Professor Lu Doesn’t Want  Me To Spend So Much! Book

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Professor Lu Doesn’t Want Me To Spend So Much!


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(Spending System + Marry first, Love latter + Pleasing Story + Brain Hole Book) After being blown up by an oven, Yu Ting time-traveled into a book, becoming a ditzy girl side-character who was all show and no substance. She pursued the male lead relentlessly, always paying his way, even to the point of pursuing him back to his grandmother's house. Ding. [Please, the host needs to spend 2 million within three days] Ding. [Please, the host needs to spend 5 million within 24 hours] ... What's more, the original character ignores her awesome husband to pursue the male lead. She wouldn’t! Gradually... People at Chang Ming University began to notice something off about Yu Ting. She no longer wore her cataract-style colored contacts nor acted lovesick. Her clothing style also changed, and she stopped having unsuitable fantasies about senior Shen Sheng... Just as the classmates were discussing Yu Ting, they discovered... It seemed like two people had driven off together during the holiday break? Upon hearing this, Professor Lu promptly clarified: "Apologies, but Yu Ting is my wife and she has no relation to Shen Sheng." Everyone: ??? [Strong female lead, occasional sweetness, continuous pleasure] [Please refrain if you are fussy, the female lead spends money outrageously]