238 Chapter 237 : : Naming

'Atomize' (Rex)

He used Atomize to clear the basic impurities in the spirit water, using Atomize to purify spirit water was just like using an assault rifle to kill a mosquito but Rex didn't want to waste time or put more effort in doing it so he used Atomize.

Rex then took out one conical flask filled 'Elixir Of Life' and emptied one- fourth of it in the container.

When Rex first opened the airtight cap of the conical flask, the smell of the potion caught the attention of baby beast and mother beast. The mother beast remained silent while the baby beast started to salivate.

Rex then speeds up the mixing process of refined spirit water and Elixir Of Life using Atomize.

{By the way I was thinking of giving a name to the baby beast.} Rex said to mother beast while mixing the liquids.

Mother beast's eyes shined.

{I will think of a name for him, how about… Little White?} Mother beast quickly said.

The baby beast gave her a blank look.

Rex had used Telepathy to form a three-way link so baby beast was also connected to it, although he still couldn't speak even though Telepathy but he could still barely understand their meaning because of high Intelligence.

{Oh please, you don't even have a name yourself and you want to name my baby,} Rex said with a mocking tone.

{He is mine,} Mother beast refuted.

{So you admit you don't have a name, okay we will give you a name first… right little guy?} Rex looked at the baby beast.

The baby beast excitedly nodded

{How about Elza?} Rex said while touching his chin

{It's too short.} Mother beast shook her head.

{Melinda?} Rex

{It's too long.}

{Xui Cui?}

{It's hard to pronounce it.}


{Doesn't sound good}

Rex rubbed his forehead

'No wonder, this little guy and his mother have the same blood, both are stubbornly picky when it comes to choosing a name,' Rex thought while switching glance between baby beast and mother beast then he again focused on mixing the liquids.

{Hmmm…. how about Lerna, from the place I came from there is a myth that the first Hydra used to live near a lake called Lerna and although now you can't be called the descendent of Hydra but your

bloodline once contained a part of its bloodline so this name suits you.} Rex spent a lot of time explaining it to her. He had already stopped using Atomize and now all he had to do is wait for a few minutes before the new substance completely stabilize itself.

{Lerna…hmm it's good} Mother beast nodded in satisfaction.

{Good from now one your name is Lerna Andrews.} Rex added.

{Why Lerna Andrews, why should I use your surname?} Mother beast narrowed her eyes at him.

{Little guy, your mother doesn't want to use my surname maybe in few days she will bring a new father for you then you will have to live with someone else, think how will he treat you.} Rex again used his tongue of honesty.

The baby beast stepped back while running his wild imagination then he looked at the mother beast in contempt.

Mother beast inwardly cursed Rex's eight generations.

{Lerna Andrews it is…} Mother beast said while seething glances to Rex.

Rex completely ignored it.

{It's your turn little guy, I also thought of a good name for you.} Rex rubbed baby beast's head then looked at the golden line pattern above the pure white soft scales on his back

{How does Aarush sound? This name is from Sanskrit, one of the Ancient Languages from my place.. meaning 'the first ray of the sun'. The name denotes a pleasant atmosphere.} Rex said.

Earlier Rex thought of many names which were related to 'Wind' and 'Light' element because of baby beast's innate compatibility with them, then later he narrowed his search to only Wind and Sky related names because he realized baby beast's main race species focuses on wind

The reason he got the 'Light' element was just because of his bloodline, so it may look like the 'Wind' and 'Light' have the same value for the baby beast but they do not in the future his species will likely focus more on Wind so Light was always secondary.

Just when Rex was coming up with a name based on the main attribute he gave up, not because he couldn't find a good name but he believed that using a name just based on his element was no good, whenever Rex looked at the baby beast he subconsciously felt good, it felt comfortable to just sit beside him and look at his cheerful personality…

He felt like all his worries like… the problem of the Sura Clan, the assassin's behind him, granny and others being fine what if something happened to them, all these worries that always shrouded his heart like clouds get dispersed when he spent time with a baby beast like it was the first ray of light that is capable of remove clouds and make the sky clear on his own and hence Rex chose this name.

Mother beast and Rex looked at baby beast anticipating his reply.

Baby beast thought for a while then tried to pronounce his name but.. only his cute roar sounded after he tried to pronounce his name for a while he nodded his head in satisfaction.

{I knew my baby knew how to make a good choice, from today onward you are Aarush Andrews… hmm this name feels a little length to call you like that when you are this young so how about we just call you Aru at home.} Rex patted the baby beast's head in satisfaction.

The baby beast nodded again.

{Then your pet name is Aru, now I don't need to call you little guy all day} Rex was very satisfied with the name, just at that time, he smelled a sweet fragrance then looked at the new substance obtained after mixing purified spirit water and Elixir Of Life.

Rex carried the glass container and put it in front of the mother beast. He didn't need to say anything just from looking at it mother beast could tell the medicine inside it was not simple.

She pushed it to little Aru, he looked at the container then at Rex.

Rex rubbed his forehead.

{Tell me something, you should have six brains so how much of it you even use, do you even use one of them?} Rex scolded her again but she completely ignored his words.

{This potion has a very strong impact on the user's body which is not that easy to withstand and absorb it's effect at the same time, especially for the baby beast who never even eaten a high-grade herb and although drinking a small part of it will be harmless to him and will nevertheless make him stronger but…

Aru doesn't even have good control over his current strength if it is increased further then he won't be able to gain control over it in a short period of time. I have more of it so I can give it to him once he is ready that's why, please…. don't do something like that again.} Rex explained.

Aru wanted to drink the potion but he still obediently did what Rex said.

Lerna reluctantly agreed when she heard that it might have a bad impact on her baby.

{You can recuperate here, I will send someone later to take care of you in case you did breakthrough and achieve human form so don't attack if you see anyone coming, well it will be a female just in case.} Rex told her about few things to remember so as she doesn't cause any trouble if he wasn't here then left the place with baby beast

The entrance to the Millennium Spirit Pool had a giant mechanical gate made combining Array Circuit Tech with basic mechanics. The gate needs ID car check to enter or exit, the only exception are Lerna and Aru.

After coming out of the spirit pond area, Aru went to Rex's room to rest while Rex walked out of the castle and flew outside the region.

Rex landed near the tall mountain wall of the city, after making sure there was no one near him he took out all the dead bodies of the people from Monster Hunting Sect

'Let's get to business,' At first Rex used Mind Arts on them in turns but he didn't use it to an extreme so as not to destroy their brains.

'It's a shame that the human brain loses its functionality after just around 10 minutes, it should at least last a little longer like heart or eyes. Although their brains are physically stronger and durable because they are cultivators but even after that it only lasts around 1 and a half hour if it wasn't for Inventory then I would have to use Mind Arts on them in front of other beastman which might have ruined the positive image I built until now.' Rex thought while extracting the memories from their real-life experience.

When Rex uses Mind Arts on an alive person then he can extract the maximum amount of data from them and after they die the proficiency of extraction decreases with every passing minute until their brain completely stops functioning.

[Intermediate Sword Mastery(Lvl 4)>>>Intermediate Sword Mastery(Lvl 5)]

[Intermediate Sword Mastery(Lvl 5)>>>Intermediate Sword Mastery(Lvl 6)]

[Intermediate Spear Mastery(Lvl 3)>>>Intermediate Spear Mastery(Lvl 4)]

[Intermediate Dagger Mastery(Lvl 4)>>>Intermediate Dagger Mastery(Lvl 5)]

[Intermediate Fistfight Mastery(Lvl 2)>>>Intermediate Fistfight Mastery(Lvl 3)]

[Intermediate Fistfight Mastery(Lvl 3)>>>Intermediate Fistfight Mastery(Lvl 4)]

The Intermediate Mastery skills were of the higher grade so their max level wasn't 5. Rex didn't use Mind Arts on Grand Elder and Elder Chen because he had other plans for them.

Rex then grabbed the head of one of the men from the ground.

'Last time when I used it on Ba Jung he transformed in a Lesser Zombie, at that time when I used it on Ba Jung he was alive but this time I am using it on the dead person… I wasn't able to bring out the full potential of this technique with my strength at that time but now it's different, I hope this method works,' Rex took a deep breath then used the Modified and Upgraded version of Heavenly Puppet Art.

Black mist came out of Rex's hands and entered the corpse's body.

The original Heavenly Puppet Technique can change a living person in a corpse puppet, but unlike Rex's Lesser Zombie it wouldn't have the regeneration ability and can't move on their own.

After researching for a while Rex realized that when he changed Ba Jung in a Lesser Zombie it had a similarity to Puppet Sect's corpse Puppet that he hated very much and it was that both the Puppet and Lesser Zombie had a soul.

Rex didn't want to trap a soul inside the Zombie so he started his research to figure out a way to make a Zombie without the body having a soul which means just after the person died….., he tried many ways to do it but all failed.

Rex tried it on dead monster beasts and the dead bodies of the people he had in his Inventory for the experiment but it also failed, Rex used the technique when their brain had still not completely lost its functionality but it was useless because at the time of transforming their brain competently lost its functionality.

He already understood that without a soul no matter the race the body won't function for long. A body without a soul is like a car without an engine, no matter how beautiful or strong the car is, it won't work without the engine.

After thinking about a way to solve this problem for months, he finally got a solution.

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