Project Axiom: A Post-Apocalyptic Colony Sim Game Book

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Project Axiom: A Post-Apocalyptic Colony Sim Game


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Destiny has not been kind to Axel Carter. After graduating from college five years ago, he's still unemployed and spends time playing games on his outdated computer. His favorite game is Project Axiom, a colony simulation set in a futuristic world destroyed by a doomsday event. Entities called the roots of evil emerged in various corners of the world and gave birth to monsters that caused great chaos. The main objective of the game is to form a colony to survive. You must manage them to find food and other needs, as well as make them able to survive the threats of fellow humans, rogue robots, and monsters from the roots of evil. Unfortunately, the developer abandoned the game while it was still in beta. One day, Axel had a heart attack due to fatigue from playing games non-stop for almost two days. He was then reincarnated as a companion drone in the world of Project Axiom. In that cruel world, Axel builds a colony of various beings, humans and robots alike. He also discovered many new features in that world that he didn't find in the Project Axiom he was familiar with. It's like he's playing a more complete version of the game. Can Axel bring his colony to thrive and survive? Is there something more in that world? Will he be able to find the answer to why he was transported to that world? What exactly are the roots of evil?