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Prince of Demons


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Noah Hugh lived a lonely life not wanting to share his pain with others, meeting his death at a untimely accident. Born again as the sole child of the Demon Queen Eshir Exodus, a demon of unparalleled might, Noah's a little bit more hopeful for the future. Once Noah Hugh, Now Faith Exodus in a world where his quests to fix the mistake of his past life, are often misunderstood as the schemes of a black hearted Demon. He's the Prince of demons, the morally improving kind  ************ 1 chapter daily unless I have school stuff. The book is made to be wholesome and maybe increase the happiness you feel with good old demon goodness. Also the first 18 chapters have a few problems please stick around I promise I've improved and it gets better. As an author this is my first book so I hoep you enjoy but mainly that it brightens up your day, even if only a little. Thats kinda my main goal in writing this tbh :) ************ Give it a shot!!


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