1 1. The Shinning Bright and Victory

In the corner city of London, a beautiful woman rushes to wear a scarf around her neck. It has entered winter and the weather is getting more extreme. Today, Ele was late getting up early again. Even though a client from the Netherlands came for a cooperation contract agreement, she is a woman who works as an interior designer.

It can be said that the specifics put forward aesthetics in the interior design of a room, or a building that cannot be separated from the comfort, efficiency, effectiveness and safety of every element of the room. Starting from the selection of furniture, layout, lighting, color selection, ceiling, to floor patterns. yes that's more or less like that woman's job.

sHe started running fast towards the Barbican (Underground) station, or what people of London say is the subway. It wasn't without reason that she was taking the Underground train, it was because (the Barbican station) was the closest to her current home

Ele enters the station lobby, then looks for a train that will take her to the destination station. do not forget she used her magic card, or it called (Oyster Card) which is a card that can take her anywhere and ride all public transportation in the city of London, yes as long as the card is filled with balance ..

Ele saw the train that was going to take her to her destination station (Moorgate station), she immediately got on the train, it closed and drove away from the Barbican station. The distance traveled was not far, approximately only one minute she arrived at Moorgate station. actually it could have been walking, but because she had to get to the office in less than five minutes .. then she couldn't help trying to cut the time as much as possible. Sweat was running down his forehead. she gets out of the train and runs again to a building which is the place where she is currently working

Entering the office, her friend greeted her several times, but he only nodded. Her current mind was completely confused for fear of messing up a big project that should have gone well. started taking the elevator and went up to the 9th floor, then got out of the elevator, tidying her messy hair briefly and spraying perfume on several parts of the body which are neatly wrapped in work clothes.

Knocked on the door of the room for a moment, then opened it with a beating heart. when Ele looked into the room, everyone's eyes immediately saw her. she just smiled innocently, walked gently to the side of the bench that was special for her in every meeting with a big client.

Mr. David, who is the Boss at the company Ele works. Looking at him with a disappointed look, Ele had been warned to come early. this is even the last coming ..

"are you Miss Eleonore?". one of the handsome men whose voice was so masculine, asked softly to Ele. sHe immediately looked at the man and almost opened her mouth wide, the man's face was very handsome, with a strong jawline and smooth sideburns around the chin looked so seductive, she wondered what if the chin could touch his white skin. it will definitely be amused but delicious. she hurriedly shook her head briefly, what exactly was she thinking? You stupid!

"why? are Your name is not Eleonore?". Asked the man once again.

"ah .. no .. I mean, yes, my name is Eleonore". He quickly smiled as friendly as possible, the man nodded then got up from his seat.

"Alright, Mr. David, because Mrs. Eleonore is already here. We will go". Mr David nodded in understanding, shaking the handsome man's hand in a friendly manner.

"Sir .. what does this mean? I haven't even explained the project we will be working on together, please .. Just give me one chance". said Ele, who was already walking quickly towards the handsome man and holding his arm impolitely.

"What do you mean? We are indeed going to discuss a cooperation contract, but not here .. but at my place, now let's go .. I've been waiting for you too long". the man let go of Ele's hand that was hanging on his arm. With a little tidying up his jacket, the handsome man immediately walked firmly, followed by the two assistants behind him.

"Ele what are you doing !? Hurry up and follow Him!" Mr. David who is the Boss Ele growled with exasperation at the behavior of his employees who are very stupid. Quickly Ele immediately nodded and walked behind the two handsome male assistants.

"Walk beside me". The Man's orders

"Yes sir". Ele said, they took the lift and the lift closed quickly. "Sir, my name is Eleonore Victorine. I'm sorry I came late today and made Mr. Salvador wait a long time." Yes .. Ele just remembered that this man was a big client of the Salvador family .. Luckily Ele wasn't being stupid by deliberately asking her name.

Who doesn't know the Salvador family? is a wealthy family in western Europe, his big company is in France.

"Emmm ..." said Salvador ..

"Thank you, Mr. Salvador". Said Ele again

"Don't call me Mr. Salvador, that's my grandfather's name and is the last name of my big family. I'm still young, don't want to be confused with my grandfather's name. Just call me Marvelo. Without last name". Ele nodded slowly, her heart was beating really fast just from talking to the big lord of the Salvador family. Huh !! she had to endure a few hours to discuss project problems with him.

They were already exiting the elevator, walking briskly down the company lobby. a Bugatti La Voiture Noire was beautifully parked in front of the company. Ele almost screamed because she could see the expensive car right before her eyes.

Jeez! is it true that this expensive car is the latest release? if so, I would love to touch the side of the car just a little. but who has? if that person saw Ele touch it, maybe Ele will be asked for compensation.

When Ele was busy admiring the car, Marvelo had already entered the car and sat quietly. He was going to drive himself today, "Hey miss !? Can you hurry in? Because we wasted so much time!" Marvelo screamed at Ele a little, who was lying in front of the car door with an unbearably stupid face.

"Ahhh .. okay sir, I'm sorry". the woman pranced cheerfully when her hands could feel the body of this handsome car. Gently opened the car door and began to sit on the bench comfortably. closing it slowly, the smell of an expensive car immediately wafted into Ele's very cheesy nose.

Ele had even closed her eyes and felt for a moment a dream-like passionate feeling. When Ele opened her eyes, Marvelo's face was already in front of Ele's face. "Ahhh !!! what are you doing sir!" Shouted Ele, who had pushed Marvelo hard. It doesn't seem too tight because at this time Marvelo is not going backwards at all.

Marvelo puts his seat belt on Ele, then sits back down on the bench. "I told you ... we've wasted a lot of time! Why do you have to close your eyes like that and make me have to help wearing a seat belt? And why do you have to scream !? My ears hurt to hear that". After saying that Marvelo started the engine and the car began to run beautifully across the streets of London.

Ele, who felt like sitting in an expensive car for the first time, could only smile a little. Ele slowly opened her cellphone and started taking pictures of herself in the car, Ele glanced at Marvel who focused on the steering wheel and the road ahead.

Hope Marvelo doesn't mind if Ele uses her car as a pose for a post. After this, Ele will enter into the story on social media, so that her friends can see that Ele can also ride expensive cars !.

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