309 Inclination and the Difficulty in Maintaining it for Psychic Parasites

It was a narrow desert, with the sides walled by yellow marble. Faint wind brushed past, lifting small portions of the smooth sand, gentle in its actions. The air was blazing hot, the humidity non-existent. Underneath a sand dune rested a being, having prepared a trap for its prey.

Its surroundings were dark but its senses were focused on the faint vibrations the flowing wind undulated. The fluctuations allowed it to sense the presence of any approaching foe. It suddenly sensed its brethren but was confused at its actions.

'Why is it walking out in the open like that? It is also walking dangerously close to the traps laid by other Frenzy Beasts.' Just when it was thinking as such, its vision was affected. The earlier darkness vanished and was replaced by a languid tunnel suffused with a gentle purple hue. Something within the tunnel made it feel weak, wishing to lie down and rest for eternity.


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