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Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

Fu Shifei

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“This book is a typical online fast food literature. It is like a glass of cool and delicious orange soda in the hot summer. If you want to drink cappuccino, please go to the search bar and find something else.” Lmao Wow, 5 start just for this analogy 😂😂.

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It might seem somewhat cliche at the start but it’s surprisingly all put together quite well, but do keep in mind that the story does stay true to its synopsis... If after reading that you don’t feel it’s for you, It’s definitely not for you! It’s not meant to be completely logical with its progressions... We’re given what we’re here for, even it’s sometimes forced.... Except for the parts with Dongfang Lianren nothing particularly put me off... It’s not at the level of masterpiece but is definitely good enough to read in ones free time.


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I wonder how much effort it takes to hide reviews and comments you don't like. Is it more effort than editing a few homophobic paragraphs? How many reviews will you have to hide before the scales tip? The funny thing is that you know you're in the wrong, and that's why you hid the last review in the first place. Lesbians are not rare, nor is their anything wrong with them. But, portraying them as such is wrong. And, you be ashamed of yourself for doing so.


Reveal spoiler


So does the author mean its not ****** because they're not actually blood related so everything is okay? Relationship is going to happen but its technically not ****** so its fine??


I do not know what I expected but I did not expect an MC with indecisive mental retardation, before chapter 50 he already has an arem of 5 women, but it is useless and does not go for any or let someone else do it to them. Until chapter 70 I do not see why the novel has that title, if the MC goes for the girls of the company, and by God what he has with his friend seems so useless, they had to develop the MC more and gradually introduce the arem little developed his stories, everything is very forced and the MC remains like an idescid idiot, useless, that if it were not for the author makes the shits go well and the women around him are retarded I do not imagine how he can get out of problems.


i read till chapter 51 and i have to say that mc s a retard assh**le. always played with person heart with his sweetalk and never treat them well like liusu. she already kiss him and he said he like liusu at the manager girl but said he like manager girl at liusu. he fucking retard. be *****ng man and treat one girl nicely please at least if u want harem please treat them properly and not say they are friend.


I have read to the 10th chapter and I can't go on any longer. It is akin to a hentai but without the ***. If that's your juice then drink on.


I'm confused, how is this story magical realism. I've read all the way to chapter 39 so it can not possibly be because of slow start. Author are lying to us?


i am confused. ill give a 5 because of the summary. but the title and summary contradicts not ****** but the title states otherwise eh ill try reading


This is a JP LN Rom-com. Expect a beta MC who only shows his alpha side in fight and turns into a simp in front of the women/romantic interests. For a guy who has graduated and is working in the real world he still acts like a 14 year old. Even though he knows a girl is interested in him he has no back bone like a jellyfish. I kept reading this to chapter 42 hoping to see some character growth from the MC but the author just keeps introducing new women and leaving the MC the same. If you like reading the same misunderstanding/mc gettimg walked on scenes over and over again I guess you'll like this. Every love interest in this novel is a frigid tsundere. This novel is not for me. I dont need the MC to be a womanizing Chad, but I dont want to read about a 20+ year old simp getting walked all over by every female he meets.


I love this novel, I was here thinking that it would be cliché but hoo boy I was wrong. It's unexpectedly good and it has a lot of mysteries around it. It gives me suspense and I am dying to know what's next every single chapter. I ended up binging this series within 4 days an caught up to 493 and the last update was 4 months ago. I hope for it to be actively translated again!


Why did you stop posting chapter. I want more. I NEED MOOR!!!!! Review: The main character is smart but plays dumb so much that he doesn't act on it sometimes. I'm not saying it's a bad thing just putting that out there. He can fight so if you thing he is a wimp at the start for getting kicked in the face by a sixteen year old girl then your wrong. He is really indecisive when it comes to choosing who he wants to be with. That's all i got for now not really that far ahead yet.


so we got 162 chapters and no r-18 tag? trash. but on a more serious note, the story isn't bad. it's not the most original, borderline cliche even, but there is an attempt to switch it up.


Sorry dropped , read 50 chapters , the content does not justify the title , the author should change the title , it's misleading also I cannot see any character development in the novel


It is a great book, with interesting characters and all, but the others reviewers are right. Either you like it or not. I do not consider this spoiler, as it touch only upon the frame of the plot and not the content. Up to chapter 30, 4 love interest have appeared. This is not that problematic. But. Characters are well written and endearing, and the novel is realistic, thus harem ending is highly improbable, and this lead me to conclude that at least one, if not several of the characters I like/support may end up hurt in the end, and I don't like that idea, for a loved character to be cursed to one sided love is a sad, sad thing to read and observe.


i have not read it yet,but only from the concept,i can tell it will be good coz im tired of harems+ novels!!!!keep it up. good job on the synthesis!!!


I stopped at chapter 53 and story development is pretty slow, but that's just me. The characters are well written, but sometimes I could feel some similarities to most of the girls. The mc would need more development. For the world background it could need more places.


Typical Japanese anime protagonist who has the harem genre: indecisive, silly, too kind, etc. Typical harem where all the girls fall in love in a stupid way. Typical, situations that help the MC to stand out. Typical mediocre personality. Eternal virgin MC in the novel. I don't know if it will have a harem ending or not, but what I am sure of is that both endings will be garbage.