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"Hey, I don't want Ainz to find out that I gave Ginnungagap to you, so I need it back- that's why I am here... No, that sounds like I am only there for that. Hey Azazel-sa- Hey Az, I am here for, for- ...Oh, Az you are here too? I didn't know that ... Seriously? I am going To him. Of course, he is there. Besides, he doesn't like being lied to..." Albedo pinched the bridge of her nose before taking a deep breath.

With the mirror in front of her, she leaned forward slightly, while subtly pressing her arms together a bit, causing her curves to be emphasized. Her hand reached to the strand of her hair before she tucked it behind her ear. Her demeanor was a perfect mix of elegance, innocent, and sultry. "Hey Az, I am not using Ginnungagap as an excuse to visit you this soon, but... Urgh."

She facepalmed before looking at her reflection again. Her hand brushed out all the wrinkles in her dress. A tight dress that emphasized her curves. Albedo remembered clearly how Azazel looked at her curves. He said he liked them, especially in this area. "Hmm~" A shiver ran through her body as she brushed over her nipple as she imagined Azazel's hand sensually circling around her nipple. Abruptly, she shook her head before slapping her cheeks as if to wake herself up.

"Focus. You can't fuck this up. What if my excuses annoyed him?" She sighed again, leaning her forehead against the mirror. He liked honesty, right? So, how about she just told him?

Obviously, at moments like these, she felt the need to lie and come up with an excuse, or at least a pretense, so if he rejected her approach, it wouldn't hurt that much. Not that he had rejected her since they had come to this world. In fact, he had been openly affectionate towards her.

Every time she brought him food, she was a nervous wreck until he seemed to enjoy it and all her worries evaporated. As she thought about this point, her eyes suddenly hardened. "So what if it hurts you? You are doing what pleases him. Seriously, stop being so selfish!"

She reprimanded herself and stopped searching for excuses, no matter how he would react to her wanting to see him. "It will be fine." She reassured herself as she remembered how he had spoken about his fantasies of using her like a sex toy. She hugged herself, imagining that it was just him and herself locked inside the same room with all the time in the world and no one to disturb them.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and banish those thoughts. However, just the thought of him thinking about her like this made her quite shy. Was this truly what he wanted or did he say it because he knew she would want to hear it? Of course, since he didn't lie, he wouldn't say it just to please her. It had to be his genuine feelings, right?

It was a conflicting thought since all the things he had done to her made her think he would just say it because he wanted to uplift her like the good husband he was. She thought about how welcoming and kind he was to her since they had cleared up the misunderstandings.

Letting her suck him off, fucking her for days, and even k-k-kissing her... so many selfless acts. She couldn't help but sigh out of yearning as she thought about the past couple of days. There was no doubt in her mind that he would even bless her with a surprise fuck just to give her what she craved for.

Her hand twirled a strand of hair as she thought about her husband just bending her over a chair in the middle of a conversation and fucking her right then and there. Just blowing her back out while Azazel sit on the throne where he belonged, and- she snapped out of her daydreams.

She pushed herself away from the mirror again and looked at her outfit that wouldn't be out of place in fine dining. Thinking for a moment of the circumstances she would visit him, she realized she was probably way too overdressed. She went to her closet again before picking up another dress.

After putting it on, she noticed it was incredibly short and was almost flashing her panties with every step she took. "This was too much, right? Although..." She leaned forward almost to a 90-degree angle before tugging at the front of her cleavage. "Az, please fuck me~... Maybe another time."

She changed again before scratching her temple. In the next moment, she teleported out of their home and into a room on the 9th floor, where she usually worked in. "Cixous!" Almost instantly, the blond-haired maid on duty stepped inside.

"Yes!" She was quite proper in her demeanor. Albedo remembered clearly that this one seemed to have once caught Az's eyes once in a hallway. Obviously, with such an event happening to her, she had been swarming about it for quite some time already, so it was quite memorable. It's been years, and the maid was still thinking about it as she brought it up from time to time.

"I need something to wear. I am visiting my husband and need something that isn't too casual while also not being too high-end. It also can't be too proper or slutty." She rattled off, startling the maid before the young woman nodded hastily. "Oh, and I need it to come off quickly or rather he needs to have access quickly, so I can fuck him at any moment's notice."

"..." Cixious' face turned bright red, which made Albedo look at her with the realization that her words had caused the maid to imagine the act right now. She couldn't blame her, so she waited for a few more moments until the maid realized she was lost in thoughts.

"... Ah! I am so sorry, Albedo-sama. How about a high-waist, long summer dress with a deep v-neck and a belt around the waist to show off your curves?" She suggested, unsure.

Albedo thought about it for a moment before nodding. The weather would allow for it to not appear weird if they went out. Oh, wait. They couldn't go out because she would definitely stand out with these. She fluttered her wings as she stared at them in the mirror. "I wonder, does he like my wings?"

"Yes, he does!" She was a bit surprised when the maid shouted next to her while clutching a white dress. "I had seen him stare at them fondly. He also looked like he wanted to touch them!" She was a bit stunned at the enthusiasm with which the maid told her this, but she knew she wasn't lying. Cixous was the honest type and despite not being as good as her husband, she could read normal people quite well.

"I see. Thank you for telling me... if you know about anything that he likes, tell me and I can arrange maid duties with him in the future." She changed into the dress with the thrilled Cixious' help.

After getting dressed, she was quite satisfied with the maid's choice, so she coughed slightly and sent the maid out again before teleporting away to practice her lines again. Although she was determined to be honest, she couldn't embarrass herself once the time came, right? What if he didn't like her anymore after she stuttered the most incomprehensible things to him and wasted his time??

She took a deep breath and paused for a moment. A glance at the open book page she had laid to the side revealed the two most important pieces of advice she had recorded from the Supreme Beings' conversations. 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' Beside it the addition from Peroroncino, 'Yes, yes. Keep his belly full and his balls empty'. Wise words.

Although she had read it a few dozen times already to burn it into her mind, she still read it from time to time. There were countless pieces of advice, but when those sentences were spoken, most male Supreme Being had silently agreed to it and with it being so straightforward as being 'a way to a man's heart' compared to other quotes she had noted down from time to time, it made her memorize it by heart and actively recall it. Unfortunately, that didn't really help her find the right words now, though it reminded her to make some meals Azazel had mentioned. A head shake later, she started practicing again.


"Hey." She waved happily, though cringed a bit at her action, and lowered her hand to grasp the hem of her dress. Did she find it awkward to ask for her world item? "Initially, I wanted to use Ginnungagap as an excuse to meet you again this soon, but to be honest, I just want to spend time with you. I must sound pathetic to miss you even though we had met just the previous day and I don't want to come across as clingy... However, I just can't help myself. I want to be close to you, bask in your presence, or hear you speak and breathe- I... I just can't stop thinking about you and I didn't want to be separated for another week before seeing you again..."

Albedo looked to the side while clutching her dress. I couldn't help but scratch my head. "You know I wouldn't mind if you called me whenever you wanted to meet, right? Of course, sometimes, I wouldn't be able to make time, but if you wanted to speak to me, we can do that quite easily with magic. To be honest, more often than not, I would probably want you by my side... Now, come here."

I held out my hand. She promptly followed my invitation and laid her hand on mine before letting herself be pulled into my arms. However, a pout was still on her face as she snuggled into me, enjoying how my arms were enveloping her. After a few more minutes of us just enjoying each other's warmth, she spoke up again."You don't think I am annoying?"

"Don't worry. If you annoyed me, I would have said so. If you actively killed a bunch of my human associates, especially the women that I want to bed, I would be a bit annoyed. However, you being you and wanting to spend time with me is never something I would be annoyed by as they are the actions of you loving me. How could I be bothered by that? I quite like the fact that you are thinking about me, and it seems you are thinking about me quite often."

She looked up, placing her chin on my chest to dreamily gaze into my eyes."If I had a flower for every time I thought of you. I could walk through my garden... forever." As her voice faded away, my mind was blank. I just gazed at her as she embarrassedly pushed her face into my chest to hide away her red face, not believing that she had said it out loud.

I tightened my hug around her, not knowing what to say in response to such a genuine confession. It was kind of overwhelming, leaving me unsure of how to respond to this. Fortunately, Albedo spoke up again, wanting to deflect from her previous 'embarrassing' words, though she was already too late as I had memorized her words.

"I also came bearing gifts." She said with a happy and eager expression as if she couldn't wait to do something good for me.

She then snapped her fingers and I could feel the magic in her fingertips triggering an alerting spell she had set up in advance. After a few seconds, Fubuki came inside with a leash in her hands. "You told me to watch out for some beings that know martial arts. This one should be perfect for you, right?"

Clementine was dragged inside the room. Although I had plans for someone to train me, I didn't expect it to be her. Honestly, I didn't even think I would meet her this soon again. I thought I would need to make an appeal to Ainz before I got Brain to teach me.

"Clementine," I spoke, gaining the attention of the now despondent woman. There wasn't much of the demeanor of the former warrior. Physically, she looked fine, at least not as bad as Hilma from the Six Arms would look like in the future, though I doubted she was alright mentally. Just me speaking her name made her tense up like this showed that she just lived through something traumatic. She stared at the ground, not daring to look at us directly.

"Indeed, it's her. The report should have mentioned that this human woman had foolishly gone against Ainz two nights ago, but apparently compared to other warriors, she knows a lot of martial arts. There was also another warrior that has been captured, but he was currently being used for some experiments. Besides, I thought you might appreciate a female teacher more. Although she is also quite fragile, she should be able to remain conscious a bit longer."

I couldn't help but frown, which seemed to make Albedo panic a bit for possibly disappointing me, so I affectionately rubbed her back. "Thank you. She will be quite useful. However, what did you do to her to leave her like this?"

"Just some torture, though we have healed her up and cleaned her thoroughly, so you don't have to worry about that."

"That's not what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the thought, but the main appeal of scum like her would be to break her, no? To make her devote her entire being to me despite resisting fiercely, otherwise playing with her would hardly be entertaining." Clementine was an interesting character because of her sadistic and psychotic nature, though this one was but a former shell. Now just hearing me speak her name made her tremble in fear.

"Oh! I see- I can erase her memories-" My hands slid down her back before touching the feathers of her wings, causing her to clench her legs together and lean into my body.

"No, it's alright. As long as she does a good job, there is no reason for that. Right, Clementine?" My raised voice attracted her attention and hearing her name made her flinch.

"O-of course, master!" She knelt on the ground as if she was about to cry and beg for forgiveness. I couldn't blame her. The horrors Nazarick offered for their prisoners were harsh, to say the least, though to people like her, certainly justified.

I waved my hand. "Alright, you can leave. Wait outside." After she bowed several times, Fubuki pulled her out of the room. "And untie her, just mark her magically." Fubuki bowed slightly with a smile on her face as she closed the door. She looked quite happy that she left me behind with Albedo in my arms.

With my attention back on my wife, I immediately picked her up and sat down on the edge of the bed. Her legs were outside of mine, causing her dress to ride up. "Your gifts deserve a reward." I reached for her crotch and rubbed my finger over her slit, causing her to shiver in pleasure."Nngh~ I- I didn't do it f-for a reward." She squirmed and trembled as she moaned. Seeing her like this made me quite satisfied with my ability to induce such pleasure in women that could come with a single touch if I wanted them to.

"I am sorry, but I have to insist." I pushed her panties to the side before making my clothes disappear, which caused my dick to spring free and slap against her now-exposed slit. It was like she was hit by lightning the way she bend her back. With my hand on her lower back, I prevented her from falling off my lap.

"Az~" She moaned my name, making me feel all tingly inside as I thought about her sweet talk just a moment ago.

Despite Albedo already cumming and clearly not ready for me, I picked her up by the waist and placed her entrance against my tip before impaling her on my dick. Her insides were clenching hard as her previous light climax extended and enhanced due to my sudden impalement. "Tell me what you are thinking. Describe it." I whispered into her ear.

My voice this close to her and the air of my breath seemed to arouse her even further. Her insides started to move, clenching, milking me like the greatest living fleshlight in existence. It was crazy how insanely stimulating it was to be inside her. It made me want to fuck her for all eternity, so addicting that I wasn't sure I could ever go back from it. Not that I wanted to anyway.

She was mine and ready to be fucked at all times. Her sinful body was created for the sole purpose of fucking me. "...love you. Your dick is so hard and fat, just it twitching inside me makes me cum~" Albedo started to mutter. "I feel so full! I... love how you feel inside me, how you complete me. Your rigid dick fucking my pussy, rearranging my insides, dominating me. I love it all! I love you! I love love love love love love lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelooooooooveeee youuuu~ Mmm~!" She would have continued her almost obsessive confession if I didn't move her body up and down my shaft like she truly was a fleshlight, causing her to be breathless and clench as she experienced yet another orgasm.

Her pussy was so good, if I died at this moment, I would feel happy and fulfilled. Truly how I imagined succubus pussy to be like, insanely addicting and blissful. My hands didn't stop moving her as I continued to pleasure myself with her body. She leaned forward to kiss me. Her juicy lips pressed against mine, tasting like strawberries. Her breath, her taste was strangely arousing.

Perhaps it was her saliva that acted like an aphrodisiac. It wouldn't surprise me because her entire body aroused me. The way her ass and her tits felt in my hands. Even now, her mere smell of sex had me even harder, causing her to hiccup as I caused my dick to twitch inside her. The tone of her moans made me feel like I was a god of pleasure and she wholeheartedly gave herself to me, like I was her life purpose.

Her arms wrapped around my neck as she kissed me fiercely though ever so often stopping and biting my lip as she tried to endure her climax before focusing back on her pussy and kissing to pleasure me the best way she could. However, despite the effort she put into it, she could only stop to try to endure her climax.

She leaned back to take a breath. Her breathlessness and her bouncing tits were a scene I would never forget. "You are so fucking hot. It's unbelievable."

"Nngh! Hnn!" She trembled strongly, her eyes looking at me full of lust and desire as she bit her lip in an effort to suppress the moan that was leaking out of her. It got especially bad when my hand wandered down to massage her great buns like they were dough in my hand, while simultaneously grinding her back and forth.

With every touch, she writhed and reacted intensely. Her face expressed how intoxicated she was by the pleasure, especially now as I was purposefully grinding her back and forth, causing her clit to rub up and down against me. Her eyes were already in the form of hearts like this was goddamn hentai.

I kissed her, causing her to open her mouth and let my tongue enter it. My tongue was exploring it. Almost instinctively she started to suck on my tongue. Though the icing on the cake was her entire body trembling from the consecutive climaxes, it got so bad I thought her pussy had started to vibrate.

Despite the fact that her mind must be blank from cumming her brains out. She was doing her damnedest to make me cum. And cum inside her, I would. I thrust inside her so hard like I have never before and with every thrust, her pleasure ascended further. "Albedo. I. Love. Fucking. You." I announced before I came with a thrust inside her so hard while pulling her into me with my hands on her hips, that I thought I would crush her on my crotch or split her in half.

The moaning shout she unleashed after I said these words and came inside her was so intense that I thought she would spasm out and die out of pleasure. I stood up, so she could squeeze her legs together and stretch them out while my dick was still in her folds.

My dick literally prevented her from falling while my cum pumped inside her before I pulled out and showered her entire face with my seed as she collapsed into a sitting position at the bed end.

It was probably because I was an angel of lust that I was cumming buckets full, though I wouldn't complain, seeing how I painted this goddess's face white with cum. I breathed deeply, not having exhausted myself this much since coming to this world. I looked at her inhaling the smell of a centimeter-thick cum layer over her face, dripping down into her cleavage.

However, I wouldn't let her rest this easily. No, the day had just begun. I adjusted her position, so she would be kneeling closer between my legs as I picked her up by the horns and was about to fuck her face when I found her unresponsive for a moment as I pushed my tip against her cum-stained lips.

After a moment, her mouth opened and gave me a lick with her eyes still covered in cum, she automatically opened her mouth further as I pushed her down my dick. Her tongue moved to swirl around my shaft, but it was slow and without much of the aggressive, obsessive fervor, she usually did it.

"She passed out." I realized before looking up at the door as a knock rang out. "Come inside," I called out, making Yuri roll inside the cart with two tea cups and a teapot inside. She froze when she looked at us. "What are you waiting for? Come closer..."

I continued to push Albedo up and down my shaft despite the fact that she wasn't conscious, though she continued moving like a champ, pleasuring me so god damn well even without being conscious she would beat any normal woman. This succubus was my fetish. It was probably because it was only the first round that she still had the energy to move despite her mind being driven to unconsciousness.

"Lick her clean," I ordered before pulling Albedo's nose into my crotch as I came down her throat. Albedo's entire body trembled again, her legs rubbed against each other, while her arms reached out to hug my legs and push herself deeper. After several spurts of cum, I looked at her unconscious face. After wiping the cum off her eyes and pushing her eyelid open, I saw her unconscious, heart-shaped iris. My crotch was stained with cum, but I had a maid to take care of that, right?

I was sitting on the edge of the bed while an unconscious Albedo pushed her face in my crotch, while her body was still climaxing, causing all her muscles to tremble and shiver, coupled with her moans it felt like my dick was enveloped by a vibrating automatic fleshlight. Just the smell of my dick would probably be enough to make her remain in a constant climax and trembling and twitching like this.

I glanced at Yuri who hadn't started to move, looking concerned and intensely turned on at the sight of me using my wife's head as a pleasuring device. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Did I stutter? Lick her clean and then clean me as well."

She still looked like she was in trance or that she couldn't believe what she just heard with the way she watched me with widened eyes. "You don't want to?" I asked as I pulled Albedo off my dick with some resistance. Albedo's arms were still hugging my legs, keeping her in this position.

Once I managed to get her off, her body lost tension and she slumped together before she roused from her state from the sudden separation from me as if something vital to her existence was lost. This woman was really something else.

On the other hand, my question had snapped Yuri out of her disbelief. "No! I mean, Yes! I want to!" She quickly moved and dragged her tongue across the cum on top of Albedo's cleavage almost fervently as most of it pooled there after dripping down her face and chin. The rest was mostly soaked up by her beautiful dress.

Having a beautiful woman willingly lick off the cum stained woman I had fucked before swallowing it like it was a delicacy was incredibly arousing, giving me another type of high that wasn't simply pure lustful arousal. Something about the power I had over women to have them scramble to get a lick was something else.

Albedo seemed confused for a moment before she frowned and pushed Yuri away the moment the maid moved to her crotch. I glanced down at her crotch, noticing that not much had dripped out of it. Only when the succubus had placed a glass bottle beneath her, did more start to leak out.

Now that I thought about it, she did the same when I fucked her with Enri in the room. She was strangely dejected when I said she should take care of Enri. Did she... gift it to her? I thought she only gave her that dildo to have her adjust to my size and practice with it and keep her safe with the sentries, but now either she gifted it to her or kept it for herself... Was my cum truly like a drug?

They certainly looked like they were in heaven when swallowing my cum, so much so that they looked like they would prefer it over food, which was insane to think about, but also not entirely impossible. It wasn't just me taking over this body and it turned real, but my body's lore had turned real as well, which meant that everything my body produced or did wasn't simple.

Everything I did as an angel of lust should be giving women the highest pleasure they could feel. Something my body produced like cum was something included in that. Perhaps it might even complement my passive, "Sovereign of the Earthly", influencing every woman in my presence and those I touched. Instead of just submitting themselves to my reign, they wanted to be conquered a different way.

Now, where was I? I looked back at Yuri who looked like she had been wronged by the way she looked at me when Albedo continued to collect her cum. Yuri also looked at the bottles with some envy like a little child that had her candy stolen from her and expecting me to comfort her.

"Yuri." After calling out her name, she bowed to me with hope in her heart, though not daring to expect too much for fear of being disappointed as she didn't feel like she was qualified to be blessed by my touch. Oh, how wrong she was.

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