Princess of the Silver Ocean

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What is Princess of the Silver Ocean

Read ‘Princess of the Silver Ocean’ Online for Free, written by the author Ice_Princesss, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Somebody, help me!" she screamed as she looked at the creatures surrounding her."Hey, look at me, okay. Do not close yo...


"Somebody, help me!" she screamed as she looked at the creatures surrounding her. "Hey, look at me, okay. Do not close your eyes, please!" she begged him. "I'm sorry, Astoria," the man rasped, his breathing becoming more and more unsteady with every passing minute. "I love you," he said softly. Those were his final words as he lightly caressed her cheek. With that, his hand slowly fell to the ground. His body lay lifeless in her arms. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A memory of a kingdom flashed through her mind. Dark smoke began consuming that kingdom, and blood, as black as the shadows on a starless night, flowed into it like a flood. With that, the Kingdom of Ashen was no more. Astoria Chambers always felt like she did not belong anywhere. As she juggles her life as an upright police officer who always fights for justice, she encounters an event in the form of transmigration, which changes her life forever. However, transmigration always has its challenges. She is now in a race against time as she has to fight against an evil force that threatens her one chance of returning to her original body and world. (This is my first transmigration novel so I may be lacking in some areas, but I would really appreciate your continous support. Cover image doesn't belong to me so credits to the owner. Slow burn romance and plot. Add this story to your library and happy reading! Try out my 2nd novel: The Mafia Ceo's Treasure.)

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HI READERS, I'D APPRECIATE IF Y'ALL READ THIS REVIEW AS I JUST WANT TO CLARIFY A FEW THINGS: ~Initially, I was planning on writing the story from Astoria's POV, but after a few chapters I decided to change it to third person because I was finding it a little difficult to continue. Thus, you may come across pronouns like 'my' and 'I'. I tried to correct those so if you find them in the story, do comment it so I can correct them . ~You may also find spelling/grammatical errors when you read, I'm multilingual so sometimes my English gets a bit mixed up so if you do find errors, let me know. ~ Although this is a fantasy romance, the romance aspect comes later on in the story. Also, the romance is not over the top. I plan to create a sweet + beautiful romance. ~My story is slow paced for a reason. I want to create a transmigration story that is a little different from others in which I don't jump into action after like 2-3 chapters so please note that. ~Fear not tho! There will be action in the coming chapters and a lot of plot twists so do stay tuned . ~Finally, thank you for all the reviews and comments, they really encourage me to continue the story. ~Please continue supporting me and recommend my story to others❣️


Honestly, I have no complaints for this book. It has a captivating cover, intriguing synopsis, and a writing style that flows so naturally that I have a great time reading the book. The Author is really good with her words. She describes things well, not much but not too little, just enough for the readers to have a picture the situation the main character's in. Yes, there's some errors in the writing but it's quite subtle as I read through the chapters so fast :) Can't help it as your words flow so well that I don't have to stop and reread each sentences just to grasp its meaning, lol. So far, good job Author! Overall, it's quite a good read. The transmigration started a bit late but it's fine for me. The pacing is nice, a fast one but didn't seem rushed.


Amazing novel! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for more chapters to release! And don't keep us hanging, dear author! I read everything in one go, but can't wait now!


For the fantasy readers, I recommend this book to you. The only problem with this book is the updating stability. But on the other hand, it's worth the wait. The story of thw book was immersive.


Everything in this book was well written , from the synopsis, the updating stability everything is incredible this is a book anyone wouldn't want to miss this is tremendous, Keep going can't wait to read your other upcoming books .♥♥♥


Character design has its beauty and the world background is described well. Astoria, the female lead is very mysterious. Overall the story is excellent. The writing quality is superb. I've to add it to my library. Keep up the good work.


Never read a transmigration novel so detailed. From the synopsis to each chapter, everything has got me hooked. I absolutely loved the transmigration part and the introduction before that. It was perfectly paced and detailed. Astoria's personality is greatly written. Her emotions were explained beautiful. Also the cover is so dreamy!! Definitely going to my library! Happy writing and good luck to you, Author! Keep up the hard work!


When you said you were lacking in your grammar or expression on form of the POV, I was quite intrigued by the prologue. It's almost like being hit by a rush of adrenaline, there were some parts which had me confused, but I'm sure it would be addressed in the later chapters. The tragic love story between the ML and FL at the onset makes me wish they do not experience it when she transmigrates. I love your descriptive abilities. Even though there might be a little error due to POV change and context, it's still readable and I'm sure you'd improve greatly


First of all, I love the names in this story! c: The beginning doesn't waste time to quickly throw you into a an engaging scene, one that leaves you continuing to read so that you can get to the bottom of what's happening. Also, this is definitely one of the most unique transmigration stories I've read. I usually don't see these types of concepts explored at all, and it differenciates itself from the standard formula. So, if you like transmigration and, like me, have felt it's become stale and oversatured lately, I'd reccomend giving this story a shot. c:


A beautiful piece of work and it showed that the author really cared about the world and its character. Good job, keep it going! =======================================================


I know this should be more of a romance, but the mystery in this book seems so intriguing. The mystery between the mcs kinda makes me wanna scream, because I'm lowkey deciding if I should skip. 😂 (I didn't, trust me.) Anyways, I really did want to hit a character on the head.


I will be straightforward about this novel. It's great with an interesting storyline, the MC is not my type cuz I am a guy but overall the job that the author had done is a great effort already.. I will checking up on this book time to time💕


I really love the way the author crafted together all the details! The writing is pretty well done and does a amazing job of setting up the world and the characters! Astoria is a interesting and realtable character and I really loved following her persepctive in the novel! I think the plot is also setting up to be a very interesting piece! I did notice there were a few grammatical errors and the setence structure can sometimes be a little janky but other than that, I enjoyed reading this! Readers should def check this out.


The writing quality is really great and I love the way you write mystery. The romance is making me want to read more and more. I can see that you worked hard! There wasn't a lot of typos or errors. Definitely adding this one to my collections.


Reveal spoiler


Based on the little I've read so far. .. This is AMAZING 😭 🔥 🔥 🔥 The Author is talented. No cap! ! I've definitely taken an interest in this work. .. Kudos!


Love a transmigration novel any day! I think the author did a great job of developing the main character's point of view. It's well written and the world is well thought out. It seems like a slow burn novel so interested to see where it goes!


Love the story so far, the writing quality is to notch and I love the greatly written romance and mystery aspects that just keep dragging deeper and deeper into the story. This is a very hard thing to do for any writer, so the fact that is was achieved in this story say a lot about the author’s abilities. Definitely adding this one and certainly recommend it for any newcomers.


I'm not done reading but I promise to continue. The story is very intriguing and I love the art style. It keeps you hooked at the very start that you won't wish to leave again.


Amazing story! The writing quality is super great! I love the characters in the story and I love their names! Great work Author! Thank you for sharing this amazing master piece to us!


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