Chapter 91: Small Theater ①_1

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Rumors had it that the female CEO of VG Entertainment was a person who could easily rival any female actress, boasting extraordinary looks, immense wealth, and ruthless tactics. Numerous young male stars dreamt of winning her favor through devious schemes, thereby gaining fame and wealth.

There were also rumors that this attractive CEO was involved with the mysterious shareholder of the company. No matter what activities she needed to attend or business deals she needed to negotiate, as long as the CEO was unavailable, the shareholder would take her place.

Holding numerous shares, they could earn money even while lounging at home.


In the afternoon.

Representatives from both companies met in a previously agreed-upon coffee shop. The people from the advertising side arrived a few minutes early, frequently glancing towards the entrance.

Lu Nanchen entered the coffee shop, dressed in a custom-made suit, all the buttons buttoned up, including those on the cuffs.