231 Chapter 231-Dave Awakens

Chapter 231-Dave awakens

Draco cannot speak so Blizzard told her what happened even though she is not proficient enough to speak. Samantha was shocked and she felt conflicted about it. Since she regained her memories, she didn't know how to face Dave because she still had her prideful heart.

She was already Dave's companion and had already given everything to him. In her previous life, she never had any romantic interest in a person of the opposite sex and maintain her purity.

She was still confused so she didn't think of it in the meantime. She left Draco and Blizzard and went to Dave's room as she finally decided. When she reached the door, she saw Ronin guarding the door.

Ronin opened his eyes when he detected Samantha. He scanned her and he was surprised.

"Oh! A reincarnation?"

Samantha was shocked and she felt wary of Ronin. She knew that Dave's subordinate is not simple, and she didn't expect that she will be discovered easily by him.


She nodded and didn't deny it.

Ronin look at him with serious eyes and asked her, "I don't have any right to interfere with my master's life but if you try to do anything bad to him, I will hunt you."

Samantha was not angered by him as she knew that of all of Dave's subordinates, Ronin is the most loyal and will do everything Dave commanded.

"Let me enter"

Ronin look at her and then opened the door. He waved his hands, and the primordial fire enveloped her body.

She was shocked by the fire and felt that the fire is not simple. Samantha passed through him and entered the room.

When she enters, the girls look at her with surprise and greet her. They also explain the situation to her, and they need her help. All of them now are tired as they were constantly absorbing the cold, but they realized something.

Their cultivation is progressing, and they felt that they can break through if it continues for a few days.

Now that she is here, they told her to help to absorb and it can ease everyone. Only Grace is not here because she was in deep seclusion, and they didn't disturb her.

Samantha agreed but she convinced them that she didn't want to be watched by them. Everyone knew that she was shy so they decided to create a barrier so that they cannot see her.

After the barrier is created, she sighed in relief and then look at the naked Dave in front of her. She looks at his handsome face and caresses his chin.

Since he is already her man, she cannot do anything about it, so she accepted it now in her heart. Even so, she still had her goals and plans.

She removed her clothes and went on top of him.

"Consider this as the payment for your love and help to me."

She then proceeds to absorb the cold. She moaned and felt pleasure from it because Dave's body is like a treasure. Even just getting near him can attract someone. Even though he is not awake, his body is still releasing natural lust energy, so it was natural that she is still affected.

After 9 hours straight of dual cultivation, she felt tired, and she cannot help but blush when she didn't realize that she already riding him for 9 hours straight.

After that, she put on her clothes and look at his handsome face one more time and murmured.

"I hope that you will ascend fast and come to a higher plane to look for me and be worthy of being my man."

After that, she removed the barrier and said goodbye to the girls because she still treats them like her sisters. She didn't say anything about her memories, but she only said that they must take care of Dave.

The ladies were confused because she is like saying her farewell message. After that, she disappears from the space world, and no one knew where she went.

Ronin whose eyes are closed and guarding the door opened his eyes when he detects that Samantha already left.

"Hmmp! She didn't know that the best opportunity is being near master side"


6 days later, Dave already woke up because all the cold had been already absorbed by the girls. The girls are happy that he already woke up and everyone didn't look tired because their energy recovered because they had broken through.

Mary, Rose, Sophia, Susan, Olivia, Belle, and Claire had already reached Mid-tier immortal. While Jane, Sandy, Ivy, and Lina already reached Top-tier immortal. The speed of their cultivation will shock anyone who learns it.

They were constantly being fed by Dave's essence when they are dual cultivating. Every one of them can now be considered as the top powerhouse in the Spirit World if they decided to rule a land. However, everyone knew that Immortals are now normal in Dave's Space World and they saw a lot of them enter the space world before.

Dave already had 100 immortals working under him and he can even basically conquer many worlds in the mortal plane.

The ladies also tried to look for Samantha but they didn't find a trace of her.


Dave looks at everyone who is looking at him with a smile and everyone is glad that he is now okay.

"What happened?"

Ronin then told him everything. Dave was stunned as he didn't expect that the side effect of using the Heavenly Ice Fragment is dangerous. Luckily, Ronin is by his side, or else, he will already destroy the Beasts world by making it Ice World.

Dave thanked him and told him to now rest and recover. He also thanked the ladies and let them rest because he knew that they worked hard.

He told them to leave the room for now because he receives a piece of news from Ronin about Samantha. The girls nodded and let him rest.

After seeing they already left, he a letter near his bed. The letter is hidden using some strange magic but with his eyes, he can see it clearly. He opened it and read its contents.

His face changed when he read it as he didn't expect that Samantha is a reincarnation of a strong figure. He didn't see it in the status of Samantha maybe because his level is too low. He can feel that Samantha already accepted him, but she wanted to finish her goals to avenge herself.

He swears that he will go there and take her home again. For now, he was assured that she is safe because he had his mark on her. If something happens to her, the mark will vanish. The system said that it can still work even when she is on a different plane. He is worried but he knew that he must not act rashly and he needs to finish his business.

Dave enjoys his life resting for 3 days and didn't care about anything else. He spends his time with his companions and cooks them delicious food. He just lives an idle life for 3 days as he will not forget to treat his loved ones.

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