Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

In a normal and average modern world where a prestigious academy nurtures elites in a certain field who are known as "Supreme" such as [Supreme Inventor], Allen Walker suffers from being called 'average'. Allen Walker can't accept why he has to be average when a few are fortunate to be born as either a genius or prodigy. After a week of self-loathing, when all of his hope was lost, a sound snap him back to reality, or is it insanity? Ding! [A suitable host has been found! Prodigy System at your service!] Ding! [Hello darling! Chuu~ Harem Protagonist System at your service! Or do you want my service in bed instead?] Ding! [A wild Anti-loner System has appeared!] Ding! [Fiction fanatic, praise thee and thou shalt be graced with the Multiverse Traveler System!] Ding! ... Before Allen can even choose a system, another too familiar sound harassed his ears. Ding! [For achieving a thousand system requests which are a one in a decillion chance to occur, a Supreme Being was forced to use Divine Intervention.] [Merging all of the thousand systems to create the most versatile and advanced system... Merging complete! Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System has been obtained!] After accepting the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System, Allen becomes a prodigy and the Chat Group's Admin and has no choice but to chat with beings from other universes. Beings with suspicious, delusional, and eccentric names such as [I Love Mathematics], [Lolicon Shota Cultivator With Soul Fetish], [Sword Forge From Chaos], [Self-Proclaimed Genius Goblin Hero], [Reality's Bitch], [Time Manipulator Of The Apocalypse], and [Delusional Modern World Chuunibyou] The chat group introduces Allen as [Supreme Order] as he chats with the otherworldly beings to find out the secret behind the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group. --- Author: ShadowKatake Discord server: https://discord.gg/kmstqJ7Ekz --- If you are reading this on sites other than webnovel.com , then this novel is pirated! The author mainly publishes this on webnovel but other free chapters posted in other sites are likely published by the author. But if paid chapters are included, then that site pirated the author's work.

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A Mathematician Is Interested In X-ray Glasses?!

After receiving their rewards, all members of the chat group shared information about the rewards that they had received from the Main Task.

All members of the chat group were currently inside Realius' <{Reality Domain}> so even if they were to use their new skills or try out their artifacts, it wouldn't do any damage to the real world.

Although, Realius Regulus felt a little left out since he was the only one who didn't receive any reward from the chat group. Well, not like Realius needed a new skill considering he had yet to fully transcend his Reality Manipulation and he had only perfected it.

Realius was also not lacking any powerful artifacts considering he owned the Real Universe Clock which allowed him to not only manipulate time with some conditions that needed to be fulfilled, but he can also transform it into any weapon that suited his needs.

So with that in mind, Realius consoled himself as he swore to participate in the upcoming Main Task considering he also needed to get stronger. After all, only when Realius was at Universe Realm could he relax a bit considering his enemy was the Ruler Of Life who was previously at Transcendent Realm.

Even if Realius had one of the best foundations since he didn't improve his power hastily and by force, it still wasn't enough to bridge the gap between the Perfection Realm and Transcendent Realm.

So Realius was kind of fortunate that he already had some backers that would prevent the Ruler Of Life from killing him when he was at his weakest, considering all members of the chat group would help each other in their times of need.

Hugo Barnett alone was enough to deal with the Ruler Of Life. Not to mention Seref Zenchi who was at Universe Realm Peak Stage with some powerful subordinates under him.

Also, Seref Zenchi was stronger than the average Universe Realm Peak Stage powerhouse, so Realius didn't have to worry about being killed by the Ruler Of Life.

With that in mind, Realius only spectated as the members of the chat group showed off the abilities and artifacts that they had received from the chat group.


"So, who will show their rewards first?"

Allen Walker asked his fellow chat group members as they floated in the white void, deciding who would show off the rewards that they had received from the chat group.

Seeing that none of them had went first, Seref Zenchi showed off his rewards first.

A glass with a black frame appeared on Seref's hand as he had taken it out of his storage ring. Unlike the rest of the chat group members, Seref had yet to use the inventory feature of the chat group since he already had one.

One should not be fooled by Seref's storage ring, since it wasn't as normal as it looked. Although Seref's storage ring was just a simple pitch-black colored ring with white specks of light shimmering on it that would be synonymous with the universe, it was unbreakable and had near-infinite storage.

Not only that, Seref's storage ring couldn't be used by other beings other than him and it couldn't be removed from his finger unless he wanted to. Moreover, his storage ring was a medium that was connected to Seref's inner world.

So everything that was stored inside Seref's storage ring would be stored in Seref's inner world that was slightly bigger than the size of an average universe. Seref's inner world was the proof that he was in the Universe Realm and only by destroying his universe completely could a being have the chance to eliminate Seref.

After all, as a Universe Realm Semi-Supreme Being, even if Seref was killed or had his existence completely erased, he wouldn't die and he would even resurrect a few moments after his death. Only by destroying a universe that was contracted by a Universe Realm Semi-Supreme Being could one hope to eliminate them.

That was what made the Semi-Supreme Beings at Universe Realm a fearsome opponent but a reliable ally to have. So Allen Walker was lucky to have a Universe Realm Peak Stage powerhouse as his sworn brother.

When Seref had taken out the black-framed glasses from his storage ring, the first to show interest was Hugo Barnett. After all, Hugo Barnett was the only four-eyed person in their group, considering he wore specially made glasses that weakened the ability of his eyes.

"What is the power of those glasses?"

Hugo Barnett asked Seref, as he was quite curious to know what kind of power those pairs of glasses possessed.

"The artifact that I have received was known as X-Ray Glasses that could see through anything, but its effect could only be used for a limited duration."

When Seref Zenchi informed the members of the chat group about the power of the X-ray Glasses, Hugo Barnett was very interested.

Not because he wants to see through the clothes of every woman, mind you!

So, with his interest being at its highest, Hugo Barnett asked Seref Zenchi a question.

"How much for that X-ray Glasses?"

When Hugo asked that question, the rest of the chat group members gave him a weird look.

"I didn't know you were that type of person."

Axel Everheart couldn't help but judge Hugo Barnett for being that type of person.

On the other hand, Hugo Barnett felt as if he was wronged.