Promises Island Book

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Promises Island


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Tagalog-English Story A story of a girl who tied into an arranged marriage to the heir of the owner of the island in exchange of paying their debt. She can't go anywhere in the island because her father wants her to stay as close as possible to the island in order not to go away. She doesn't believe in hope because she is suffering too much pain and even lose his mother. By chance, she witness an helicopter crashed near her and saw a passenger unconciously injured. She take him home and helped him out until he recovered. As the time goes by, they became close to each other. The boy make her believe in hope and spend a memorable experience, stealing a boat in order to get to a near island, participate in a singing contest while she also continues chasing her dream of one day becoming a bighit writer, and a photographer. But then fate deals a heavy blow to them which changes everything.


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