28 28:Crack In Family[2]

Gwen's face was hit by a large force and she stumbled onto the ground with a sullen face.

Her eyes became moist and red due to being hit as she looked at the man who hit her.

"AUSTIN!How dare you hit her? She is my daughter? When even I haven't dared to hit her so how dare you?"Irina got up from his seat staring coldly at Austin.

Her heart wrenched in pain seeing Gwen's sullen face with a slap mark.

Austin suddenly felt goosebumps all over his back and swallowed his saliva seeing Irina's darkened gaze.

Meanwhile, Gwen got up and clapped.

"Nice acting, Mom!"

"Great acting. Try to appease me by playing bad cop, good cop."

Gwen wiped off her tears with a grievous look and turned around to leave with parting words.

"I will never accept a dick head like you as my father. From today, I won't have a mother."

"Gwen, where are you going?"Irina appeared behind Gwen and her arms attempted to stop.

Her eyes were brimmed with tears as she faced the consequences of her actions.

For one wrong decision, she finally had been torn apart.

"Leave me. You aren't a mother. Since you dared to throw your son for a darned outsider, you won't even hesitate to sell your daughter for money. Who knows if you just kill us for him."

Gwen shook her hand and rushed out quickly.

"Don't come looking for me. Just wait until Sister comes back and I will see how you will explain this to her."

"Gwen, at least listen to me. Your brother is with your father in the Befort family Elysium. It was Austin's idea to make Leon appear dead as knowing your love for him, you wouldn't hesitate to follow him. So, to keep you here we lied after the divorce. I just didn't want to lose you but I know I am wrong so please forgive me…"

Irina screamed, breaking into tears but there was no one to hear her pleas.

"Irina, control yourself. This is just a minor family scruffle. Once their head cools down, they will understand and come back."

Austin assured Irina with a smile but this was the last nail to his coffin.

Austin wrapped his hands around Irina but she pushed him aside.

"You..you are the cause of all this. If you had just accepted to take Leon this wouldn't have happened. My son would have been with me and wouldn't have suffered. My daughter wouldn't run away spitting on my face."Irina finally burst out in anger.

Since when did she, a Martial King-level powerhouse, suffer such injustice?

"Irina, what do you mean I am the cause of all this? Didn't you say, you loved me till the end of the world and accepted this so why are you blaming me now? Though I am an easygoing guy that doesn't mean I don't have a temper. Just because I accepted to enter your family and become your son-in-law, don't think I am like your useless ex-husband."

"Then whom do I blame? Do you know how it feels when your son who always calls you Mom lovingly speaks as if he is speaking to an unknown stranger? The daughter who always runs after you starts calling you bitch. You are the one who gave me a choice to either choose you or Leon so tell me why didn't you accept him? Why did you want to distance him from me."Irina stomped her feet, asking for an explanation.

Austin who was thoroughly enraged decides to come clean knowing Irina's temper. He knew that lies wouldn't work anymore.

Once she trusts you, she will believe every word of you but once she doubts you, she will show her ruthlessness.

"That's because I hate him. We will have our son so I don't want another son to wriggle before my eyes. I want my son to inherit our property. Moreover, I also averted an impending crisis. If he had been here, he would have brought the crisis to us by provoking that couple so it was better to get rid of him."

Irina's heart broke suddenly hearing this.

"You said you love me to death and are ready to accept everything of me but you can't accept my son. I was blind to love an asshole like you. Do you think I don't know about your affairs of fucking around but still I ignored that and decided to accept that but you…"Irina's words struck her throat as she choked over her tears collapsing down on the sofa.

"Now, I understand why you disagreed when I asked for an official marriage."

Austin's back was drenched in sweat on hearing this.

'How did she know this? And since when?'

'Damn!Damn!I need to do something, otherwise, I will lose everything. Let's appease Irina first as Leon can hire an assassin to kill him, ending all farce once and for all.'

The power of the protagonist Halo was often unreasonable, even making others look stupid and ignore their faults.

For Austin who had the halo of an urban cultivator son-in-law Mc, Irina was just a stepping stone.

Generally, such a situation wouldn't have occurred as Irina was blindly in love with Austin but the moment she came in contact with Leon, the protagonist's effect on her was neutralized by Leon's neutral halo making her look back at things.

It was only now did she understood how cruel she was for choosing someone whom she met coincidentally over her son whom she carried for 9 months.

"I was blind. Gwen was right, I am just a bitch."

Irina's eyes became moist and her head started spinning around.

Austin tried to support her but he was pushed back again.

"Get out..."

"What?"Austin shouted back in shock.

"Get out of my house and go to that whore where you spend your day finding solace"

"Get out of my house now. I don't want to see that face of yours."Irina screamed angrily.

In her investigation, she found out just how Austin used Wood's name for his benefit and had already affairs with many women.

Worse of all, one of her friends from a big family was also with him and they acted intimately quite brazenly.

"Maybe my son was right. You really thought of me as bitch in heat who only thinks of dick. Despite all the affairs, I was prepared to compromise but the moment you hit my daughter and spoke about my son it's done. "Irina's dark hair rose and a tremendous shockwave erupted from her hitting Austin who was thrown like a rag doll."

"From now, you are nothing to me."

With this, an enormous rift was formed between Irina and Austin, one can never be mended.

She had given in to her impulse once but she won't now. Moreover, who knows how many women Austin had hidden from her?

If Austin's halo still held an effect, no matter what crimes he committed and even if he killed Irina's parents, daughters, or whole family he would still be forgiven alas…

Pinning all the blame on Leon, Austin already made plans to get rid of him but little did he know that Leon who was like a bug in his eyes would soon become his worst nightmare.


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