25 Slaughterer's dance

As he stood in the center of a loose circle formed by the ten sparky horned goats, there was still enough space for him to move. But, rather than standing still, Shane used his speed to inflict another deep injury on the already seriously injured goat.

It wouldn't survive these injuries and Shane charged out of the circle without looking back, as he sensed a small influx of current flowing through his leg.

The goat that was on its deathbed used its last remaining force to release electric currents, hitting his leg, causing it to twitch violently.

He could barely hold himself upright as he circulated his mana at the spot where the goat had hit him.

Shane was astonished that the sparky horned goat attacked him, causing its own death. He noticed that another two small streams of electric currents flew towards him, forcing him to evade them with a jump to the side.

There were two advantages that Shane could use in this fight against the sparky horned goats.

First, the electric currents couldn't cover a large distance and with a straight line, their radius was only half a meter.

And, the second advantage he had was also the best possible he could wish for. While sparky horned goats could use the electric affinity within their horns, their body was comparatively weak. They feared attacking each other with electric currents the most as their body wouldn't be able to withstand the shock.

These electric currents were only used by male goats during the mating season to fight each other in order to gain the female goat's favor. It wasn't rare for the defeated goat to die or be heavily injured in such 'display of power' battles.

Shane was focusing on one goat at a time and tried to remain close to them, forcing the other goats to discard their plan to attack him with a number of electric currents.

Moving around smoothly, he kept thrusting and stabbing the shiolite dagger into the bodies of the oblivious sparky horned goats.

Only after three of them died, did they finally disregard the safety of a single member of their flock. They charged at him with all their might, while releasing their electric currents.

To Shane, it looked ridiculous because he faced all the sparky horned goats at the same time, seemingly as if they shared a single brain cell.

Six electric currents were released and shot at the same time towards Shane, who exerted his force to jump back across the sparky horned goat that he was about to attack a moment ago.

The goat looked angrily at Shane before it noticed that its six companions didn't halt their charge.

As a last resort, the desperate and injured goat released a powerful electric current in a radius of 40 centimeters around it to keep its companions from running over itself. desperately.

Shane only saw that the six charging goats killed the innocent sparky horned goat by running over it, not without sustaining injuries.

They were electrocuted by the strong current their dead brethren had used to protect themselves, giving Shane the opportunity to appear within their center once again.

Drawing out his dagger once again, Shane whirled around, looking as if he was dancing. He inflicted a massive number of wounds on all sparky horned goats, who were rendered defenseless against his attacks., as they were standing closer to each other than previously thought.

If Shane had a second dagger his dance-like sequence would have been even more lethal. Unfortunately, he hadn't found a suitable one, despite combing through the DeepMountain market.

Otherwise, his dance would have looked even more impressive, as he would slash at the goats with not one, but two daggers, gracefully.

Shane had been annoyed to learn dance at a young age in order to attend all kinds of events and balls. This had caused him to try out many things and one of them was changing a dance into some sort of martial art technique.

He couldn't have done this alone and one female battle maniac that he had as an instructor was interested to help him practice.

By working together, they had created a small dance-like performance that could be used to massacre hoards of beasts under the important remark that it consumed a lot of stamina.

A minute later, Shane finished his performance with a deep breath and he could only feel two electric currents hit him at his abdomen and right elbow.

It hurt, but it was nothing threatening, and circulating his mana for some time would be enough to expel the numbness.

But, that didn't really matter as his opponents were all defeated and only lifeless corpses were left behind.

Picking up the corpses and storing them away in his store, he quoted the price of 8 silver coins each. He was amused to notice that the five fanged coyote corpses had been sold for 50 bronze coins.

Even though his store was small, Shane estimated that most merchants or butchers bought a certain extension to their system.

It included the function to purchase all kinds of goods for and under a set price.

Selecting a fixed item, beast, and so on for a fixed price, everything at or under the price would instantly be purchased, as long as enough funds were deposited.

This function, however, was relatively expensive to purchase and only wealthy butchers, merchants, craftsmen, and so on would purchase it. This was because hiring an assistant was cheaper for normal merchants, as long as one looked at the small picture, without considering the large market.

Maybe, Shane would also purchase this function sometime in the future, but there was still a long way to go. He didn't even know if he had to rely on the store in the future, as trading outside the shop was definitely cheaper and more profitable for both sides.

Shane's wealth had increased to 69 silver and 50 bronze and with the sparky horned goats, he would additionally earn 1 gold coin and almost 50 silver.

It was still early in the morning and Shane's body had to adjust itself to gathering and purifying mana for such a long time. It was said that battling was the best way to do that.

Umbra began to slowly establish his own fighting spirit and being enclosed within Shane's pocket frustrated him to end.

Having the desire to grow stronger, it curled up and ignored the heavy movements, focusing solely on increasing its strength by absorbing mana.

Shane noticed that and smiled lightly because it was definitely a good sign to see Umbra being so determined. It would probably cause problems in the future, once he was either unable to evolve due to a low quality or reaching the racial limits even after extending them with his superior quality.

He knew that saving money was the most important thing, right after investing in his own human capital.

Umbra could be considered a safe investment, as an uncommon quality to start with was not bad. With a decent evolution path, maybe something great could come out.

He had read many fairy tales in his past life and the stories about western and oriental dragons were the ones he loved the most.

He recalled having read stories about snakes that would evolve into horned snakes after a century.

Additional 5 centuries of cultivation were required for horned snakes to evolve into flood dragons and the final tribulation to become a true dragon would take place a millennium later.

These stories were still fresh in his mind and he dreamed about Umbra evolving into a powerful oriental dragon.

There was no harm in hoping or dreaming about it. If there was no chance of his dreams coming true, Shane would try to mould Umbra into a terrifying existence on the ground, as long as his cute little companion was willing to.

Shane's thoughts were filled with all kinds of immature things that he hadn't thought about for a long time as he looked out for his next target.


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