299 Chapter 299 - The Mastery of New Laws

Chapter 299 - The Mastery of New Laws

Curiosity got the better of Dave, and he asked Eldrich about the laws he had comprehended. Eldrich replied that he had mastered the Law of Fire and the Law of Life. He explained that many elven creatures had a grasp of the Law of Life, but reaching the Perfected Stage was rare. As for the Law of Fire, Eldrich had achieved the Perfected Stage, while the Law of Life was at the Grand Stage.

Feeling a newfound hope, Dave quickly consumed the Wood Healing Pill, and his eyes instantly recovered from blindness. He then asked Eldrich to demonstrate his Law of Life, and Eldrich willingly complied, unaware of his master's intentions.

Dave activated his Ancient Eyes, enduring the pain for a few minutes before becoming blind again. The recovery would take a month, but he had realized that he had only comprehended the Law of Life to the Middle Stage. Rather than feeling discouraged, he remained unfazed, knowing he had the blank law orbs to reach perfection

Without hesitation, he used two blank law orbs, and an achievement rang out:

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for comprehending the Law of Life to the Perfected Stage]

[Perfected Stage] Law of Life (100%) - +100,000 Intelligence, 800,000 Mana, 1,600,000 Health]

A newfound connection to life surged through Dave. He could feel his life force and that of others. The power to revive someone and the vitality coursing through him were awe-inspiring. He realized he could use this law to heal others as well.

Eager to continue, Dave asked Eldrich to showcase his Law of Fire. After using the Wood Healing Pill once more, he activated his Ancient Eyes again, accepting the two months of blindness that followed. But with determination, he attained the Perfected Stage of the Law of Fire in an instant.

[Perfected Stage] Law of Fire (100%) - +100,000 Strength, 70,000 Soul Power, 200,000 Mana]

Dave had now mastered six laws to the Perfected Stage. His strength, intelligence, and mana had reached new heights. Feeling content with his progress, he thanked Eldrich.

Dave now possessed the knowledge of the Wood Healing Pill's ingredients, which were exceedingly rare. He knew it would be challenging to collect them all at this time, but he had a mission to comprehend ten laws, and this pill could greatly aid him in achieving that goal.

With everything settled, the trio advanced to Level 71. They faced an army of a hundred Imperial Saint Lords, each formidable despite their level. Yet, with Dave's perfected laws, he easily suppressed them. The Law of Slaughter instilled fear and weakened their strength, while the Law of Illusion disrupted their minds, leaving them vulnerable to defeat.

Their foes couldn't escape Dave's powerful illusions, having reached the Perfected Stage. Only those with an equally developed Law of Illusion or strong mental and soul defenses stood a chance. Once immobilized, it was up to Xegron and Flamy to obliterate the enemy with their might.

As Dave and his formidable gang continued their ascent through the tower, they faced increasingly challenging adversaries. Level after level, they encountered countless creatures, all of them Imperial Saint Lords. Among them, a few Imperial Saint Kings lurked, their aura intimidating to many, but not to Dave and his Perfected Laws.

Level 72 was the first major test they encountered. Hordes of winged beasts, known as Sky Soar Hawks, filled the skies, ready to unleash their powerful aerial attacks. With a wave of his hand, Dave's perfected Law of Lightning surged, conjuring a storm of lightning bolts that showered down upon the Sky Soar Hawks. Their powerful wings were no match for the devastating barrage, and they fell from the sky, one after another.

Level 73 was an underground labyrinth, filled with monstrous earth creatures called Stone Maulers. These burly giants pounded the ground with immense force, creating tremors that could shatter bones. Xegron's brute strength and Flamy's scorching flames made quick work of them.

Level 74 was an ethereal realm inhabited by phantom-like apparitions called Soul Shriekers. These malicious spirits could manipulate emotions, causing fear and despair to cripple their opponents. However, Dave's Law of Illusion proved to be their bane. With a focused mind, he dispelled their tricks and broke their ethereal forms, leaving them dissipating into the void.

Level 75 housed the Shadow Assassins, skilled in stealth and assassination techniques. But Dave is familiar with assassination and his law of slaughter helped a lot. Dave's counterattacks were swift and precise. Flamy's fiery breath and Xegron's relentless pursuit completed their victory.

Level 76 challenged them with spectral creatures, the Ghost Wraiths. These incorporeal entities could phase through solid matter and were nearly invulnerable. Eldrich's Law of Life proved vital here, as it disrupted the wraiths' spectral nature and weakened their resilience. Dave's Law of Fire dealt the finishing blow, incinerating their ethereal essence.

Level 77 greeted them with aquatic terrors, the Leviathan Serpents. Towering waves and ferocious whirlpools threatened to engulf them. Dave's Law of Water allowed him to manipulate the currents, turning the tides in their favor. Flamy's intense flames evaporated the waters, leaving the Leviathan Serpents stranded and powerless.

Level 78 presented them with an aerial battle against the Sky Reapers, fearsome beasts of the sky with razor-sharp talons and wings. Dave unleashed his Law of Lightning again, creating powerful lightning that sent the Sky Reapers spiraling out of control. Eldrich's alchemy skills also proved useful, concocting smoke bombs and explosive pills to counter the aerial assault.

Finally, at Level 79, they encountered the pinnacle of the tower's challenges. The Divine Titans, ancient giants of immense power, guarded the path to the top. As Dave faced these imposing foes, he combined the might of his Perfected Laws to unleash devastating attacks. Eldrich's alchemy played a vital role, providing Dave and his allies with various pills to enhance their abilities during the fierce battle.

[Ding! You have reached level 80.]

[Solo Boss Mode]

[Kill the boss inside alone]

[No Time Limit]

[Rewards: ?????]

Dave was stunned and it was the first time he had experienced this kind of situation. He needs to defeat the boss without the help of his subordinate and he felt that it will not be easy even if there is no time limit.

He stretched his hands and mumbles, "A brutal fight is about to happen"

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