Prince Of Mirkwood Book

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Prince Of Mirkwood


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Woe betide,O Mirkwood! The end is near for you! The flower of bloodshed is blossoming in your orchards!!An Apocalypse has dawned upon you,O Mirkwood!!Listen,O you Race Of Men!!The original inhabitants of the world that harbours you now are going to behead you all,just like you beheaded their kindred!!They are going to spill your blood like you spilled their ancestors' blood.Tgey are going to turn your world into a living Hell.Listen,O you who dwell on the soils of Mirkwood.Only he who you hate,loathe,dislike,fear and envy,he alone will be able to save you from the plight that is rising upon you.He alone will spare you your most precious lives and your families and your children.Listen and take heed,O Mirkwood!!Do never turn your back on him,after he has rescued you.Do never turn him into the enemy. He is twice as strong as all the men in your land put together.And if you dare turn against him,he will turn your home into the Hell twice as much as the one he will protect you from. He has all the power to protect you.Respect him as you ought to. Meredith,the Witch


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