179 Chapter 179

"Idiot? did you just called me an idiot" Ye jun looked at him as his left hand touched the sword on his waist

"Yes so what.. you kid tell him if he did not leave this place in ten seconds then I will start killing hostages," General Chu said to Liu Wei

Ye Jun didn't talk anymore he placed his right hand on sword hilt then slightly unsheathed the sword

Before General Wu could speak anymore a silhouette identical to Ye Jun appeared just before him but when he looked at the place where Liu Wei was then he saw that Ye Jun was still standing beside Liu Wei, before he could think more the figure in front of him disappeared again like an after image

Then suddenly many red lines started to appear on his body

General Chu's body started to get divided into small pieces and fell to the ground but when it fell it was like someone threw a bucket filled with mixed chopped meat and blood on the ground


All the soldiers which held hostages panicked, Liu Wei also came out of the shock and panicked because he was now worried about the disciple's safety but just at this time all the soldiers started to fell one by one


There was no sign of injuries on their body and their expression were still same as when they panicked it was like they didn't even realize how they died

On a closer look, Liu Wei saw that a thin silk thread like a needle was embedded on the neck of every soldier

{All clear} The men in black sent the message to Ye Jun and the elder

"So where were we" Ye Jun looked at Liu Wei

Liu Wei took a deep breath and calmed himself down

"Senior teacher did say that you will come someday so he left something for you please come inside," Liu Wei said as he led them inside

Ye Jun and the elder looked at each other then they followed behind

On the way Liu Wei told the whole situation to Wang Cang using the sound transmission talisman, in the start they found it hard to believe all this but later when he told them about Ye Tian matter then they had no choice but to believe it

Liu Wei took them to the main garden near the Wang Cang's residence where Wang Cang, Wang Xiu Ying and everyone who knew about this thing was waiting except Lou Ru because she was cultivating in seclusion

Rex had already told them about this thing long ago that's why Liu Wei didn't needed to elaborate the whole story after he told them that they are looking for Ye Tian

When Ye Jung came to the garden they just bowed to show their respect then Wang Cang took out the envelope from her storage ring and gave it to the Ye Jun

She didn't say anything because she still didn't know if the two were enemy or friend that's why she directly gave them what they came for

Ye Jun was about to take it but the Elder stepped forward and took it and started to check it

{Its all right she is too weak to use any tricks like that} (Ye Jun)

{Its not good to be careless, most the things I had seen in this sect are actually not even supposed to be in the lower realm at all according to the information we had on the lower realm that's why we should be a little cautious} The elder said

When the elder was checking the envelope the red seal caught his attention

"Is it.. dried blood essence" The elder observed the seal

"Let me have a look" Ye Jun touched the blood seal

"Its reacting.. yes no doubt about it, its the same bloodline as me.. its little brother's bloodline" Ye Jun exclaimed in excitement

Everyone "…"

{What is he talking about, Rex had a big brother in upper realm.. you know something about it} (Li Min)

{Yes teacher that hoodlum didn't even told me about it} (Wang Xiu Ying)

{I… I don't know much he only said that he had few relatives but just because of blood} (Wang Cang)

A heated discussion started between all of them even Li Na and Luo Yan joined in

The elder quickly opened the envelop and found a letter inside it

"Read it" Ye Jun said

The elder opened the letter and started reading it

"Dear family, If you are reading his letter then it means you already lost your chance to catch me so go and…" The elder suddenly stopped reading

"Huh? why did you stop.. keeping reading it" Ye Jun said in impatience

'He even used dear in the letter he might not be angry as I thought' (Ye Jun)

The elder wanted to speak but seeing that Ye Jun wanted him to read that badly he sighed and started to read the letter again

"Dear family,

If you are reading this letter then it means you already lost your chance to catch me so go and fukk off there is no use trying to find me even if you find me and bring me back to your home I will run away the second I get the chance

And yeah mother or i should say.. respected Saintess of the clan i am really grateful that you went through all these efforts to save my life, if i get a chance in the future then i will pay back this debt but please stop sending your people to follow me because… if i found someone chasing me then it doesn't matter if they from the Sura clan or assassins behind me i will kill them all

As for my dear brothers and sisters you were able to live without me for all these years so i believe you can also do it in the future

One more thing don't even think about touching a single person in the sect or me and your clan are enemies until death

Adios / Sayonara / Hasta La Vista / Alvida / Good Bye" The elder finished reading the letter

Ye Jun's lips twitched

When Wang Cang and other heard it they were also embarrassed but they can't do anything about it

"Sigh.. so he is angry but that's to be expected… that aside what do he meant by we lost our last chance to catch him" Ye Jun wondered

The elder thought for a while then he looked at Wang Cang

"Where is he?" He asked

Wang Cang was a little confused that why he asked such a question but she still answered

"He went to upper realm few weeks ago" Wang Cang said

Both Ye Jun and the elder looked at each other in shock

{Looks like this Shadow Lord had a teleportation scroll so he was able to take third young master to the upper realm with him} The elder said

{hmm… seems like it lets confirm it first} (Ye Jun)

"Did Shadow Lord took him to upper realm?, what method he used to do it?" Ye Jus asked

This time everyone looked at them strangely even Wang Cang didn't understand what he was asking

"What happened why are you not answering my question.. did i asked something wrong" Ye Jun asked in confusion

"That.. Senior seem to have some kind of misunderstanding.. Ye Tian and Shadow Lord are not two persons instead Shadow Lord is the titled name of Ye Tian" Wang Cang explained

"Say What!!!" Ye Tian exclaimed but then he quickly calmed down

As for elder he also didn't knew what was going on

{You four do you think they are lying} Ye Jun asked

{No young master they are not lying we have observed them all this time someone like them who didn't even lived for 200 years cannot fool us… as long as they are not trained to lie for years}

{Elder what do you think we should do.. according to what mother told us little brother should be in Soul Strengthening Stage.. then how could he reach Spirit King peak stage in few months and even leave this realm..

Further more his appearance has changed a lot after the bloodline awakening, i have never seen someone's appearance changing that much after bloodline awakening in the whole clan

If i remember correctly doesn't only people with very pure bloodline from clans like Dragon Clan or Phoenix Clan have that much changes in appearance after bloodline awakening and even in them only one in thousands go through them} (Ye Jun)

The four men in black had already collected a lot of detailed data on Rex so they even had a sketch of him before bloodline awakening and after bloodline awakening when he was using the titled name Shadow Lord

{I never heard of someone who was able to achieve that.. if it was in higher realm and third young master had access to the resources from the clan then it was still possible to breakthrough that fast but here even spiritual Qi density is thin and of low quality so i have no idea how third young master did it

Now that he had already ascended to the middle realm we can't chase him anymore because the middle realm is way more bigger compared to lower realm we should go back to the clan for now and report it to Saintess as soon as possible..

We already found out that third young master is safe and successfully awakened his bloodline this news is worth more than enough the price for us coming her} The elder said

Ye Jun thought about it and it did sound reasonable so he agreed

Then without any more talking both Ye Jun and the elder flew out of he sect

Wang Cang and others finally sighed in relief

"Your grandson seems to have a terrifying background" Li Min gave Wang Cang a meaningful glance

Wang Cang could only laugh awkwardly

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