234 Chapter 233 : : One Sided Slaughter

The girl was confused, but got relieved when she saw Rex leaving, without doing anything else. Suddenly thinking of something, she carefully felt Ria's forehead and was shocked, because she didn't feel the outline of the wound previously there.

She looked at Rex in confusion. She didn't know why would he help them.

Rex wasn't in the mood to explain anything at the moment. He wanted to vent out some frustration first, before focusing on healing others.

As someone who was raised with high morals and good ethics in his previous life, the current situation wasn't something he just could just ignore.

"This Fellow Cultivator, I am Li Mingzi, the Grand Elder of Monster Hunting Sect. May I know who you are?" The old man said in a polite tone. His words were polite, but their meaning clearly stated he had high status in the Monster Hunting Sect and it would be better if doesn't interfere in his business.

"Why are you hunting them?" Rex didn't answer, but asked a question of his own.

"This… Because they are monsters," Elder Cheng on the side spoke.

'Frozen Earth Bind.' (Rex)

Suddenly, several vines made of wet soil shot out of the ground and bound Elder Jiang, before he could react. After tightening, they stopped. On a closer look, one could see some places were covered in a thin layer of ice.

Elder Jiang's whole body, including his mouth, were tightly bound by the frozen soil vines. Moving aside, he couldn't even make a sound.

"I am talking to him, so why did you speak? As for you, how long are you going to take to answer my question," Rex said without turning his head.

Frozen Earth Bind was a Psychic Skill Rex made after combining the 'Geokinesis', 'Cryokinesis', and 'Hydrokinesis' Psychic Abilities. It was one of the many Psychic skills Rex created while researching Psychic Energy.

Elder Cheng used his full power, but he was unable to break free from the frozen earth vines.

The Grand Elder panicked. Now he clearly knew Rex was stronger than him, but what he was unable to figure out was, what, a powerhouse like this, was doing here in this place.

On the other side, Fred was slightly relieved. It never occurred to him, Rex was there to help them. Instead, he believed Rex had some bad blood with the Monster Hunting Sect and came here to pay it back when an opportunity appeared.

"Senior... we are both humans. Everyone knows about the hatred between humans and Demi-Humans. The stronger can decide the life and death of the weaker. It's always like that, so why are you helping them? If you have any enmity with our Monster Hunting Sect, we can still talk and resolve this matter by other means" Grand Elder persuaded Rex, he appeared very polite on the surface, but in fact just wanted to take Rex back to the sect with him.

He believed, once he leaves the forest, he could secretly send a signal to sect master using a talisman, to convince him to ambush Rex inside the sect.

"Well, I see. I understood two things from your words. First, if you're stronger, then you get to decide the life and death of those weaker. Second, if I am human, then I don't need a reason to kill the people of another race, and vice versa... right?" Rex asked.

"Yes..." When the Grand Elder saw that Rex doesn't seem angry and is talking, he sighed in relief.

"Then... If I am not human and I am stronger, it's only fair, if I kill you, right?" Rex said with a smirk, as four blood-red wings unfolded behind his back.

Everyone was utterly shocked when they saw the wings behind Rex. A normal human in the Middle Realms can't possess such wings.

Rex's cultivation base was now higher than anyone present. Most of them couldn't tell that he was not a Demi-Human. Only somebody with a special sense of smell or ability could tell Rex wasn't a Demi-Human.

{See Fred, he is Demi-Human too. It means he is on our side.} Van said excitedly.

{En... But his wings are a little strange.} Fred agreed but felt something was wrong. Even after carefully observing, he couldn't determine Rex's sub-species.

Li Mingzi quickly backed off.

'Remould' (Rex)

Rex's hand turned into black metal, then curved, seven inches sharp blade-like claws grew out of his fingers.

'Dash+Ice Claw.' (Rex)

In everyone's vision, Rex's body turned into a blur for a second, then disappeared. He reappeared in front of Li Mingzi and struck his chest.

The second the cold metal claw penetrated it, invisible energy swirled around it and froze all his organs, killing him in an instant.

Ice Claw is a psychic skill derived from Cryokinesis. It allows Rex to condense a lot of Psychic Energy around his hand then use Cryokinesis while releasing all the energy and letting it burst like a small explosion.

After killing him, Rex directly placed the dead body inside his inventory.

Rex then looked at all the remaining peoples of Monster Hunting Sect.

All of them looked at each other in fear. Their first thoughts were to take a Demi-Human as a hostage, but Rex was not from the village. They weren't sure if he would even care for the villagers. They wondered, if they should surrender, but Rex didn't give them more time to think.

'Telekinesis' (Rex)

All of them were pulled in the air and got thrown in front of Rex.

"Senior, I am from Wu Family, If you let me go my family can pay you a lot of money!" One of them quickly said.

Seeing him, others also spoke up.

"Senior, I am from Redu Family, My family is famous for jewelry-crafting and is very rich, if you let me go, my family will surely pay you a lot of money."

"Senior, I..."

Everyone was speaking at the same time. Rex only sneered at them, how could he not know their intentions.

[Their body language and facial expressions show resentment, fear, and anger. It's completely different from their tone. If matched with all the data on human psychology we have obtained till now... They are 89% likely to be lying.]

'It's obvious, if I really let them go, the story they will tell their people will be quite different from reality. For me their dead bodies are more useful, compared to them still being alive,' (Rex)

'Wind Blade' (Rex)


All of them heard only the sound of a sharp blade cutting through the air, before feeling a cool sensation at their throats and their vision turning dark.

Under the shocked eyes of everyone, Rex put all the corpses in his inventory. Then looked at Elder Chen.

Elder Chen's eyes were filled with fear, but he couldn't even move his body, even if he wanted to.

Rex snapped his fingers. Multiple ice spikes grew from inside of the vines and penetrated his vitals. The brain, from his neck and the heart, from the side, killing him. So far Elder Chen's corpse was the least damaged one.

Rex stored him too.

He noticed curious pairs of eyes looking at him, although not severe, most of their owners had injuries on their bodies.

After thinking for a few seconds, he made a decision and raised his right hand towards the sky.

'Area-Heal' (Rex)

[- 300 P Yang Qi]

Suddenly a golden sphere was condensed above Rex's hand and flew into the sky.

After reaching a certain height it started emitting dazzling golden rays of light. It was shining like a miniature sun.

Fred was also looking at the golden sphere, but then noticed, when the golden ray of light falls on his body, the minor injuries are healed in just a few seconds and rest are also being mended.

He wasn't the only one, the same thing was happening to the others too.

Area-Heal was an AOE or Area Of Effect skill derived from 'Heal'. It uses the light element to energize the cells in one's body and urge them to heal the wound, with the assistance of the Wood Element as a secondary element to heal externally.

Normally the best healing magic would use the Wood Element as the main element, but Rex's Yang attribute causes priority to shift to the 'Light' component. So even if he focuses on Wood, the returns would be marginal. Instead, using Light, as the main element in Heal, gives a purification effect, and energizes the cells to recover faster.

Fred stepped forward and bowed. He was about to say something, but Rex stopped him.

"It's better to check up on everyone first, we can talk letter," Rex said, then went to free the children inside the cages.

Fred nodded and told Van to go check up on Dreg and he, himself, wore the black gloves he took from an enemy's corpse earlier and rushed to help Aiden.

Later, Rex shared potions with Fred and others, to them recover faster. While Rex was healing several children and women, he analyzed their DNA Signatures.

During this time, Rex observed people's personalities and the overall strength of the village. He was quite satisfied with what he learned, there were no arrogance or pride in them. The reason being the conditions they have been living in so far. The residents of beastman village had a good understanding of each other and unlike what Rex initially thought, there wasn't much of a status differentiation, discrimination based on sub-specie or strong ruling the weak.

Part of it was the pain they shared.

A few hours later.

Rex was standing next to a house, idling around, when he saw Aiden and Fred approaching.

Aiden's resistance against the paralysis gas and recovery speed really surprised him. Although he had taken an HP and Stamina recovery potions, it was still astonishing to have such recovery speed.

Although the body was mostly healed, he was still covered in bandages. They had a paste of certain palliative herb in them. They were meant to relieve pain and relax the stressed muscles.

Rex then looked at Fred, who also had some bandages on him, but they only covered a small part of his body. Because his condition wasn't as bad as Aiden's. Rex then noticed a little creature hanging on his back like a koala.

After Coco was released from the cage, she tightly wrapped her hands around Fred's neck and didn't let off him. He was helpless and also felt guilt for not being strong enough to save her at that time so he didn't persuade her to let him go.

"I thank Senior Rex, for waiting this long," Fred said respectfully.

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