Protagonist?Antagonist? I Reject Both

Was he a pawn or would he reach the end of the board and flip it over? ............. At the age of 5, Leon's parents were slaughtered in front of him, but instead of getting arrested and punished, the case was closed off, with the villains of the incident running free. At the age of 24, he had turned into a mass murderer crazy psychopath. After sending many criminals to hell, he finally got his revenge and killed the people responsible for his parents' deaths. However, instead of finding solace, what he felt was never-ending emptiness making him lose his will to stay alive. Surrounded by cops, instead of struggling he leapt off the building deciding to end his life. Alas, fate played another joke on him. He was selected by Deity and was sent to a world filled with protagonists and antagonists of urban cultivation novels. And to his utter dismay, when he woke up he found himself in the body of trash fucked by fate brutally. His mother divorced his father and remarried. His fiancee was taken away by another one. A girl whom he fell in love with later turned out to be his step-sister and engaged with someone else. His stepmother had thrown him out of the house and blocked his cards. Recounting all the bullshit, Leon finally lost his sanity. "Screw you all and Screw the world." "I wanted to have peace but since you are not going to let me in peace, you will see my dark side." Follow Leon's journey as he tramples over the so-called childrens of heaven and destiny villains, and strives to the top of the world. ................ .......... I am a complete novice. My English sucks still I will try my best. However, despite all the flaws, I hope you can give it a try.

Lonelythree · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
353 Chs

58:Enemy Ambush?

Leon knew he had a chance of getting ambushed, the moment he walked out of Zephyr's base. He had already noticed a few suspicious cannon fodder hovering around as if observing him so he tried his luck by discussing his travel route with Jeremy.

Last night he also analyzed the nearby routes finding the best possible place he would get ambushed and where he can set an ambush.

Late at night, using disguising techniques, he sneaked out to prepare the place in advance. He prepared three points to strike in advance.

Due to sneaking out, Leon also managed to save himself from Ye Tian who sneaked into the base to kill him only to find the empty bed of pillows.

Luckily, by the time Leon returned, it was already midnight and Ye Tian had gone back otherwise he would have gotten some nice kill points.

At dawn, he took the most suitable route for ambush, and the other side followed his movements.