Princess and her knight(Overlord AU)

No Ainz, no Nazzarick, no Yggdrassil just some guy who got hit by a truck and was sent to the New world. overlord AU Mc X Renner Slow harem build up, with very intense jealousy and drama ( Yandere Renner) The mc has various skills from various anime but he doesn't know that so he has to figure it out. Interested? Please read. 10 chapters ahead on Patreon. At Patreon . Com/YoungmasterDio .... I do not own Overlord, All rights belong to its original author

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falling for you

GRenner Theiere charldeon Ryle Vaiself is a princess that hails from the kingdom of Re-estize, a kingdom that was right between the borders of the Baharuth empire and the Slane theocracy two kingdoms that were Vastly more powerful than Re-estize in both economic power and in military might but of course the Re-estize kingdom had deluded itself into thinking it was their equal.

Princess Renner was quite privy to her own country's inadequacy and weaknesses but as a woman she held very little voice over anything, while her father often let her voice her opinion as he is aware of her intellect, the majority of the time her suggestions and Opinions were oftentimes overturned by the nobles. Infact just a couple of months ago she had tried to get the concept of slavery abolished but the nobles intensely refused her suggestion and her father had no choice but side with the nobles for the sake of peace and avoid civil tensions.

It is strictly because she is a princess that she has no voice in anything and is but a mere decoration akin to a beautiful piece of jewellery meant to be worn by a wealthy nobleman, infact this was apparent to her when she earned the moniker of the golden princess, in which both the people and the nobles simply created an idealized version of her and what they thought she aught to be all because she was beautiful.

She hated it. She hated it beyond belief. Her freedom was restricted, and she could never go beyond the castle wall unless her father wills it. She hated the fact that she had to literally wait to be basically sold off to a nobleman just for the sake of maintaining peace. Her life was not her own , and it didn't belong to her. The servants that served her were not her servants but just spies who were sent to watch and stalk her every move and because of that she has had to act and pretend to be what they wanted her to be. She hated it to the point that she would seethe in anger, her mind telling her to just kill them all, but unfortunately, she lacked power.

Oh how she longed for even a little bit, a power that would allow her to be what she wants and give her the least a bit of control over her life but unfortunately that was the life she lived and there's nothing she can do about it, all she can do is lament her own life and stifle her emotions. Her only hope is that one day she might at least escape this place and go live somewhere in peace away from all this, but that is only hope, and that's the only thing she can do.


Right now the princess was having some tea on the back of the castle watching the flower garden that was stunningly beautiful, the royal gardener had done a wonderful job despite the garden being nearly half the size of the castle he still manages to maintain it.

Renner was seated on a white chair and table with a parasol over her head, and there was a tea set on the table. She wore a teal blueish short sleeved dress that fit her figure perfectly. Her beautiful turquoise eyes watched as a servant pour more hot water and some extra tea leaves onto the kettle, she usually drinks about 5 cups a day, so she needs it to be always hot without diluting the taste.

"Beautiful day today isn't it Milady?"

The maid asked and Renner inwardly snickered she would have preferred it if the spy tried to not talk to her, she could not describe how much she hated these maids and their poor attempts at gaining her trust.

"Mmm yes quite—"


Unfortunately Renner could not finish her sentence as a sudden crash and rumble interrupted her and caused the table to be thrown onto ground and the tea sea set flew in the air, the Chair she was on was also blown back by the sudden Shockwave knocking her back on to the floor and dust was thrown in the air blocking her sight.

"Princess!! Princess!! are you alright!"

The maid had quickly gained her bearings and asked as she stood up, the crash generated an earthquake and kicked up a lot of dust clouding her vision, she covered her mouth to prevent the dust from entering her throat.

*cough* cough*

"Yes I'm alright, but what was that?"

After a bout of coughing, Renner responded with a question, The question itself was rhetorical. Her mind was already racing to come up with possible answers. She could not clearly see due to the dust. However, the dust in the air was suddenly cleared, revealing a rather deep crater that had replaced the entirety of the garden and destroyed the backyard of the castle.


The maid was stunned at the sight but Renner kept her composure as her mind sped, thinking of several possibilities as to what the cause might be, her primary guess being that the Slane theocracy as the culprit, she could not imagine Fluder Paradyne having such power or rather the Empire was playing the long game to slowly weaken the kingdom before attacking at full force.

Amidst her thoughts, Renner was stricken by a sense of both Awe and fear as the being that caused the crater made itself known to her. She could not comprehend it as her body became stuck in place, her eyes having been wide open as the being or rather man climbed out from within the crater with a clank of his armor being heard

The man was a knight with pristine and shining armor of silver and blue, his sword strapped on his waist and his helmet off showing his short golden hair and emerald green eyes. The man was shockingly Handsome hence the Awe Renner felt but at the same instinctual fear told her that he was powerful far more powerful than any knight she will see or have seen in her 18 years of life. Her body knew that any wrong move might have her killed. She also noticed the look of awe and shock in his eyes as he laid eyes on her before sporting a stoic expression

He made his way to her, took a knee, and offered his hand to have her stand.

"Milady, a woman like yourself should not be sitting on dirt"

His voice was smooth and sultry that she immediately heeded his words and took his hand and rose up along with him as she stared into his beautiful Emerald eyes that seemed to have hidden strength behind them.

It was at this time that the knights of the castle arrived and shouted.

"Who are you?!"


They quickly surrounded him, The maid was in her own stupor and was ignored by the knights as they attacked from the sides. However, it was Renner that stopped them.

"STOP!!! don't attack"

Her mind was quick on the uptake despite being stunned she was still able to quickly analyse the situation and come to a conclusion. Her conclusion being that this knight in front of her that held her hand so delicately and with care was no threat not only that but he possibly fell from a high altitude and came out unscathed this meant he was strong far stronger than Gazeff stronoff or Lakyus and or even Evil eye so should the knights attack him they'd die not that she cared but it was best they didn't do something stupid and ruin the possibility of her attaining power.

"Why'd you stop them?"

He asked with a raised eye brow and a smile on his face. The knights had heard her words and stopped in their tracks.

"Because they'd just die for nothing if they attacked.

"Heh! So smart."

This was rather quite unexpected if he had to say the least no, it wasn't just unexpected but downright impossible. The chances of it ever happening to him were close to zero.

The thing that he remembers is that he was going to anime convention, and he was cosplaying as a male version of Artoria from fate. He wasn't really that deep in to fate lore but after having watched fate zero he took a liking to her armour so he searched it up online to find out if there were any male versions and also found out that a male version of Artoria was actually Canon so he proceeded to order it online and decided to wear it on animecon. It was pretty cool looking, and it made him revisit his cringe chunni days back in 8th grade. He wore the costume along with his green pupil contact lenses. He felt that they would be a good addition to the costume. Once he wore the costume and was about to exit his house and go to the convention, unfortunately, however, he got hit by a truck the moment he exited the door.

After the truck hit him everything went black like his vision was blocked by some thing and then all of a sudden he found himself falling from the stratosphere of course his mind panicked and he flapped his arms around and screamed until he resigned himself to his fate. It was after he slammed into the ground and survived that he realized what was going on

If it was a dream he would have woken up the moment he hit the ground like he always does but he didn't proved it wasn't and not only that but the impact he felt when he hit the ground was far too vivid to be a dream as such he concluded on the only thing he could think of and that he was iseka'd.

He quickly got up and found himself in a dust cloud obstructing his eyesight and waved his hand to at least open a path so that he could see in front of him but ended up clearing the whole dust away and revealed that he was on a crater that was caused by his landing.

Incidentally, he had just finished the 4th season of the anime Overlord and was quite positively impressed by Princess Renner of the Re-estize kingdom. She quite literally played everyone and secured her future with her beloved all for the small price of a kingdom and her family. It's pretty terrible of her to do that to her own family and home, however she earned his admiration because she did everything in her power to achieve her goal and be with the one she loves, all she needed to pull that off was her brain and will power, he respected and admired her intellect, plus he was kinda into her whole Yandere psycho personality so when he saw her he couldn't help himself but want to get close.

"State your name"

Oh right, he had forgotten that he was in front of the king, so far the nobles had been discussing what to do with him, with the princess advocating him be her knight but she was met with some backlash and now it seemed that it was his turn to speak.

"Arthur Pendragon, your majesty"

Well, he was wearing the armor, which was no longer just plane plastic, and the sword at his waist was quite possibly Excalibur, the real one. The male version of Artoria was Arthur so he should take the name, he should also have the power as well but he'd have to test things out before being sure, regardless though the excitement within his chest was barely containable after all this was a literal dream come true, not better than when he dreamed about going blow for blow with Shanks from one piece but still the best thing to ever happen.

"Sir Arthur, Judging by your armor, I assume you are a knight. Which kingdom do you hail from?"

A tricky question that may be difficult to answer, He can't really tell them which kingdom he comes from because there were no kingdoms on earth at least not anymore, so the only option was to bullshit and lie his way through. Considering that Renner was his "waifu fr" he needed a way to stay close to her and to do that he needs to establish himself as both powerful and with good heritage, so what he needs is to concoct a story that will help in that regard, luckily his mind was quite imaginative plus Arthur the original has a rich history as well.

"I come from the kingdom of Britannia and I am member and leader of the round table of knights"

Hushed whispers and murmurs buzzed around the room as the various noble admitted to their ignorance about the existence of Britannia. Arthur held a smile and prepared himself as it was going to be difficult to sell them on the next part hopefully they're gullible and ignorant.

"I've never heard of such a kingdom nor that order of knights. How far is it from the Re-estize kingdom?"

"That is the thing, your majesty, I have never heard of the Re-estize kingdom either"

"what!!! Do not be ridiculous. Our glorious kingdom is known throughout the continent, don't lie to us"

One of the nobles voiced with clear anger, almost like how a famous person would be if you claimed not to know them.

"calm down, Marquis Blumrush, I believe what Sir Arthur is saying is he isn't from this continent, am I correct?"

A blonde haired man with a slender figure asked with a hidden glint in his eyes. He struggled to contain his curiosity and excitement for the opportunity that might have presented itself.

"Indeed, what I recall is that I was fighting a powerful witch and right when I was at the cusp of my victory I suddenly found myself falling from the sky and I crashed into your land I apologize for that"

Coming from a different continent was a much better idea than being from another dimension, he forgot that despite being a fantasy world it might still be far fetched to be from another dimension so he will roll with the from another continent idea until proven otherwise.

"impossible!! There's no such a spell. Even teleportation can not accomplish that"

This time it was as brown haired man with a scar on his face that spoke, the man looked to have been a type of warrior in his youth but now he only had the scars to show for it as he lost his physique. His words were followed by more murmurs that were audible. The rest of the nobles seemed to agree with his sentiment.

"I apologize if I come off as rude, but are you a magic user? Do you know all the existing magic spells?"

Silence was the answer he received from his question, he may not know if a spell to transport a person across continents exists but he does know that [greater teleportation] is a spell that's somewhat similar so it shouldn't be impossible Plus within the room they're in there aren't any magic casters there's no one to fact check him.

"He is right, Marquis Boullope, until we have a way to know for sure, we have no choice but to take his word for it"

The same blonde hair noble spoke again, earning a nod from the king and a few other nobles as well.

"Marquis Raeven is right. For the time being, let's welcome Sir Arthur as knight and treat him with hospitality. Gazeff, please show Sir Arthur to the guest chambers"

The king spoke and assigned his personal knight Gazeff Stronoff to Arthur, It was obvious that Gazeff would be his observer and the one to make sure Arthur was taken care of should he be an enemy.

"Yes my king"

Gazeff proceeded to lead Arthur out of the throne room and towards the guest chamber, leaving the nobles to discuss further about the next steps and what to do with Arthur.


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