Prison Guard System: turning all the inmates into femboys

They say that liking femboys is gay... Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't. A question that only the greatest philosophers can find the answer to. But maybe, there is a way to reach a shorter conclusion. [The Femboy Conversion System welcomes its new host.] "What the hell?" [First mission: Get your shit together.] [Accept the job in the Heineil prison.] Sebastian stared at the screen before him for a long time. "Why would I do that...?" [Failure: Remaining miserable for the rest of your life.] "Fair enough." Said Sebastian before becoming the Systems new host. With the System's help, liking femboys is no longer something considered to be gay.

When_Dignity_Dies · Fantasy
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3 Chs

It's Really Not.

The sun shone brightly in the sky, casting its warm glow on the peaceful city of Heineil, the capital of Reindenburg.

A lonely man walked the cobblestone roads, his large stature towering over everyone. His hair was white as snow with a striking bright red streak in the front. His ruby red eyes, almost able to pierce into the soul of anyone, were as lifeless as those of a dead fish.

He was lacking a purpose.

Wearing black, light leather armor, he stood out starkly from the rest of the city's inhabitants.

"Sir?" A guard clad in heavy armor with a glaive in hand called out to him.

"Yes?" The man turned back, his towering presence intimidating the guard, his dead eyes gazing with nonchalance.

"… I'm sorry to bother you… sir," muttered the guard, visibly fearful. The man radiated an aura of power that was hard to ignore.

"Are you coming back from the Edoranian war?" inquired the soldier with a shaking voice.

"Yes…" answered the large man briskly, his voice hoarse.

"It's an honor, sir. Our kingdom is eternally thankful for your service," saluted the guard with a beaming expression. Hearing that, the large man's lips trembled slightly.

"Don't worry about it," he replied before turning his back on the guard and continuing his way.

He had no idea where he was going, nor did he care. Everything seemed meaningless.

"Can I at least know your name, sir?" shouted the soldier.

The man kept walking away without looking back, then abruptly stopped in his tracks.

"Sebastian… Sebastian Reed."

With that, the man who introduced himself as Sebastian Reed continued to stumble away, without a destination, without a reason.

Sebastian's exhausted eyes gazed at Heineil, the capital of Reindenburg, the city that he fought so hard to protect.

Cobblestone streets wound through neighborhoods filled with colorful tile-roofed houses. 

Magic-infused lampposts cast a gentle glow, even in daylight. Market stalls offered glowing crystals, enchanted trinkets, and exotic spices. 

The air was filled with scents of fresh bread, blooming flowers, and a hint of magic. Canals with shimmering waters ran through parts of the city, boats drifting silently along. 

Exhaling loudly, Sebastian continued through the city until he spotted a lonely bench. 

With nowhere else to go, he approached and sat down, the old oak tree providing shade from the almost blinding end-of-spring sun.

He looked down, gazing into the canal. His reflection stared back at him from the water's surface. 

His ruby eyes were listless, his handsome face sharp and clean-shaven, marred only by a horizontal scar running from one cheek to the other. 

His disheveled white hair, streaked with a bright red lock, framed his face.

The reflection showed a man worn by battles, whose perfect features were haunted by memories of war.

'Should I take a look?'

Reaching into his pockets, he pulled out a slightly crumpled letter. Before he could open it to read its contents, he heard something—a scream.

Springing up from the bench, he turned towards the source of the scream by the canal. Rushing at his maximum speed, he was there in an instant.

A man with his face completely covered by a black mask held a knife, pointing it at an unarmed woman.

"Please, I'll give you my coins, but don't hurt me," begged the brown-haired woman, tears welling in her eyes.

Before the bandit could respond, Sebastian appeared right behind him.

The bandit sensed him at the last moment, turning in shock.

"What the hell?!"

He screamed, his blade flying towards Sebastian, who remained unbothered.

Almost the contrary, his fish-like dead eyes seemed to regain life for a single moment as he blocked the slash with his bare hands.

Instead of the blade drawing blood, it stopped completely.

"What the hell is going on? What are you, you freak?!" The bandit panicked, trying to pull his blade back from Sebastian.

But Sebastian did not let go.

And just then, the blade started to turn increasingly hot.

"Stop struggling please." Said Sebastian, his hand emitting an orange aura that made the blade slowly melt away.

The bandit almost helplessly watched him as his blade turned useless and his body began to shake.

The woman from the side was too stunned to speak, but she felt a glimmer of hope as Sebastian effortlessly handled the robber.

After a single moment, the blade was melted completely, only the handle remained while the blade itself fell to the ground, it was molten metal.

The bandit stared helplessly at Sebastian, slowly backing away while staring into his eyes. His retreat brought him closer to the canals.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," repeated the robber countless times, begging Sebastian for forgiveness before turning to the woman. 

"I'm so sorry for trying to rob you, please stop this man from killing me."

It was a pathetic sight. Sebastian's eyes grew dead once more. The lack of challenge left him bored once again.

"Just don't do it again." Murmured Sebastian.

With a single push of his hand, Sebastian sent the robber's body tumbling into the canal. A high-pitched scream escaped the man's mouth as the swift currents carried him away from sight.

"Thank you so—" Jin waved the woman away before he disappeared from sight, only to reappear in front of the lonely bench again. Sitting down once more, he slowly retrieved the letter.

Once again sitting down, he slowly picked out the latter.

His expression instantly changed into a frown.

'Sir Sebastian Reed, after your efforts in the war, you have been selected as a high-ranking prison guard in the Heineil prison. The job will pay you 29 silver a week.'

The more Sebastian read, the more disinterested he became.

'Watching over a bunch of guys that were captured in the war... what a bother.'

He didn't really care about the pay either.

"Who cares…" At the point of his fingertip, a small flame appeared, he was going to burn the latter before a strange sound could be heard in his ears.


[Congratulations Sebastian, you have become the new host of the Femboy Conversion System.] 

Said a strange monotone voice in his ears, it was akin to someone talking to him by telepathy.

'What the—'

[First mission: Take the prison guard job.]

'Too much of a bother… ' 

[Reward: a guaranteed chance to ease your boredom forever.] 

[Failure: You are going to remain miserable for the rest of your life.] 

'A chance?' Sebastian's dead eyes regained their vigor.

[Do you accept the mission and the burden of becoming a system holder?]

"Whatever, yes. I accept." Muttered Sebastian, anything to ease the boring days.

[Congratulations host!] 

"Oh, right, what is this whole thing about again?" Asked Sebastian, only asking his question after he said yes to the System.

[Tell me, does the host think that liking femboys is gay?] asked the monotonous voice of the System, prompting Sebastian to frown in confusion.

"Why would it be?"