dominated by the Parasites. Note: Giving the story a light read like your usual cultivation novels will leave you confused. There is plenty of foreshadowing all throughout the story. Enjoy your read~!!! ------------ Cover by: Jamesmikopi Check out his works: https://twitter.com/jamesmikopi ------------ Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Q544Bxu Or contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364 Or through my email: mistameeee@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

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Mental State of New Espers

Class 11 A, Heima sat in Jyorta's seat, nervous at the result. She recalled her horrifying experience from the Induction Ceremony, giving her nightmares to this day.

'Jyorta, survive!' Her expression lost; pessimistic thoughts emerged in her head, making her emotions experience turmoil. Similar to her, parents or guardians sat in the seats of their respective ward, their expressions not different from her.

Suddenly, the silent atmosphere turned chaotic as a teacher walked in, the very same lady that led the children out in the morning. She held 31 documents in her hands, her expression strict, "Once you are done looking through the documents, please return them. Anyone who does so otherwise will be severely punished."

She emitted psychic energy from her body, lifting 3 sets of the document each time, sending them to the designated individual within a second, repeating the process. In a span of 10 seconds, she had distributed all the documents.

Her hands shivered as Heima held the document, enveloped in a brown cover, sealed by an impression hold button. She opened it with care, afraid to damage it but, even more afraid to peek into it, lest the result turned out different than her wishes.

A stack of papers were pinned, looking similar to an unbound notebook. As she pulled it out, a set of numbers in large green font appeared, displaying the number '71'.

The moment she saw the number, Heima broke out in tears, her expression filled with relief and gratitude. She silently cried, feeling happy.

'He has survived!'

Taking a minute to collect herself, Heima pulled out the entirety of the stack of papers, trying to look into it in detail. Suddenly, she was interrupted as a powerful aura burst out from behind her, seething with rage but also with…disbelief.

The moment the aura appeared, numerous auras erupted one after the other, the parents faced with the death of their children burst out like raging volcanoes, unable to calm their emotions.

Heima and some people faced with the good news either had happy expressions or an expression of relief. A couple of people also flashed a disappointed expression.

Faculty members suddenly entered the classroom, each emitting powerful auras of their own, seeking to intimidate the raging parents and preventing the aura from leaking out into the open, lest it affected the students.

"This is a school, calm your emotions." A man walked out, his aura masking the auras released by everyone, snuffing them out. Noticing his status as a Shifter, one at the peak of Tier 4 judging by his aura, the crowd calmed down, bottling up their emotions.

"You have 30 minutes to read the document. We will retrieve them after that." Saying his piece, he walked away, not having any doubts that no one will dare lash out. In the previous clash of auras, he had already determined their strength and mentality and had made a judgement.

He pulled the teacher responsible for the class, asking her with a hushed voice, "The lady sitting in the 3rd bench on the second row, who is she?"

"Oh, her?" The teacher blinked her eyes, recollecting the information, "She is Heima Bone, elder sister of Jyorta Bone. Sir, why do you ask?"

"Nothing," With a shake of his head, the principal walked away, his forehead filled with sweat.

'She didn't even bat an eye at my aura, as if it was trivial. She also looked ready to kill me if I acted; as expected of an Aristocratic family. They are all filled with terrifying individuals.' The principal headed to his office, looking at the final reports submitted on his table.

"The results of this month are even worse as compared to October. If we don't redeem ourselves in December, the academy would lose its position and fall lower. My benefits would also decrease and the students joining will also decrease in quality, creating a vicious cycle. Not everyone will be lucky to get a student like Ravis Macht." The principal muttered, summoning the teacher in charge of the November batch, their Induction Ceremony scheduled on December 1st.

"The fate of our Academy will depend on the performance of your students. Increase their training session; do whatever you feel will increase their chances of survival. As long as they won't tarnish our reputation, use whatever method you feel plausible." The principal commanded.

"Yes, sir," The teacher replied, his gaze resolute. He too knew the importance of upholding the position of their academy. His salary, connections, and the resources accessible to him depended on it.

A nurse ripped apart the green gown, using a wet towel to wipe his body. She switched between a regular wet towel and the one dipped into a soap solution, alternating between the two as she cleaned Jyorta's body.

Not once did she make any contact, only using her psychic energy to do her tasks. Three psychic arms emerged from her, indicating her strength as a Wave Controller, a Tier 3 Esper.

One psychic arm held a wet cloth while the other held a cloth dipped in a soap solution. The final psychic arm was used to prop Jyorta's body, moving his limbs to clean all the unreachable areas.

20 minutes later, the nurse heaved a sigh of relief, taking a seat on a nearby chair. She then lifted his body, changing him into a set of new clothes, a white cotton gown, its material soft and porous.

She then brought him outside, his body hovering in the air, carried by her psychic energy, the three psychic arms working in tandem, balancing his body to prevent any discomfort. She opened the door, walking into the hallway, the figure of Jyorta floating behind her, gazing at her back, a blank expression on his face.

He moved neither his fingers not uttered a single word, looking almost dead except for the fluttering of his eyelids. Often, a stupid grin would emerge on his face, turning into one of grief in a matter of seconds, soon morphing into anger.

Jyorta looked insane, as if he had become a mentally retarded person, his mental focus regressing until it had become childlike. Gazing at him, the nurse sighed, using a piece of cloth to wipe the drool that leaked out of his mouth.

"You can transfer him to the rehabilitation ward. He's the only Esper, send him first. The warriors will be transferred after him." A nurse appeared, the same lady who had taken care of Jyorta's Induction Ceremony, motioning for her to move.

The rehab nurse nodded, bringing Jyorta towards the end of the long hallway, entering through a double door situated on the right. It led to another hallway, showcasing rooms divided by a clear border, one red, and the other blue.

The rehab nurse proceeded towards rehab room number 1, the one on the blue side, meant for Espers. The blue door looked sturdy and airtight, similar to the ones from before.

The door parted way to reveal a room, twenty feet in length, and 15 feet in breadth. A berth was installed at the centre, the mattress looking soft. The room was empty, bereft of any other objects.

The rehab nurse placed Jyorta on the bed, noticing him watch her actions, flashing a stupid smile. The nurse accompanied him; her only task was to take care of him.

After the Induction Ceremony, the actions of Espers and Warriors would become different.

Warriors would lose all control of their involuntary muscles, requiring artificial actuation by the nurses, using their psychic powers. They would also continuously vomit every excess fat, tissues, and bile stored in their body. The reason was due to their spinal cord still in the process of adapting to the changes, thereby requiring time to get its commands back together.

For Espers, it was a different matter altogether. They would become unable to think, act, or behave, becoming worse than babies. Their emotions, feelings, memories, etc. would all be in a mess, thereby requiring greater care.

Also, they would suddenly behave erratically, taking unspeakable actions; there were precedents where they bit their tongue and died. Their actions wouldn't correspond to any logic or control and would require continuous observation. It would take them anywhere between 2-4 weeks to get back their bearings and turn normal, gaining functional control.

The nurse waved her hands, using a psychic arm to hold Jyorta's right hand, preventing him from stuffing his forefinger and middle finger into his nose. Jyorta looked at her, his eyes darting to his hand, his gaze boring into it. He then began to cry, leaking no sounds and tears.

His body showed no signs of a person who was weeping, only his face morphing into a crying expression, painting an eerie picture. The nurse continuously controlled his actions, preventing him from causing self-harm.

She spread one of her psychic arms out of the room, noticing the time displayed on the wall clock hung along the hallway. Except for her nurse uniform, she didn't carry anything else on her. She also maintained a distance of more than one metre from Jyorta, only using her psychic energy to help him.

The berth Jyorta slept on didn't have any railings, the mattress covering the entirety of the surface area at the top. The sides of the berth were made of metal, looking like the entirety of it was cast. The entire surface was machined of all irregularities, leaving behind only a smooth surface.

There were no joints, no nuts, no screws, etc. showing the meticulous thought that went into the room. At the topmost corner of the room was a camera, continuously recording everything that happened in the room. It also had numerous sensors embedded into it, transmitting all the data to a control center where a team of personnel watched everything.

Should anything unexpected arise, they would be immediately alerted. They would then be able to take an appropriate response to the situation. Also, the camera was situated more than 3 metres from the ground, thanks to the high ceilings, situated beyond Jyorta's reach.

The nurse exuded a demeanour filled with patience, constantly preventing Jyorta's actions, playing with him, distracting him otherwise, etc. She also kept a mental note of the time.

When it was time, she suppressed his entire body with her psychic energy, inserting a needle into a vein in his hand, sending a nutrient solution into his bloodstream through it. It was for less than 20 seconds, the amount she sent in was minute.

She hurriedly retracted the needle and the nutrient solution away, opening the door and handing it over to another nurse. The process repeated itself in regular intervals, the holes opened by the needle healed when she emitted pale blue energy, infusing it into her psychic arm and making it touch the injured area.

Every rehab nurse possessed the Unranked Skill Regen and were Wave Controllers at the very least. They didn't give any drastic healing treatment, leaving everything to the natural recovery of the body. This process also made the body tougher and robust, increasing their survival rates outside when faced with an injury and didn't have a healer stationed nearby.

Every action of theirs was viciously calculated, taking the future into account.

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