335 Mental Frenzy: Common, But Terrifying

"I am Jyorta Bone, Area Controller from the October Batch," Jyorta handed his ID card to the staff behind the counter, "I wish to check the availability of Tier 3 Relics to exchange for my Batch."

The staff took his ID card and swiped it in a machine, pulling up his information on the monitor. She went through them, noticing the Credits he had accumulated, spent, and still retained. On seeing that he had more than enough Credits to exchange for a Tier 3 Relic, she nodded at him, returning his ID card.

"There are still four Tier 3 Relics remaining to be exchanged for the October Batch. Based on our procedures, we don't set aside any Relics per each Batch. All the Relics we receive are stored in our storage. You can exchange for any Relic from them, as long as your Batch hasn't hit the limit."

'So, there are still 4 left.' Jyorta heaved a sigh of relief, deciding after a couple of seconds, "Ma'am, I wish to exchange for one. Can I see the list of the Relics?"


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