Protagonist?Antagonist? I Reject Both

Was he a pawn or would he reach the end of the board and flip it over? ............. At the age of 5, Leon's parents were slaughtered in front of him, but instead of getting arrested and punished, the case was closed off, with the villains of the incident running free. At the age of 24, he had turned into a mass murderer crazy psychopath. After sending many criminals to hell, he finally got his revenge and killed the people responsible for his parents' deaths. However, instead of finding solace, what he felt was never-ending emptiness making him lose his will to stay alive. Surrounded by cops, instead of struggling he leapt off the building deciding to end his life. Alas, fate played another joke on him. He was selected by Deity and was sent to a world filled with protagonists and antagonists of urban cultivation novels. And to his utter dismay, when he woke up he found himself in the body of trash fucked by fate brutally. His mother divorced his father and remarried. His fiancee was taken away by another one. A girl whom he fell in love with later turned out to be his step-sister and engaged with someone else. His stepmother had thrown him out of the house and blocked his cards. Recounting all the bullshit, Leon finally lost his sanity. "Screw you all and Screw the world." "I wanted to have peace but since you are not going to let me in peace, you will see my dark side." Follow Leon's journey as he tramples over the so-called childrens of heaven and destiny villains, and strives to the top of the world. ................ .......... I am a complete novice. My English sucks still I will try my best. However, despite all the flaws, I hope you can give it a try.

Lonelythree · Fantasy
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353 Chs

12:Drops After First Blood

Two hours ago, Leon, after coming out from the antique street, looked for a Night PC cafe and searched for William, in case he had anything social. If he didn't find anything on the net, then he would hire a private detective or would resort to hacking.

Fortunately, this guy had recently been a hotshot and also did a livestream which also gave away his address.

From his stream, Leon found that this guy had no parents and he was living in a community similar to a slum. The dilapidated houses around were empty except for this guy.

Anyone having little money won't stay in such a haunted place.

Going over these factors, Leon decided to kill today before it was too late.


Wiping the blood from his face, Leon looked around the place.

"It seems he had woken up recently, otherwise if he had moved into a bigger house with a good security setup, then I wouldn't have gotten the chance."

What Leon did today was a risky decision befitting the status of a madman.

However, he took this step because of three reasons.

First, because William hadn't stepped into the path of cultivation till now. Secondly, he didn't have parents, not that it matters cause it's better to be killed by him than a villain where his death wouldn't be simple.

Third, he believes in himself and his choices of special ability. He might not be intelligent but he knew what to do if he wanted to survive.

Reading countless novels to shake away his emptiness, Leon knew just what type of abilities this destiny villain and protagonist had and what he had to face if he kept traversing this path.

The truth was, he didn't have a chance to defeat them if he encountered a villain or a warrior protagonist.

His path wasn't easy.

Heaven wasn't going to shower him with fortune nor would the system raise his power in exchange for money or fate points.

So, he must have the ability to evade and survive death.

The closest guess he could make was teleportation on encountering death or extra lives but sadly this wasn't it as the system didn't give him a prompt.

However, he believed that he had an ability that would surely help him to stay alive no matter what he faced.

[DING! You have gained Body enhancement and Soul enhancement potions.]

The system words snapped him out of his thoughts and he stared at the vials appearing on the floor.

He then picked up the two bottles and observed them curiously.

"Is this the loot?"

[This is the most precious thing the system found except money. Even if you wanted it, you wouldn't get any monetary value as a reward from the protagonist unless it is a protagonist with cashback or a money multiplier system.]

"Ohh! That's good then. Was it possible for you to extract his physique or special constitution as reward."

[Host, you can neither have the special physique nor special veins cause you had sacrificed them for one of your skills. So, if by chance the system takes this as a reward you can't use it and it would be stored in the system.]

Leon swallowed his saliva feeling a deadly crisis.

How will he advance with such a trashy body as in cultivation even if the protagonist had a trashy body, he manages to get a supreme or divine body at the end but he can't?

"Since I sacrificed them for power I guess I must have a way."

"I remember you said you can extract anything of my choice in case of Villain," Leon asked to make sure he didn't misunderstand and make a mistake.

[A part of the function specifically. The System is by itself just a dashboard stat panel but with one of your special powers it can get certain functions.]

"Just what kind of ability is it?"Leon was startled at the moment.

"It sounds like the term engulfs...Or like they say devour or extract."

The moment Leon muttered those words, his body froze and a refreshing feeling washed over him followed by an onslaught of memories.


[Host had guessed one of his special abilities correctly.]


"Cultivation or magic, it's too hard if I don't born with a heaven-defying body but people get stuck even with this."

"So?" Vesturon asked curiously.

"I think, I have thought of a power."Leon clapped his hands.

"Do you know about experience and leveling up?"

"Yeah!"Vesturon nodded thinking about those games.

"I want to have the power to devour or extract others' life after killing so that I can increase my cultivation but I don't want to rely solely on that. And knowing what gifts the villain and protagonist have, I want that power to devour their powers and make my own."

Vesturon fell into deep contemplation.

"You have to pay a hefty price for that."

"Example?"Leon asked with a nonchalant expression as if he was already prepared for the shock.

"First thing, since you can raise your cultivation through these methods, you will lose the fundamental thing that helps one in the journey.

"So, you will have to sacrifice your physique and the meridians which would be at the lowest level. Also, you can't raise their level no matter what "

"Secondly, the value you get from killing them would be counted as Kill Points and to advance you have to pay a certain amount of counterattack points which is the value you get by changing the so-called destiny, fate, or plot point but for you let's call it as counterattack point. This counterattack point will also serve as an exchange in later cases when you devour the mystical power of others like buying from those so-called laws or systems and you can't use this skill to your wish as it may even devour the world if left unrestricted."

"Great! I agree then, "Leon gave a thumbs up


[Extraction:A skill that signifies that it can extract anything. Every time you kill a person, you will extract a part of the person's life force or essence. If it's the protagonist or villain, the system would extract and absorb a part of something or some power.]

"Hell yeah, this is truly a great choice that I made."

"Even I find it hard to believe that I created a special power like this with my low IQ."

To celebrate his excitement, he lifted two bottles.

[Physique Enhancement]

Enhance all your body functions and structure, raising it to peak human level.

[Soul Enhancement]

Enhances your soul strength and mental fortitude and thinking ability.

"This guy must have taken this and gotten stronger to be able to face Tier 2 or even Tier 3. If only he knew to use Spiritual Qi and had experience in fighting, I might have found it hard to take him down."

Leon then got up and looked at the room's condition. It was a total mess.

"In novels, nobody gives a fuck about law. Still, I shouldn't be careless as neither I have high luck value nor have I anyone to clear my mess."Leon then looked at the darkness outside and got up.

"Let's get rid of this body. I don't think anybody gives a shit and as per the heroines, either a new protagonist takes them or a villain already seized them."

"I hope there is a mature, sexy, cold Tsundere heroine out there who isn't bitch, otherwise I might slap those coquettish bitches to death."

Leon then put on gloves and started butchering the body by pulling out teeth, and hair to spread around.

Then he took out William's smartphone, unlocked it using the guy's thumb, and did some miscellaneous things like commenting, buying, spending on live stream, etc.

He then took a trash bag filled with garbage and dumped William's body into it.

Then he cleaned the room and also himself in the shower as cleanly as possible. With gloves, he made sure not to leave any trace and then left after picking up some leftover cash and the black box containing strands of Sun Dew Grass.

In the dead of night and with no camera in such an area, it was easy to dispose of the corpse by burying it in remote places or throwing it into rivers.

Leon decided to go with the second choice as it was easier to find a remote place than a river.

"Hola, I hope you have a peaceful life next time, and especially don't be born in a fucked up world like this where villains are aiming for you."



Note:I am neither a killer nor a psychopath and I don't want to write the end part but I can't skip that like other novels where corpses are either not disposed to use special means.

Even if it's idiotic,I have to write it so that it doesn't look like brain-dead plot armor.

If you find this as crude or useless, just ignore it.