162 Chapter 162

Just when Rex was about to speak Ria used the compass again but this time a dot was shining on it except its shining corner

When Ria saw it her expression got condensed

"Someone is following us," Ria said solemnly

When she looked at Rex's confused expression she explained

"When two compass are close to each other they can detect each other's location.. people from Monster Hunter Sect are good at tracking others now that they are so close to us they can also find us using their compass so they are probably rushing here at full speed," Ria said

"If it's like that we don't have time to talk here let's run fast," Daniel said

"If we run like that we have a low chance of escaping because they would at least have one Human Venerable peak stage expert in their group, I suggest I took this compass and run in a different direction to work as a decoy then after they start chasing behind me you can use the spare compass to go back to the village and inform the elders," Derek said

"No need to think that much I will take care of them you guys move forward I will join you after taking care of them," Rex said casually

All five of them looked towards him

"Eh. Rex was it although we don't know about your strength if you fight them then you won't be just fighting them but the whole Monster Hunting Sect behind them and its not worth doing that much for us even if human at your place have good relation with us Demi-Humans but just showing kindness like that is useless" Kaira said

Rex was about to speak but Ria supported her

"Don't mind her bad tone she is saying it for your own good those humans who sided with Demi-Humans are treated as traitors and not only they but their family needed to pay the price for it too... those people are way crueler than you may have heard if you tried to help us here then they will threaten your family too?" Ria said

Threaten my family.. when Rex thought about it he wanted to laugh out loud and say… if they could do that then I will even give them the address and other details to do it if you are bored from your life Sura clan might add some kick to it

'From her words, it seems like the relationship between Humans and Demi-Humans here is way worse than I thought but if both sides kept fighting then its not good for business, business aside that's not good for anything… I will l do something about it later on' (Rex)

"Why are you making so much noise for a puny clan... I am not doing it for you or your race I just do what I like in my life and change the things I don't like.. and right now I am damn sure that I don't like this sect" Rex said then he disappeared without waiting for their reply

"Now what should we do? go help him or escape" Ria asked as she looked at Kaira

Kaira was silent, she didn't know what to say

"I think we should focus on escaping, we should honor his wishes and its for his own good too if he gets in a problem he could escape with his strength but if we went to help him in our current state then the people from Monster Hunting Sect can use us as hostages at that time it will cause a problem for all of us" Daniel expressed his thoughts

"He is right the strongest of us is Ria but even she is too fatigued right now we should go back to the village and ask for reinforcements that's the most we could do," Derek said

The others agreed and rushed in the direction of the village

On the other side….

Six black-clothed men were rushing towards the direction of Ria and others but they were not running on land instead they were using tree branches as stepping stones and were jumping from one tree to another like monkeys

But one of them was not doing it instead he was flying a few meters above the ground

He was a middle-aged man who was wearing a grey colored dress which looked different from others

{Brother why is Elder Jhang came with us he is already at Earth Venerable early stage he doesn't need to come with us and if I remember correctly those animals didn't attract his attention before} One of the men asked the one beside him

{I don't know much but I heard that one of his newest disciples brought some good news to him a few days ago and he rewarded him with a lot of pills then he asked his main disciple to keep an eye on the Beast Race's refuge village

But an hour ago that main disciples sent him a message saying I found it so he asked me to call you all and we rushed towards his location I think he may found something valuable there} He replied

{Wait you are talking about that disciple I heard him telling some bullshit about a green snake girl when he was drunk.. but now it looks like there was some truth in it} The first one said

{A snake girl are you serious? what would someone of snake race do here won't they be in the Snake Kingdom} The other one asked again

{Who knows we will find out soon} He said then he quickened his phase

Elder Jhang was flying in front but then his brows frowned and he tilted his body to the left side

Just at that time Rex appeared in front of him and raised his right hand in the next second his hand turned into a black metal then its shape changed into that of a big blade

Rex then slashed the bladed hand but because Elder Jhang had tilted his body to the left he was able to dodge his attack

'Fast Clock' (Rex)

Everything appeared in slow motion in front of Rex

Rex quickly made his decision he changed the blade's direction while slashing and made a big vertical cut on Elder Jhang's whole left arm


A lot of blood came out of Elder Jhang's arm but he quickly took out a green pill from his storage ring and swallowed it which stopped the blood coming out of the wound

'His battle instincts are sharp or he won't be able to dodge in advance.. and his cultivation base has also reached Earth Venerable early stage I should finish the battle as soon as possible' (Rex)

When the other five people accompanying Elder Jhang saw all this they too surrounded Rex

Rex snapped his fingers and three marble-like black bolls appeared between his fingers Rex then threw those black marbles like balls on the ground

When Elder Jhang saw it he grabbed the hand of one of his man and pulled him to use him as a shield

The man was horrified but when the three balls touched the ground instead of a big explosion they turned into black smoke which covered all for them including Rex

'Which type of fool uses these tricks even if I can't use my eyes I can still use my spiritual sens… wait what happened to my spiritual sense I can't use it' Elder Jhang finally realized Rex's purpose behind the attack

One of the ingredients Rex used to make those tiny smoke bombs was the ink secreting gland of the Giant Aquatic Octopus he got from the Sky Pearl Lake Rex mixed many high-level herbs in it and coupled with the mist of Misty Maze Forest this attack was effective even against Earth Venerable stage cultivator

Elder Jhang took out a sword and focused to sense from which direction Rex would attack but…





Elder Jhang heard many metal collisions and sound of blood splashing, in an instant Elder Jhang understood Rex's target was not him but the people beside him

After a few minutes, the smoke got cleared on its own

When Elder Jhang looked around he found five dead bodies lying around him which belonged to his own people as for Rex there was no sign of him

"May I ask who you are and what enmity you have with me," Elder Jhang said as he tightly held his sword and looked around with vigilance

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