5 First Experience

Now that Albedo left again for her work as the overseer, I called out to my two maids, Aneko and Sueko, to which they quickly responded. Aneko refilled the cup with tea as I relaxed back into my seat with my eyes closed.

However, internally I was relishing the comfortableness this furniture could offer, but I dismissed these thoughts since I wouldn't be able to stop marbling at the luxuriousness of this place.

A tomb of monsters grander and more elegant than those of the most powerful human royalties. It certainly had its charm even though I had seen it as an NPC. Now that it all turned real, it had a certain presence to it. A realness that a game, even as advanced as it was, couldn't compare to.

The place didn't give me that slight feeling of falseness anymore. Not to mention that I could actually and properly feel the texture of the data that it used to be. Although it had been some years since I had an actual body, this new one clearly felt stronger, more energetic, and even more sensitive than I had ever been.

Even stranger was that I could feel the wings on my back, which I could reveal or hide away like right now. Although they were limbs I hadn't had before, I didn't feel wrong or odd. Even the tea that I was sipping.

Intellectually, I knew it was one of the greatest things I had sipped in my entire life, but it still felt familiar and normal to me. Like something, I enjoyed almost every day.

Honestly, now that I could move and roam around this place, I wouldn't even be bitter if I had to spend decades in this place. After all, there were a lot of things I could spend my time 'doing'.

I opened my eyes as I looked at the two maids that were now standing attentive to my side. They looked at me eagerly, as if they couldn't wait for new tasks from me. They were probably hoping to be useful to me.

"Did you repair the range already?" I turned my head towards Sueko, looking at her striking blue eyes.

"Yes, my prince. It's ready for your use once more." She answered with a curtsy.

"Great work." I casually threw out without expecting it to get the following enthusiasm.

"T-thank you so much! I live to serve!" She bowed again, deeply and for a long time. This time I only nodded and told her to rise before looking at Aneko. She took that as the cue for her to speak.

"Your Majesty, do you want the dinner now?" Her question was filled with eagerness, but I had to deny it for now.

"Maybe later and prepare a dinner for Albedo and Fubuki as well. I want to dine with them this time."

Her eyes widened with a glint in them. I could only identify it as someone's wishful thinking that their secret fantasies were going to be reenacted in real life. "It will be done!"

"Sueko, I have to burden you with a task. I want you to see if my armory is intact and if nothing is missing. Check that their powers are controlled as well. Oh, and check the rest of the house as well, see if something broke."

"To serve you is no burden! It will be done. "She nodded enthusiastically before walking towards the Royal Backyard. Besides the shooting range, it only contained a small forest with my house and a small lake that had a waterfall flowing inside.

There was a night sky as well, but it wasn't as impressive as the one on the 6th floor with the Amphitheater. However, it was nice enough to look at it for hours.

The house contained my personal bedroom and my office, from which I did all my paperwork. A dining hall and a bathroom with a whirlpool and sauna were there as well. It all used to be just decoration, but I guessed it all turned real now.

There was even a small library, which contained all kinds of books, ranging from books on leadership to deeply arcane ones about the truth of hidden knowledge. It wasn't as vast as Nazarick's library, but it contained enough knowledge for one to get immersed in it for a lifetime. The Supreme Beings were truly hoarders.

Besides the library, relaxation room, and my office, there was my armory with weapons and armor I had been gifted by the Supreme Beings. I would have to visit it later, but there was something important I needed to check before I could plan further.

The entire house and the surroundings honestly were a lot like a vacation place, with all the luxury one could have for a weekend if one paid a staggering amount of money. Yet it was simple enough to not overwhelm one with it. One of those places, you would go to enjoy the atmosphere more than anything. It was pretty harmonious. If one ignored the armory, that was.

To be fair, it didn't seem to be the personal dwelling of a prince that was swimming in luxury. Maybe it was because of Hermorah's persuasion that it turned into a cozy, but all-encompassing home that the height of luxury it would befit a prince.

"Aneko, please go see Albedo and Fubuki and inform them about my wish to dine with them."

"Of course." She bowed while I stood up and left for the Royal Backyard. The door at the end of the hallway was like many doors in this tomb: a portal. When I exited it, I found myself in a clearance inside the forest.

I tracked through the forest along the familiar hiker's path and found my new old home standing quietly and idyllically. From the outside, it was just a decently big wooden house, unassuming, contrary to the interior. However, this wasn't my target.

My goal for coming here was the waterfall ending in the lake. With my wings, I took my first test flight, though it was more hovering across the water than flying.

Every flap caused waves in the water as I approached the mighty waterfall. The ring on my right index finger glowed for a moment and the waterfall parted ways for me. I flew right through the illusionary rock wall.

It wasn't easy to create this, since I couldn't really create a structure or expand the tomb. I wasn't sure why, but I just couldn't. It had taken me a lot of time by running into the waterfall to convince my creator, Hermorah, to create a secret lair behind it.

Here it was, the Secret Royal Sanctuary. A place only the prince of Nazarick could enter. Even my maids, Albedo, or Fubuki couldn't enter this place without my ring. To be honest, this place wasn't that great, as it only contained an altar with a scroll in the middle. It looked like an elder scroll, to be exact.

I should have guessed the player called Hermorah would have replicated something like this. He had been obsessed with it as long as the elder scrolls 6 came out, 10 years prior to Yggdrasil. He had swooned over it every chance he could get.

Originally, it was just a scroll with a summoning tied to it. A Seraph Empyrean did it summon, which was honestly impressive if one considered Ainz would be wary of one. The highest angel and all that.

Although that made this scroll interesting, what made it appealing to me now was the lore I had added to it. With it, a lot of options would open up for me in the future, but before I used it, I would have to see if the items I changed the lore of did really change the way I wanted them to.

Of course, I knew that changing the lore had certain effects on the item, but were the changes omnipotent? Some of the stuff I wrote was logic-breaking, but I guessed being reincarnated into an NPC before being transmigrated into another world as that NPC was already logic-breaking.

For this reason, the truly important object in this Secret Royal Sanctuary was the chest containing all the items I had added some lore to.

It had taken me years to amass these few items and even then, I could only add some stuff to it. It was a shame that I hadn't found a way to duplicate items. That way, data crystals wouldn't have been such a pain in the ass to get.

Without further ado, I opened the chest and pulled out a bright orb. It was an orb that let the user control up to 5 mid-tier angels. Honestly, it wasn't impressive, but after adding to it that it was the orb of a famous paladin and held their knowledge about spearmanship because of its intimate relationship, I hoped it would become much more useful.

Adding to that was the sentence that an angelic user could use the energy inside to rapidly gain all said knowledge without negative effects, it was also something I should be able to test immediately. If I had been a normal player, something like adding lore to an item would be nonsensical, since an item could only hold so much data.

To have it wasted for aesthetics or even worse for lore text, was something most sane players wouldn't consider doing, especially when one could add to its stats or abilities. I held the orb firmly in hand and imagined the energy to flow inside me, trying to do the reverse of what I did to cast a spell.

It took me a moment before I could sense the energy inside and willed it to move. A moment later, I was immersed in feeling the energy wash over my body like I was being submerged in warm water.

After I opened my eyes again and pulled out a basic spear from my inventory. I could instantly sense a familiarity with it. Instinctively, I knew how to effectively use it like a master would who had trained, lived, and died with it in his hands.

I couldn't help but chuckle as I gave it some test thrusts before imagining fighting against another spearman. It was - dare I say it - magical.

After playing around for another moment, I looked at the dust on the ground. The orb had crumbled after I took its energy. I wasn't sure where that came from or whether it was because the lore implied that the energy and its knowledge were something integral to the item.

After all, without the knowledge and energy, it wasn't that item anymore and the lore wouldn't be correct anymore. Something I had accounted for, but it was nice having evidence proving one's theory.

However, now I had confirmed some things with this item, which made some other items safe to use in the future as well. I had deliberately used spearmanship as the knowledge gained from this item since it wasn't something mentioned in my lore. My class didn't prohibit me from using a spear, and it was more physical knowledge than memorized knowledge.

The last part was important since there was the concern that the knowledge would change me in the future. Fortunately, just my body was affected, and I hadn't gained any foreign knowledge.

This could be problematic with some other orbs holding knowledge since it might change me fundamentally. Something akin to the knowledge of a thousand years of leadership might change me into someone unrecognizable, so just to be on the safe side, I had been careful about what I added as lore.

Of course, as a result, some initial items I would have to test with would be seen as wasteful, but I had just enough to ensure a lot of power in the future. If everything went according to plan, in the far future I would surpass the entire tomb in power and intellect by my lonesome.

When that happened, I could breathe easily and even show some signs of disobedience, but until now, I saw no reason to be too out of line. As I thought this, I suddenly got a message saying that Albedo was ready with her inspection of the elves' work and wanted to give me her report.

Since I was in the Secret Royal Sanctuary, she couldn't find me and instead gave me a message. I told her to go to my home in the Royal Backyard as I glanced at the chest with immeasurable treasures inside before I stored them all in my inventory. The only reason I hadn't had them with me already was due to me being an NPC.

As an NPC, Players could look into my inventory. If they had seen all these 'useless' items and thrown them out, report a bug, taken them for themselves, or something similar, it would have been a significant loss. Afterward, I went out and headed towards the house in the forest.

The door was opened by Aneko when I approached it. She greeted me and told me that Sueko was still checking the armory in the basement, while Albedo was just outside of my office waiting for me. I nodded at her and asked about any anomalies inside the Royal Backyard, which she denied.

Everything was functioning as it should. I couldn't really ask what she meant by that since it was only decoration before, so I just nodded, noting in my mind that I should make my rounds on my own as well. Hopefully, Sueko would have a more detailed report.

I sent her away to continue preparing dinner. She wasn't done when she got to know that I would come and wanted to attend to me instead, so she paused her cooking.

Albedo elegantly stood there in her familiar white dress. My eyes naturally gravitated towards her curves and the exposed places showing her smooth skin. Her attire and appearance couldn't be said to be 'dirty', but she wasn't as perfectly proper as usual.

When I looked at her blushing face as she bit her lip, I knew I had been caught looking, though it didn't come with any shame, but with an anticipating smirk.

"Let's get inside and hear your report."

"Yes, dear." She said with restrained desire. My smirk widened as I stepped into the room after she had opened the door for me. Usually, a homunculus would attend to such a task, but they weren't really allowed into the Royal Backyard, let alone into my personal dwelling.

And my personal maids, Aneko and Sueko were busy, so such a task fell on Fubuki, who didn't really have another task besides serving me. According to her settings, she was more of a secretary, just with enough smarts and organizational skills that she could run this tomb on her own.

'I' was enamored by her skills, which had caused me not only to appreciate her as a potential mate but also as a potential partner that could function as the queen. I certainly wouldn't have complained about such an arrangement.

Honestly, despite all the Players of Nazarick being oddballs, they certainly were dedicated and thorough if they wanted to be.

Unfortunately, Fubuki wasn't here, so Albedo willingly took over any menial tasks with delight. Such a reaction showed me my standing in her mind.

Besides the desk and the desk chair, there was a couch and a small table in front of it. The couch was big enough to let 4 people sit on it. I sat in the middle of the couch and watched as Albedo stand to the side looking at me as she bit her lower lip.

"D-do you want something to drink?" She asked, finally ripping her focus away from my body to look into my eyes.

I gave her a smile, which had her eyes glazed over. "Why are you so distant? Come here. Since we have resolved our misunderstanding, we should act like the married couple we are. Do you disagree?" I tapped on the couch to my left and she practically rushed to my side.

"No, I don't." She answered while trembling with hidden yearning.

It was certainly something to get used to, their enthusiasm, their loving gazes, and especially the horniness that radiated off them, but no one could catch me saying it was a bad thing.

"Of course. I just thought that you weren't in the mood with everything going on right now. We still have to schedule our date as well." She answered as she sat on the couch and pressed her body against mine. Her longing for my touch was obvious.

She was many things and with our history, it might have hampered her self-confidence in some areas, but her confidence in her body hadn't diminished, especially after I had shown some interest back in the hallway and now.

Her peaks enveloped my arm and her leg rubbed against mine. It wouldn't surprise me if she straddled me and ride me to heaven. Heh. Funny because I angel.

"Oh, not in the mood for what, exactly?" I asked her as I pinched her chin and brought her closer. From the short distance, I could feel her breath, which was getting increasingly rapid.

"Sex," she responded, barely registering what she had just said to me. It was only with my question that she realized what had come out of her mouth.

I released her chin with a disappointed sigh. "You think I wanted to fuck you already? To think about that when we have barely established our new relationship, don't you think it is a bit early?" Despite the fact that I was growing increasingly turned on by her own horniness, I didn't want to jump right into that.

She gasped slightly at my words, "I-I was being selfish. I am sorry," she apologized, abashed. Seeing her like this made me feel bad, but I knew something that she would cherish deeply. There was a minor detail that Hermorah had added to my settings for almost all NPCs that were affectionate to me besides Albedo.

I had done nothing other than groping the many girls throwing themselves at me. It wasn't clear why I had only blue balled them from their perspective, but the reason in my perspective was simple.

Although I hated Albedo, I held the belief that the first time should be reserved for one's wife. In turn, it had put me in an awkward position where I was clearly lusting and caressing other women but didn't do the deed yet.

"I don't condemn you. Just think about what would please me as well and be a bit more patient... What exactly were you thinking about when I invited you into my office?" I pushed her to say it. I wanted her to be open about her desires and be upfront about it.

Of course, me wanting to slow things down seemed counterproductive if I just wanted to fuck her, but it was about getting what I wanted when I wanted it. Having her desire me at any point was something I approved, but I didn't want her to force herself on me as she almost did to Ainz. If we fucked then because I wanted to... That was much more egocentric than my past thoughts, but... also not unreasonable.

I glanced at the Ring of Nazarick and was about to remember its lore beyond its functions when I was interrupted by Albedo's voice.

"... because I wanted it- because I hoped - no, I wished for it. I wished for you to take me, to tear my dress off my body and ravage me like a wild beast, pleasuring himself with my body. Using it in every way, this body was meant to serve you! ... Your Majesty-"

Her eyes widened in shock, aghast at how vulgar she had spoken to me. Not for the first time today, her elegant facade was crumbling. Her hands covered her mouth as if to prevent more debauched words from exiting it.

My dick had already grown hard at her words, so I grasped her hand and placed it on my inner thigh, where my dick had hardened. I dragged it across its length before her palm tightened around it.

"Albedo. Then serve me. Pleasure me. Hands and mouth only." I ordered and with my attention clear, I let her stroke it. She had gulped hard and stared at my crotch with intense focus as if she couldn't believe what was happening.

I had already decided to give my first to Albedo, just in case somebody else like Momonga knew of my commitment. That didn't mean I couldn't explore other options with others, but this would certainly help our relationship. She stroked it for a moment before I unequipped my trousers and revealed myself in some shorts.

Her eyes focused on the part where my dick's head was. A tiny wet patch could be seen there and, as if she was possessed, she pushed the table away so she could kneel before me. After kneeling in between my legs, she pushed her nose against my dick.

Several deep sniffs later, she dragged her nose across my length, clearly mesmerized by my smell and the sheer fact of being able to do what she had only fantasized about until now.

She went back to the tip, opened her lips, and wrapped them around my head before sucking. Her tongue was greedily wetting my dick through my pants. I couldn't help but chuckle, which attracted her attention. Her eyes still glazed over with lust, looking at me as if I was everything to her. Hopeful for praise and fearful of rejection.

"You can take off my pants." Her eyes widened at my permission and she immediately dragged my pants down before pushing her nose into my balls, taking a deep whiff of it. She shuddered and her eyes were half closed, with her eyelids fluttering as she buried her nose into my balls. The sight of horny Albedo sniffing my balls as my dick lay on her face while she gazed at it with enamored desperation.

I could swear I was able to see hearts in her eyes as she drank in the appearance of my dick. Her lips opened, and she dragged her tongue across my balls, along my dick, until she found her target. Her tongue slobbered up the pre-cum on my head before she wrapped her lips around my head.

She slowly lowered herself down my dick while trying to stimulate the underside of my dick with her tongue around without any prompt. Her mouth was wet and warm with her movements and sucking out the air in her mouth, creating a vacuum in her mouth made it especially tight. A natural talent, as expected of a succubus. I couldn't help but sigh in pleasure. However, my eyes were attracted to a particular signature of Albedo.

With my hands finding the horns on her hand as the perfect blowjob handles, I pushed her further down faster until my dick went down her throat. It wasn't until now that I realized my length and the sheer difficulty it would be for a normal woman to swallow that.

Albedo, however, didn't complain and instead looked like she was about to come as she took it down to the base. Her eyes rolled upwards and some tears could be seen at the corners of her eyes. Instead of pulling away, I could feel her helping me push her down further.

After seeing that, I extended my leg between her legs before pushing my foot up against her crotch. In the next moment, her entire body clambered up and even her throat constricted, massaging me as I had never felt before. My foot was instantly wet, and I could hear more liquid splashing on the ground. While I relished in the wet and warm sheath that grew especially tight.

I slightly bent down and watched her side profile. With her horns still in my hands, I pulled her face off my dick, watching in fascination as the bulge of my dick in her throat disappeared. Just as her lips reached my head again, I pushed her face down again. There was a bit of resistance as my dick forced its way down her throat, but she soon was back, pressing her nose against my pelvis.

The moment she was down at the base again, she came again. Cumming all over the floor as she knelt between my legs with my dick down her throat. Her throat constricted when she came and I enjoyed how her throat massaged my entire length as I held her there for a moment.

"I really love your horns. It is as if they are meant for me to use them like this." The praise was responded to with her cumming once more. The force of her orgasm seemed even stronger than before.

I waited for a moment and was about to command her to fuck her face on my dick when I realized she was already cumming her brains out and was clearly not in the condition to do, so I stood up and backed out of her throat again. When my dick almost left her mouth, I thrust into her throat again, doing it harder each time until I was humping her face ferociously.

Almost every time I thrust in, Albedo came. Her eyes were already rolling into the back of her head. Not realizing what was going on anymore as her mind was being drowned by pleasure. I couldn't even feel her breath anymore, but I couldn't care at the moment.

I could feel myself getting closer. Maybe it was because she was a succubus, but her mouth was truly compatible with my dick. I continued thrusting into her. My balls hit her chin with every thrust.

It wasn't like she would suffocate, so I continued to fuck her face like there was no tomorrow. Surprisingly, her throat and tongue were still moving, instinctively trying to get me off. Like she was just a toy for my pleasure.

Oh, the tightness of her throat, her constant moving tongue, and her instinctive efforts to constrict her throat were something to be applauded.

After several minutes of fucking her face at the height of my pleasure, I pulled out and busted the biggest load over her face and her fat tits, soaking her in thick ropes of cum. I stroked out more and more cum and by the end of it, her appearance was straight out of a hentai.

The ungodly amount of cum was enough for her to smear her entire body with it. I panted slightly as I let go of her face, causing her to lean back against the table behind her. My wings were outstretched, and I felt great after having busted the load that had been accumulating for years now.

A knock attracted my attention.

"Yes?" I lazily looked at the door and found Aneko looking through the crack of the door she had opened. Her mouth was agape and her eyes widened as she looked at the cum soaked Albedo in front of me. Her eyes stayed on her for a moment before they were attracted to my still-erect dick.

"... Sir. Fubuki-sama is here. She... she is waiting at the dinner table." She said to me, but clearly could not take her eyes off my dick, gulping as she saw it throb. I commended her body language for still appearing proper, as she reported to me, though her gaze was hardly appropriate.

When I registered her words, an idea appeared in my mind. Although it might have been obvious that it was a bad idea, my mind hadn't the clarity I usually had after nutting and I, therefore, thought it was a great opportunity.

As far as I knew, Albedo didn't know how far my debauchery with the maids and other citizens of Nazarick went, so I decided to show and tell her that this was my first blowjob. I just hoped Fubuki would confirm what I would say.

I was also interested in how well Albedo would take, seeing me being intimate with another woman just after having gotten a blowjob from her. Although it was said that she knew of my acts and that she didn't like it because she didn't receive the same, I wondered if she would be okay with it if I gave her the same treatment first.

"Tell her to come upstairs," I said with a smile on my face as I ordered her out of the room. It didn't take Fubuki long to arrive. I could hear how Aneko didn't describe what she saw here as she urged her to go into the room. I sat down and rubbed my still erect, cum-stained dick, waiting for the other woman.


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