12 Chapter 12 - The auction and Sophia (R-18) (Revised)

Chapter 12 - The Auction and Sophia (R-18)

After finishing his upgrades, he decided to go out and have some fun. He wanted to spend money because he was thrilled with his level-up.

It was now 5 pm, and he wanted to continue enjoying his time outside. He had been interrupted by Susan and her bodyguards the day before, and he didn't have the chance to take in the sights.

He quickly changed into ordinary clothes to keep a low profile and avoid drawing attention to himself.

He had confidence in his Concealment skill, which was now at level 4, and not even a Peak of Emperor Level practitioner could see through it. Teacher Lina had spotted him bringing Susan into his dorm when his Concealment was weaker.

Passing through the gate, he strode into the city.

He strolled for more than 10 minutes and spotted a large group of people engaged in animated conversations.

"Haha, our luck is good today to visit the Dragon Empire."

"Are you sure there are many valuable items in the auction today?" one of them inquired.

"Yes, I heard they even have an Emperor-level beast core, and it will be auctioned tonight."

Beast cores were valuable for cultivation. The power of a beast core was analogous to human cultivation levels. 

The stronger the beast core, the more potent the weapons that could be crafted from it, and some even used them for body cultivation.

If he didn't have the system, he would undoubtedly try to obtain it, but he could easily level up without relying on it.

"I also heard that many prominent figures would attend the auction today because of a mysterious egg, and they claim it's a dragon egg."

"Yeah, sadly, the news about the egg was just released recently, and people from other continents can't reach this place instantly."

"Yeah, I even heard that some big shots are preoccupied with matters of the empire, and even the emperor cannot attend the auction."

Dave was surprised because dragons were a superior race, looking down upon others with disdain and boasting the strongest physique. 

The Dragon Empire had an ancient dragon residing within it as the empire's divine beast. 

Other empires also had their divine beasts, and one could guess the type based on the empire's name.

Dave didn't know the details, but he was certain that many would come to acquire it, hoping to tame it and gain promotion or favor with the emperor. 

Dragons were a symbol of the empire, treated with care and trained meticulously.

Dave felt tempted and decided to buy the egg. He went to the Empire Bank to withdraw all his other money, as he was certain that his million gold coins wouldn't suffice.

Dave had saved 100 billion gold coins, even though he enjoyed spending money. This was equivalent to 10,000,000 platinum coins. The currency conversion across the entire continent was as follows:

10,000 Bronze Coins = 1 Silver Coin

10,000 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin

10,000 Gold Coins = 1 Platinum Coin

Dave was not a prodigal spender; he rarely spent money, as he always prioritized training.

After claiming the money, the bank staff provided him with a card containing all his wealth. These cards were used to secure money and were more convenient to carry. The staff treated him with great respect, even offering to accompany him to the exit.

With his VIP card now ready, all his money was securely stored on it, and he was prepared to attend the auction. VIP cards were rare, so he expected to receive good treatment.

Five minutes later, he arrived at the auction venue and noticed a long line. It was evident that others had also heard about the mysterious egg.

"Who do you think will acquire the egg?" one person asked their friend. They both discussed the matter with great excitement.

Dave walked past the people waiting in line and promptly presented his VIP card. The auction house had a partnership with the Dragon Empire's Bank, allowing them to accept cards as payment.

The security guards immediately bowed to him and said, "Please, young master."

Dave nodded and passed through the guards as he walked in. His movements were graceful, akin to a celestial, easily capturing the attention of everyone present.

Those who had been waiting in line were incensed. "Why did you let him pass when we've been standing here for so long?"

"Yeah, we've been waiting for nearly an hour, and he just waltzes in."

One of the guards retorted, "Do you see him? He's a VIP cardholder, and you couldn't even save enough money to purchase a VIP card in your entire life, so know your place."

"Tsk, peasants."

The other people fell silent and were stunned. They realized he was right. Obtaining a VIP card cost 500,000 million gold coins, and only tycoons with high status could access it.

They watched Dave's retreating figure with envy and resentment.

[Ding! You gained Sin Points]


Envy: +800


Envy: +800


... . . . . . .. . . . . .

Dave, who was heading towards the VIP room, expected to accumulate more points by displaying his wealth.

He ignored the notifications and continued walking into his room, patiently waiting for the auction to begin.

Dave observed many distinguished individuals entering the auction one by one, each wearing the insignia of their family or displaying their noble ranks.

Three minutes later, a beautiful woman entered his room and gracefully bowed to him.

"Good day, sir. Thank you for coming here. I was assigned to serve you if you need anything," she said.

Dave couldn't help but appreciate her beauty, and the woman noticed, although she chose to ignore it. She had been taken aback to find that the VIP owner was a handsome young man, not much older than herself. 

Initially, she had thought the owner was an older man, and she hadn't been thrilled about being tasked with accompanying him. However, now she felt relieved. 

She had been happily playing with her friends when her father suddenly messaged her, instructing her to entertain a VIP owner and warning her not to provoke him. She had no idea what kind of status he held to earn such respect from her father, even though his position in the empire was commendable.

As the daughter of the owner of the auction house, she was well-informed on how to behave appropriately in such situations.

Dave checked her status:



Name: Sophia Violetta


Age: 18


Race: Human


Power Level: Low Tier King Level


Techniques: Pure Fire Technique


HP: 800/800


MP: 1200/1200


Str: 50


Agi: 70


Int: 60





He was stunned to see that she was the daughter of the owner of the auction house.

Dave was well-acquainted with the surnames of affluent figures throughout the empire, and he was certain that she was indeed the owner's daughter.

"VIP cards are useful because they can provide the service of a beautiful woman," he thought to himself.

She was widely renowned in the business industry, and her father had even engaged in a trade with the Alexander Family. Not only was she exceptionally skilled in business, but she was also a cultivation prodigy.

She was a goddess whom other men had tried to get close to, but now she had become someone to serve him. Dave couldn't help but smile, realizing the privilege of his status.

Dave, who had been admiring her body, suddenly spoke, "Can you serve me?"

He secretly released his new skill, <<Aura of Incubus>>, towards her, and she didn't even notice it.

She replied, "As long as the guest's request is not extreme."

She was curious about his identity but didn't feel it was her place to ask.

"Really? Then can you massage my shoulders?" he requested.

She nodded and then walked to his back, beginning to massage his shoulders. It was her first time having direct contact with a young man, so she felt a bit shy. However, she recalled her father's advice not to provoke a VIP owner and continued with the task.

Two minutes later, Sophia began to feel peculiar sensations in her body as the auction was scheduled to start in five minutes. 

She had continued massaging him, and Dave had persistently released his "Incubus Aura," which was now beginning to take effect.

Sophia's body grew increasingly warm, and as she looked at Dave, she suddenly felt intense lust. 

Her hands ceased massaging his shoulders, and instead, they began to explore his body, sliding beneath his clothing. 

She could feel his powerful muscles and well-defined abs, which only served to intensify her desires.

Her hand didn't stop there for long as her hands reached towards his pants. She holds his dragon and looks at it with lust.

[Ding! You gained Sin Points]


Lust + 200


Lust + 150




She promptly took it into her mouth and began to move her mouth up and down.

Slurp! Slurp!

Dave was enjoying her service as his hands were touching her chest.

The room was soundproof, so he was brave to do it here.

2 minutes later, Dave can't help it, so he makes her stand up and sit on his legs.

She removed her clothes and then positioned her wet cave towards his cock.

She pushed it slowly and then she screamed in pain.

Her hymen was torn apart, so she felt the sudden pain. Dave doesn't move as he lets her get accustomed, and then he commands her to move after some minutes.

Plok! Plok! Plok!

Her mind went blank, and all she wanted was to release her inner desires. The sinful energy easily corrupted her mind, and combined with Dave's attractive features, she couldn't resist it.

Sophia moved up and down repeatedly, seemingly without a care in the world. Dave, thoroughly absorbed in his enjoyment with Sophia, suddenly heard a voice.

He turned his attention towards the stage and realized that the auction was about to begin. The speaker was none other than the owner of the auction house and the father of the woman who was currently on top of him.

He was Frank Violetta, one of the wealthiest individuals in the empire. A fleeting thought crossed Dave's mind, to remove the soundproof barrier so that her father could hear what was transpiring. However, he swiftly abandoned that idea, not wanting to draw any more attention to himself.

He couldn't help but feel that he was gradually becoming more like a villain.

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