Progenitor of Dragons Book

novel - Fantasy

Progenitor of Dragons


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  • 122 Chs

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"Release me! Pitiful Human!" The primal voice demands "What was that? Know your place. Bow! For I am the King." Kaler Dakrun is an 18-year-old student. He is frequently bullied because he is scrawny and relatively quiet. On his 18th birthday, an accident occurred where he would discover his family history, powers and his destiny. He already possessed elemental powers along with most in this world. However, they are not fully developed. In an ancient cavern, he stumbles across the Gauntlets of the Progenitor. He is deemed worthy to wield them, taking the role of the Dragon King. He can use his elemental powers to tame and create dragons and avatars. Now he lives a double life. He must continue to go to school and conceal his identity while attaining the full powers of the Progenitor of Dragons. He must gain full elemental Domination as well as regaining the power of his familiars, the elemental dragon Avatars. All the while, he must be careful of who he can trust Book Cover found on Pinterest. Made by sngm66 on DeviantArt


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